Sunday, June 6, 2010

I know I know

I haven't been ignoring the blog on purpose, we have just been kinda busy. We had a birthday party, movie night, bouncy house morning, swimming, BBQ, more swimming, park, and more. The weather hit 108 today so we did nothing, we stayed inside until 7:30 then we went to Sonic to get a drink. I went outside around 7:00 to try to take a few pictures but the heat is just insane and my creativity has been sapped out by the sun. I know, likely excuse ...

I just haven't taken many good pictures lately. Let's try to catch up some.

Here is proof that we have been having fun in the sun, here are some pictures of Summer and Christa at a park with a water feature one hot sunny afternoon.

Summerisms - things that Summer does

... saying mines instead of mine. I am trying to correct it, it bothers me, but do you know how hard it is to fix that? Here is our conversation.
Summer: This is mines
Me: No mine
Summer: No it is mines
Me: I know, but you don't say mines you say mine
Summer: This is min-e (empathizes on the e on the end and makes it two syllables)
Me: Good enough
Sheesh not an easy conversation. Maybe she will get it, hopefully, if not I will keep trying.

Some other random things I catch myself saying to Summer:

"you can punch mommy & daddy but no one else, ok?"

haha, I really told Summer that yesterday. She was in a fighting stance and went to punch me to get me, not hard. Maybe I should just teach her not to punch.

"stop picking your nose, there is a snail up there and he is going to bite your finger"
not that it helped :o( lol

"Lexi is going to bite your bootie, you better hurry and get your clothes on"

My dog would never bite Summer's butt so why would I say that, mostly to get her to hurry and get dressed.

One of Summer's friends is named Makayla. Summer calls her Bakayla. I tried to get her to say Ma, Ma, the M sound, she ended up saying MaBakayla. I let her stick with Bakayla, I don't think Makayla minds.

Summer likes taking pictures and decided my old camera is now her camera. She is actually doing very good at aiming. I need to go download the pictures and show them off. Here is a picture of her taking a picture of the flowers on our tree out back.

I love it, but I can't imagine why she would want to take pictures :o)

I bought Summer a $4 make-up set at walmart a few weeks ago. She really likes putting on make-up, she is such a girly girl. I kinda like it because she will let me brush her hair while she puts her make-up on and not complain like normal. What is it with kids and getting their hair brushed?

Proof that she is my daughter, because I need proof, I still think she may have been switched at birth, she is way too good. But alas, she eats okra, boiled, and really likes it so she must be mine after all.

We had a BBQ at our house on Memorial Day. Besides swimming I decided to let the kids paint outside. The intent was messy, I wanted them to make a big mess with colorful paints. It worked!

That was really one of my better ideas. I bought huge bottles of paint so we have a lot left. Now it is too hot to go outside but soon it will cool off and we will have to do that again!

Swimming, Summer, like most kids, loves to swim. Our friends the Springstons have a nice big pool and Summer warmed right up, literally, I think the temperature in the water was over 90, it was nice. She gets her float and does her own thing and she watched another girl go underwater and decided she could do it too - yay!

Ok that mostly caught me up, I missed a few things, some parties, but ya get the idea, she is still super cute, lots of fun, and there will be more pictures later.