Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was an adventure in mommyhood. I am part of two different Las Vegas mommy groups, and they both had events yesterday, the park from 11:00-1:00 and a BBQ from 1:00-3:00, and I did both. Casey and Ananstatia went with us for our fun packed day. We got to the park around 12, it was not the best day to go to the park, the temperature was around 60 but it was cloudy at time and very cool. I was still able to get some great park pictures of us. Next we went all the way across town to another Mommy's BBQ. This mommy had a 1 and 5 year old, and luckily we stayed in the house, so Summer and Ana had a lot of toys to keep them occupied. The food was good and everyone was really nice. The 5 year old bent down on her tummy and went to give Summer a kiss, she puckered up her lips, and Summer was on her tummy and scooted forward with her mouth open, she kissed the little girl! She hasn't even kissed me yet little stinker. So now you can imagine what we have been practicing ...We ended up getting home around 4:30 and I was so tired. We jumped into the bath together, Summer is so cute in the bath, then Summer and I took a 30 minute nap and relaxed. By 8:30 we were both in bed and I am still recovering today. Overall Summer did great, she was happy all day, never cried, slept every time we got in the car, and drank all her bottle.
She is really starting to get up on her hands and knees more and bounce. Kris said she crawled for about two steps, but I didn't see it so I won't make it official until she crawls for me. She is definitely moving all over the floor, it takes her no time at all to get from one side of the room to the other.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Booster Seat

Yesterday was a great day, Kris surprised Summer and I with a photo shoot! The weather was nice so we went outside and snapped about 100 photos. We ended up getting some great shots of mommy and baby, I was very happy. Since I was dressed up we decided to go shopping at best buy and then go get some dinner. We did not know what we wanted to eat, so we went in search of a new place and found one, a restaurant called Roadrunner. It had a very neat atmosphere and served Texas style BBQ type food. Kris had the rib eye and I had the best chicken fry steak I had ever had. Summer was with us, of course, and we sat in a rounded booth. The waitress brought us a booster chair, and Summer sat in that chair like a big girl! She had no problem staying in it or sitting up, I was really proud of her. She didn't have normal solids last night since we were out so late, so I let her try some of my mashed potatoes, and her reaction was an extremely disgusting ugly face, apparently she didn't like the seasoning they used. Today was another beautiful day so we laid a blanket out back and sat out in the sun. Summer will touch the grass but luckily doesn't try to put it in her mouth. She mostly kept looking at me and smiling, I think the fresh air did us both some good. When we came back in I knew she was tired and so was I so I laid her in the crib and laid on the bed. It was quiet so she fell asleep right away, but when I got up to go pee 20 minutes later she was wide awake, just looking at me. I put her on the bed and turned on the television and not 20 minutes later she fell back asleep, I knew she was tired. She slept for a good 40 minutes, and yet I did not take advantage of the nap opportunity! She woke up with the cutest sleep indents all over her face and on her nose, and I just started laughing at her, which made her smile. She is such a great baby. Her new cute thing this week is ... hard to describe, daddy will gently smack on her chin to make her mouth chatter and she makes this sound that sounds all weird. Maybe you can picture it, it really isn't very weird, just hard to explain.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

7 Months

Summer is 7 months old, home calculations measured in at 29 inches long and a fat 20 pounds.
Last night she started the army crawl scooting thing, it was really cute and surprised the heck out of me. It is not pretty to watch, but she managed to use her arms to scoot forward to get her brush and her rug.

She has also managed to dig her toe through the material of the outfit shown here, and there are two layers (thick layers) of cloth on the foot of that outfit. I have no idea how she is managing to get toes through these clothes, I guess she has a constantly moving foot and digs with her toes until they are free. This is outfit #4 that toes have managed to come out of.

Monday, February 11, 2008


This weekend was really a great weekend. On Saturday some friends were in town so we hit the strip for lunch. This was the first time Summer was in a restaurant high chair and she did great, she had so much fun sitting up, of course we could not put anything in her arms reach because she has become a little grabby monster, but overall she was the perfect child and never made a noise. I think our friends were really surprised at how well she was. I gave her a bite of the beans, it was Mexican food and that was all she could really eat, and she liked it I guess. I almost gave her a lime to suck on but it was from Kris's margarita so I didn't think the alcohol would be good for her. Afterwards we went grocery shopping and I finally got to use the shopping cart cover, and this was the first time Summer rode in the basket. She had so much fun, she mostly sucked on the straps (I think the straps are for toys). I need to find instructions because I wasn't sure how to tie the cover down, but it worked and Summer sat fine during the whole shopping trip, she never made a sound. Then on Sunday I went and got our taxes done and YAY we are getting money back. I figured we would but who really knows until you actually go. After getting the taxes done I stopped by Target and bought 4 packages of the stage 4 avent nipples, and Summer had no problem transitioning to the faster flow, I also bought a new big girl car seat. I was trying to buy the Evenflo Triumph but it was sold out everywhere so I ended up getting the Evenflo Titan. It sure looks so much bigger than the infant car seat. Summer hasn't really done anything new this past week, she did not like carrots I made but I am going to try again, I found a better steamer and I need to puree them a little better. She is still swatting your hands away when you go to wipe her face or wipe her nose, little miss personality already. She is sleeping great, 9 pm to 5 or 6 am, waking maybe once for a pacifier, and I think she would probably go back to sleep on her own if I wasn't such a light sleeper. She hasn't progressed any in the crawling department, so I give it another month or two. She still bounces some when she gets up on her knees, but she really isn't getting up on her knees much. She is doing a great job of scooting around, so she is learning how to move. Oh have I ever mentioned her toes? So far she has managed to create toe holes in three or four of her footie outfits, she some how digs with her toes and ends up with a toe, usually the big one, sticking out. This is really annoying, but luckily we received another large box of clothes from MIL this weekend and it had some sleepers with the extra foot padding.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Go Giants!

Superbowl Sunday was a lot of fun, we went over our friends house to watch the game, and I made a yummy cheese dip. We took some great photos, and don't worry we washed the beer bottle out first before giving it to Summer. I only got excited and started screaming once when the Giants made the touchdown, and of course Summer started to cry, I guess because I started getting her when I was screaming, not really getting her but gently but irratically smacking on her arms. I thought she would have liked the excited energy but apparently she did not, hence real tears, but not for long.
New this week - pushing you away. Summer has learned that her two hands can push you away if you are trying to get to her face to wash it or get boogies out of her nose, and not only can she push you away, she is strong enough to keep you away. Now if I want to suck out boogies, I have to have daddy hold down her arms so I can administer the blue sucker. I love sucking out boogies, call me strange, and usually Summer doesn't mind. I like to get it in, hold the other nostril so it gets good suction and let it go. Summer tends to cough so I guess it might take her breath away, or feels really weird.