Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Attitude

I never expected Summer to get a little attitude - is she 2 yet? She has gotten mad at least 3 times. Once when I took away her sucker (because she put it in her hair and I didn't want her to really have the whole thing, candy and all), once when she was putting her puzzle in her mouth and once when Kris took away one of her toys that she was trying to break - she is getting an ATTITUDE, get's mad, squeezes and whines and lately she is really starting to shake her head NO - all the time. It WAS cute at first but now seriously, NO to everything?
It is very interesting to see this behavior because I have to believe this anger is not taught, no one in my house ever gets an attitude and cries and tries to pinch, so this has to be a natural thing one is born with, which amazes me a little bit. I am trying not to make a big deal out of it and ignore it, but wow, we have started calling Summer Miss Attitude! For the most part the Attitude is a rare occasion, but I get the feeling it is going to increase over time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

park park and more park

Las Vegas is really too hot, we could never go to the park in the summer because it was unbearable, so now that things are cooling off - upper 80s, I am trying to get to the park as much as we can. I took Summer to the park on Saturday and Sunday so she could run around and have lots of fun. Summer enjoys the kids, the ducks, the slide, being outside, and she never gives me attitude when it is time to leave, yet anyway. On Saturday I also went to the bookstore to get more books for Summer. She loves playing with books and looking at the pictures. I ended up getting 5 new books and a floor puzzle. The floor puzzle came with a large poster of different animals. I taped it to the wall so Summer could look at it and point out all the animals. It has a dog, tiger, pony, cat, chicks, snake, rabbit, to name a few. I taped it at her level with a lot of tape so she would not rip it off the wall. After the book store we went to see Grandpa at work. The jewelry store he works at has a play area and Summer found a car. She started zooming it around the floor so we decided she should have a play car. On Sunday Grandpa bought Summer three new cars, a Barbie Mustang with a Barbie inside, a Nascar that zooms around the room and a Leap Frog bus with three passengers that Summer can take out or put in. The Bus also plays a couple songs, The Wheels on the Bus, ABC's and has the ABC letters all around the bus that she can push to hear what they are and what they sound like - very cool toy. Besides the new books, new cars, park trips, I also baked pumpkin pies and made Green Pepper Soup and a yummy meatloaf for dinner. Summer ate both dinners, she didn't seem to care for the pie (of course) but she ate everything else. It was another great weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold Weather

The most significant thing that happened in the past week is the changes. First my hair - I cut off about 6-8 inches. I am so happy with it. No regrets! Next is the weather, we had a cold front move through and dropped us from 90s to the 60s. 30 degrees may not seem like much but I am reminded how much I hate cold weather. It hurts. Luckily we are suppose to warm back up into the 80s but it won't last. Why did I ever complain about the heat silly me! We are all healthy again thank goodness. We are eating and everything seems back to normal. On Saturday I took Summer to visit Casey and Ana and we went to a fall festival Halloween thing. It was really cold, actually rained when we arrived. I had went to Kmart the night before to buy Summer some winter clothes, sweat shirts, pants, etc. Thankfully mimi sent some winter clothes as well so Summer has two jackets. I thought Summer would have been in 2T clothes but she is still in 18 months. She will probably be in 2T by the end of the winter. It amazes me how fast they grow in the first year to all but stop in the second. At the Halloween Harvest thing Summer was a little cranky but I did get some good pumpkin pictures.
Yesterday we took some candy Halloween pictures. I have to be the better person and tattle on myself, while taking the pictures Summer had the end of a sucker in her mouth. It was really cute but I was thinking to myself how dangerous that is, and how she should not have the end of the sucker in her mouth. Somehow Summer flinched and jammed the stick into her mouth. I have no clue why or how, but of course it hurt something and she started crying. Luckily there was no blood and Summer would not let me see what she jabbed, but moms - instincts - I knew better and it was almost like I knew it was going to happen. She seemed fine after a few minutes but I felt horrible. No more suckers or sticks, at least not backwards like that, bad mommie! On Tuesday night we have another pumpkin farm thing to go to so I will have more pictures. I hope it warms up a little brrr.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Sick

This has probably been one of the worse weeks in a long time. Monday started off like any other week, got up, went to work, went home. I had ordered a leotard off eBay for Summer and it arrived in the mail on Monday. I tried it on as soon as I got home from work Monday and it was really too small, she could have maybe worn it once or twice. There was also a big box of clothes from MiMi that I couldn't wait to look through. After I took off the leotard I put normal clothes back on Summer and as I was sitting on the couch with her in my lap, for the first time ever, she pukes. She pukes again, again, again, again, about 6 good upchucks all over me, my pants, my shirt. I saw more coming but after the first round hit me I was grounded to the couch, if I had sat up it would have flung everywhere, so I sat and let her get it all out. She didn't look sick before she started puking so I had no warning it was coming. Luckily I am not a squirmy mother, the puke had grapes and smelled like sweet juice. After she finished Cliff handed me some paper towels, I did what I could, then Summer and I went and jumped into the shower. She had a fever the precious week on Thursday and Friday but seemed fine all weekend, so this was a bit of a shock. After the shower I put Summer on the bed on top of a blanket and gave her some water. She downed the water, and about 5 minutes later she puked it all back up. Good thing I had the blanket on the bed. Kris threw the blanket in the washer (the first round of clothes was already in the dryer) and we just sat quietly on the bed. Several thoughts were going through my head, remember the bruise on her head from hitting the bathtub the night before - could this be causing her to be sick? Billy called Kris on Sunday and said he had that really bad contagious staff infection and we just got a box of clothes from his mom, could that be causing her to be sick? During the middle of the night Kris got up and got on the internet, he had taken some pictures of flowers and wondered if Summer might have put one in her mouth, making her sick. None of these things probably made her sick, it was probably just a stomach bug. Cliff went to walgreens and asked the pharmasist for something to help, he gave him some medicine to help with vomiting. I told Kris she didn't need it because at this time she was not vomiting, but he insisted we try it, which resulted in another round of puking. After that she had nothing else to eat or drink, and it was around bed time, so we decided she had better sleep in our room. Oh I forgot to mention Kris was also sick, he was not puking, his was more of a head/body cold, so he was already not feeling well. Now you would think it would be cute to sleep in the same bed as Summer but you are wrong, this girl does not stop moving. She is the squirmiest thing, and for the first few hours into the night I did not sleep. I had to keep her right side up and away from daddy, who didn't feel well and was trying to get some rest himself. Around 2:00 am I decided Summer was well enough to sleep in her crib and took her upstairs. I laid on her floor for 30 minutes to make sure she was going to be ok, then I went downstairs and moved the monitor to my side of the bed so daddy would sleep. It was a quick night, Summer woke up, luckily, fine. Daddy was a little better but still not 100% and mommy was exhausted but went to work. Tuesday - nothing happened. Wednesday seemed like things were better. I ordered pizza on the way home, Kris was pretty much better, and all was well. Around midnight my stomach started hurting. Around 1:00 am Kris got up, and I asked him if his stomach hurt, to which he said "yes" as he crawled to the bathroom. Great, I thought, we have food poisoning! Kris never did throw up, and neither did I until the next morning. When Summer awoke I was dead on the bathroom floor and Kris was still in bed, we were discussing who had enough energy to walk up the stairs to bring Summer down because we figured if the pizza gave us food poisoning then Cliff must be sick too, but he ended up being ok, and he carried Summer down, which meant we did not have food poisoning because he ate the same pizza we did. Did we have what Summer had? We both felt horrible, barely able to move, Cliff went to work and got off early to come and help take care of Summer for us. Summer still seemed fine all this time, even with two sick parents who could barely take care of her. After sleeping several hours on Thursday and all night, Kris and I woke up feeling 75% better on Friday. Cliff and I both went to work and Kris was able to take care of Summer. Oh I finally looked through the box of clothes MiMi got, I did wash them first because I was paranoid, and Summer's Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleader costume arrived, it was too big - so I am back to the drawing board as far as that goes. I tried the leotard on again this morning because we went to dance class, but after about 5 minutes and Summer going from happy to upset itchy baby, we won't get to wear that after all either. Next week MiMi will be here so things have to be better.