Monday, June 30, 2008

always exciting!

Yesterday I was giving Summer a bath and she farted. If you have young children who are still in diapers, you know that a fart can sometimes be followed by something more. Summer has only pooped in her tub twice, once in her water and once on the side - I was quick second time and scooper her over the side! After she farted I scooped her out of the tub and sat her on the toilet. She was so cute sitting there naked and wet wondering what was going on. I had the towel around her and kept saying poopoos (that's how I say it) and I was making grunting faces. She was more interested in the toilet paper so I had to take it off and move it away. After about a minute or two my legs had gone completely numb from sitting on the bathroom floor. I called Kris to come look, she had not pooped but she was so cute sitting on our toilet. I was about to get up and I heard a plop - she pooped in the toilet! Another plop - another poopoos! Of course I do not consider this potty training but it was still nice to save the bath water and a diaper, and we were done with the bath anyway. If you saw that episode of Jon and Kate - Kate took pictures of the first poops - very gross, but I thought about it, but it's not like this was a real poop hehe.
This past week we accomplished a lot. On Wednesday and Thursday Summer woke up early - between 4 and 5, and I decided it was time to move her upstairs into her own room, so on Thursday Cliff and Kris took her crib apart and moved her upstairs. Friday morning she slept like a champ, all night waking only around 5:30 but going right back to sleep, and she has continued to sleep all night. She normally wakes up between 5 and 6 and if I am in the mood I will walk upstairs, grab her, put her in our bed where she will go back to sleep for an hour. I don't mind having her sleep with us in the morning, I think it is really cute and she is such a wiggle worm. I think when the sun comes up, she wakes up, and that is just how she is. Oh I also cut her off another bottle, so we are just down to 1 bedtime bottle now. She use to have a bottle in the morning but when I moved her crib I stopped the morning bottle. She now gets up with me gets dressed, we brush her teeth and hair, then she comes into the kitchen for a sippy cup and some Wiggles. I am so lucky to have such a great baby, she is still awesome!
We had a busy weekend on Saturday Summer and I headed to the mall for some lunch and play time. Summer enjoyed Japanese teriyaki chicken and rice and California rolls with me. She liked the play area but I can tell she is a little shy, she was attached at the leg for most of the time, but she was smiling and having a good time. Then we headed to the Lied Children's Musuem where we spent 2 hours playing with everything. This is my favorite picture from our adventure, she loved this thing. She was tired but had a lot of fun playing and walking around. No she is still not walking alone, but she walks great holding on for dear life to one finger. I gave her a cloth strap to hold as I walked her around the house and she will even walk everywhere holding onto that but if I let go she knows and will not walk. Once she sees something and knows it is easier to walk to get it she is going to take off, but I am not pushing her because I am not sure if I am really ready or not. Another picture from the museum is the princess dress - they have an area where you can dress up and a stage for kids to perform shows and I put Summer in this dress and she loved all the bright colorful fabric, she was so cute. She had such a good time on Saturday hanging out with me and all the people and kids, and took a 2 hour nap when we got home. On Sunday we hung out, played in the sprinkler, had a popsicle and relaxed. This weekend is the 4th, I had Cliff find the flag so we can take some photos. I might run by the dollar store on the way home to check out the props. Always something fun to do!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oops where did I go

I forgot to post this weekend sorry. I actually thought to myself I would do it on Monday then I got busy so this is a bit late, but just in time!
A lot happened last week so I hope I can remember everything .... nope I forgot, oh well I will try and see what I remember.
Summer can wear pigtails now. I didn't think it was possible, how could this child be any cuter? Well she can and is, such a little cutie, look at those pigtails! She sits so good when I do her hair too, all calm in the bathroom sink, sucking on her toothbrush as I wet and pull away at that hair. I am so lucky.
On Saturday Summer and I went over Casey and Ana's house for a play day, Summer did great, she actually warmed right up to the caged in gate with all of the toys and went to town touching this and eating this. I never got a good picture but we had fun, we spent about three hours hanging out then we came home and Summer enjoyed a 2 hour nap.
Summer got two birthday gifts this week from friends on cafemom, a new dress, which is super cute, I put her in it and took some pictures, but realistically dresses are not practical at this point, they will be once she gets to walking but she can not crawl with a dress on, it gets caught under her legs and becomes ugly. Which is actually ok because she is loving to walk, holding onto a finger that is. If you hold out a finger, she will grab it and pull herself up and guide you around the house. I think she is still developing her balance but she does really good, as soon as she gets up the courage she will be ready to cruise around on her own. I don't see it happening real soon, which is fine, I love holding her little hand, she has the best softest little hands!
So another gift she got was a baby doll, and can you believe she didn't already have one?!? I never even thought about it, she has some stuffed animals but no baby looking ones. This doll says "I love you" and makes kissing noises, and Summer is no stranger to kissing as seen in this photo. At first we kept grabbing the doll and hugging it thinking she was getting jealous but she never got jealous, she just thought it was funny and kept kissing her new baby. She likes it, not any better than anything else, but enough to be a really good gift.
Earlier in the week I took several pictures of the afternoon to montage a typical afternoon, it turned into not so typical when she had her first popsicle, then she had to have an early bath, but it was still cute. Since that popsicle she had another and just like that she learned to hold the thing by the stick so as not to get the hand cold, and she nearly ate the whole thing, I ended up taking it when she started to jab the stick all the way down her throat to get the stuff at the bottom. H

I call this: One Summer Afternoon:

I come home, start dinner, take Summer into the room to play a bit before we eat. I go into the bathroom to change clothes and snap this shot:

I cannot believe how long her bangs are and how cute her little face is!

She plays next to my dresser for a while.

She has fun playing, actually I had to clean off the nightstand, you can imagine why.

Then we eat, nothing exciting, and afterwards we have a popsicle.

There are several pictures on flickr but that was the first picture, she liked it but it was cold.

This is a face of love :o)

A dole 100% fruit juice popsicle, yum, they are good.

So as you can imagine, a popsicle creates a lot of red sticky stuff that requires an immediate bath.

This bath was a fun bath, and a happy bath, no clue why, some baths are just happier than others. They are always good but just not usually this good.

Then of course we get out and dry off, which is just as fun as the bath for some reason.

She even lets me dry her hair and has fun with it - look at all that hair on that head!

Next she headed into the closet to see where I went (I went to get her clothes of course) while wearing her towel.

After the bath, onto the bed for diaper, lotion and jammies.

I love those jammies.

It was still early so we went into the room to play for a little bit.

Still in a very happy mood as you can see.

Almost 8 pm and someone is very unhappy now and wants a bottle.

But what a cute unhappy face!

Few minutes later:

So sweet!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

11 months +++

Friday, June 13th
24 pounds, 30 inches
crawls fast and all over the place
stands unassisted for long periods
walks holding a finger on one hand
eats 3 meals a day
loves all solids
gets mad when we eat and don't feed her
down to 2 bottles a day (8 oz each) morning/night
formula in sippy cup for lunch (4 oz)
claps all the time
kisses and hugs
loves books and pointing to things on pages
can use a sippy cup very well
takes 2 naps a day (morning/afternoon)
up at 630 in the morning
down between 8 and 9 each night
only has pacifier for sleep/naps and car rides if needed
waves bye bye
motions come here
average 2 poopie diapers a day
tries to mimic daddy's funny sounds (clicks and squeaks)
says ma, da, bye, bah (bottle), doe, other random sounds
points at things (the moon, the washer, the dogs)
makes a cute snooty face (scrunches nose and sniffs hard)
loves young kids (3,4,5 ages)
has been on an airplane 4 times! (oklahoma, texas, idaho)
does not sleep all night most nights (but goes right back to sleep)
likes to rub bunny ears on her face when napping
starting to watch tv, disney channel, catches the eye now, especially singing
has a lot more hair, can do rubber bands and clips
has blue/gray/green/brown eyes, very neat color
when mad, stretches out and back
plays pick-a-boo with a yellow frisby

Monday, June 9, 2008

clap clap clap

First I want to make sure everyone voted for Summer in the Parent's model search, if not you can still vote
Now onto the good stuff, we had a very busy but great weekend. On Saturday morning Summer had a new friend come over, Chloe. Chloe is 3 months older than Summer, but that doesn't mean she is smaller, Summer is my little chunky monkey! The girls played together, they did fine, they shared toys, then we let them get into the pool and they had fun. At this age they really aren't playing with each other much, but I enjoy seeing Summer reaction to someone else in her room, and she is nice and pleasant so far. Here is a picture of the girls playing together on the activity table, they did so good together. After Chloe and Jessica (the mom) left, Summer immediately took a nap, I guess she had an exciting and fun packed morning. Later that afternoon we went over the Springston's house for some BBQ and a game night. Summer did so good at their house, for the first time she actually wandered off on her own, she chased (crawled) Becca around the rooms, she played with the remotes, she actually left my and daddy's sides, it was nice, and of course she was so tired she fell asleep on their couch, even though we were yelling and making all kinds of noise, she managed to sleep through it too.
On Sunday I stayed home - gas is getting outrageous, I wanted to go back to the mall and let Summer play in the kid area but it wasn't worth the traffic or the trip so we stayed home and hung around the house and played.
Summer has started to clap, all the time. She figured it out on her own, we never really clapped much, mostly she figured it out listening to music, isn't it amazing how music effects how we feel? All weekend she kept clapping. She does this thing where she claps her hands then she puts both hands on her legs and repeats. She also kisses ALL THE TIME now, it is so cute, come give me a kissy results in her crawling over, opening her mouth and sometimes sticking out her tongue, to give you a kiss, but it is still so cute! She is such a big girl, both days this weekend Summer had grilled cheese for lunch, small pieces, and fresh fruit. I bought the low sugar jelly and non bad oil peanut butter for this week, and got her some more yogurt and some fresh strawberries and bananas. She is still only on two bottles a day now, when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep, and she has some formula at lunch in the sippy cup, but she really prefers the food, which I guess is a good thing, my baby is getting so big. No more walking, I can tell she needs more time, once she gets up the courage she is going to take off because she has the balance down fine, or once she gets tired of crawling on the floor. It will be nice to get rid of the walker, and at the same time it is going to suck having to watch her downstairs, we will have to install the safety locks real soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

No, Poop, Stand & Wave

For some reason when I say NO in a really deep serious voice, Summer laughs. She thinks it is SO funny when I tell her NO. I don't tell her NO very often, usually I just move her to a not NO area, but on Saturday I captured the little monkey laughing at me as I tried to be very stern and tell her NO. She is so cute, she has a great laugh. On Saturday we hung out at the house, we had a BBQ both Friday night and Saturday afternoon and Summer had some fresh fruit and veggies. On Saturday and Sunday I did not give Summer an afternoon bottle, I put her formula in a sippy cup and gave it to her during lunch. She must like the food better because she did not mind that she missed a bottle, and while she was happily drinking the formula, she still wanted the food more, so she is almost ready to cut back. She does a decent job using the sippy cup too, half the time she remembers she has to tip it up and the other half I will help her. It is nice only having two bottles each day on the weekend, I told Kris to continue and start giving her the sippy cup with formula for lunches and hopefully he can create some healthy lunches to feed her.
I bought some toothpaste on Saturday, special toothpaste that taste sweet and she can swallow. She really doesn't mind having her teeth brushed, she doesn't mind the bottom as much as the top. I have started brushing her teeth each morning when I get ready. Speaking of teeth, she still only has 7, but she has been fussy and chewing on her hand, so something must be growing inside that mouth and causing a little bit of pain.
On Saturday we tried to play in the sprinkler in the front yard, at one point she was just standing unsupported in the grass, but she fell and rubbed her face on the grass. She did not fall hard, she didn't even cry, but she ended up getting a red face because of the grass. I guess the little grass blades can cut, when I looked at her face later I thought she had a rash and was recalling the food she had all day. Kris said it was a normal reaction to the grass and it went away within a few hours shew, it looks so bad, like she had got beaten up.
Summer is continuing to balance herself and stand unsupported for long amounts of time. Most of the time she doesn't realize it, she will just stand there, playing with a toy or looking around. She falls nicely onto her padded butt and gets herself right back up. I really think she will be walking within the next couple of weeks, as soon as she realizes she can do it - she is going to take off.
On Sunday I went to k-mart to get Summer a pool, since the sprinkler wasn't a big hit, I thought we would try the pool next. I also had to get her a swim suit and they had some outfits on sale so I had to get those. I also bought her some new shoes, she doesn't like them but they look SO CUTE on her little feet! It was hot enough to swim on Sunday so we blew up the pool and I put her little swimsuit on and she was adorable. At first she wasn't thrilled to be in the pool but she didn't cry and we kept putting her in the middle and got her some bath toys and she stayed in for a good 20 minutes. I can't wait to get her in a big pool and see how she does, I really think she will like swimming around.
I took this video on Saturday, it is a little dark, but it shows her laughing at my NO, making a poopy face (yes, she did in fact poop), standing unsupported for a while and then waving goodbye.