Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What can I say?

Last night I was trying to fall asleep thinking about what to write in my blog. I had a great idea but I cannot remember what it was this morning! Summer is not really doing anything new lately, she continues to learn new words, she is getting over an annoying runny nose, she is still going to bed awake on her own. I determined that I hate her crib because once I put her down I cannot bend down and reach her to give her a kiss. However I am not at all ready to move her into a toddler bed, I don't see that happening for at least another year! I am trying to teach Summer to say down, when she wants up she says up but when you are holding her and she wants down she tries to squirm and get out of your arms, down would be so much better. It is finally starting to warm up so I bet we will start playing outside more. Well that is all I can think of - I guess I have a mental block so I will update more later :o0

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Falling Asleep

The night before last Summer was really tired and it was early so we brought her into our bed but after a few minutes she wanted to get up and play so Papa took her upstairs to her room. After a long time of playing it was finally bed time. I had to go to the bathroom and figured when I was finished Summer would be back downstairs in our bed to settle herself down before going to sleep. I came out to find she never came back down, Papa was able to put Summer right in her crib, awake, where she fell right asleep. I was very sad. Last night we were in bed watching Sesame Street and Summer was ready for bed. She was hugging on her daddy, who takes her up when it is time, and when he asked her if she wanted to go to bed she put out her arms to be carried up to her crib. I was once again very sad. How come she wants to go to her crib to go to sleep, why doesn't she want to stay with us in our bed and fall asleep? I thought it was going to be much harder to break her of the habit of falling asleep with us in our bed but apparently not and I am not really happy about it. Does anyone know how I can reverse this horrible new development?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back Arching

It was bound to happen ...

Back Arching - When your child does not get their way or something makes them really mad. Summer just started doing this alot this past week. What could possible cause a sweet innocent child to lose it and flail around on the ground while arching their back so it is almost impossible to pick them up? It could be anything but this weekend it was dropping a book while trying to hold five at one time, taking a barbie out of her hands so I could take photos, not being able to sit in the chair how she wanted ... to name a few. I, for some stupid reason, thought it would be cute to watch my child throw a tantrum, but instead I have discovered it to be very annoying. Yesterday I came home from work and took Summer upstairs. I grabbed the video camera because I wanted to capture Summer's new jump. Somehow Summer had found her night night papi, so I took it away and told her to jump for mommy. Instead, while filming, I captured Summer throwing a huge fit, falling to the floor, arching her back, crying worse than if she had gotten hurt. My initial reaction was to smack that attitude right out the window, but I was filming and I know that would not help, so instead I proceeded to film a tantrum. Finally, after what seemed like forever but was probably 2 minutes, she calmed down and found something else in her room to play with. I never got the jump on camera.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jumping Bean

In dance class the girls have "mat" time where they do rolls, crawls, bear walks and jump like a bunny. Summer is one of the youngest students and cannot actually jump off the ground, well all until last night anyway! In the past Whenever she tried to jump she would stand up on her tippy toes. We were sitting in the living room and Summer wanted to jump, so she bend down so far and popped her little body all the up, both feet came up off the floor and she fell back onto her butt! She didn't get hurt and we all clapped at her successful and very cute jump. I don't know where she learned to go down so far - it is hilarious to watch, she almost sits on the floor as far as she goes down to get ready to jump. She proceeded to jump several more times, with half the jumps landing her onto her rear. I didn't get it on video because both the cameras were upstairs but I will try to capture it today before she gets the hang of it and stops falling over.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we went to dance class, there was a sub, Summer was super cute but we need shoes, her big sneakers don't go that well with a leotard and stocking. The sub didn't have the normal music so class was eh only so so.

After dance we went to a park where Summer has learned how to go down the slide by herself! She is not adventurous like some babies, she will not climb the steps by herself, she has to hold my hand, but the park we go to has 4 slides she can safely go down on her own, of course I stand at the bottom but even if I wasn't she would do ok going down, and this weekend she got her legs working enough to go down the slides all by herself - I was so proud (and scared to death).

I called our dog a dork on Sunday and guess what Summer can say - yup dork, and it doesn't sounds like dork much either oops.

It was warm enough to play outside on Sunday too, and Summer had a blast crawling under and through her slide. I bet she crawled under and threw the slide at least 20 times.

Kris and I have been playing with our camera, we are testing settings and trying to shoot in manual instead of automatic - so I will share this picture of me attempting to throw Summer into the air over and over. I got her up there about 3 or 4 times before my arms said no more. Oh really - well you go throw a 27+ pound item in the air over and over and see what your arms say to you!

My butt sure is flat ... but overall I am happy with my backside appearance, I don't see it very often hehe.