Monday, April 30, 2007

4D Ultrasound

My 4D ultrasound last week was a big hit, my mom, my brother, and Kris's dad had no idea we were surprising them with this, and they really enjoyed seeing their granddaughter and neice for the first time in 4D. We really saw a lot, but Summer was sleeping and was all curled up like a kitten. She had her face covered by both her hands and feet (babies are so flexible!). The tech kept poking her so she would move, and we got some cute face shots. We also confirmed she is still a little girl :o) and I think she has my long toes ... It was amazing to discover that what I am feeling are slight arm and leg movements while she stretches, I really thought she was punching and kicking harder. I think I have super sensitive feeling!

Here is the link to the pictures:

The weekend was a really good weekend, my mom helped moved some things around in the house, and now Summer's room has room for furniture. I guess my next project will be setting her room up, I still have two months right?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We have a middle name!

Finally, Summer isn't just Summer anymore - she is now Summer Amelia. Kris has finally picked a name (and he did a lot of research).

Amelia \a-me-lia\ is pronounced a-MEEL-yah. It is of Latin and Old German origin, and its meaning is "industrious, striving; work". Blend of two medieval names: the Latin Emilia (see Emily) and the Latinized Germanic Amalia, meaning "work".

I think it is very pretty, and very girly, Summer will be so happy when I get mad at her and use it!

This week has been great, I made it to 27 weeks, and Summer continues to kick and roll around like crazy. I think I have gained another pound, but really, who is counting?

Here are my 27 week picture - I think I look good from the side, from the front, it looks like my thighs are getting bigger - stupid camera views and trick shots I guess :o)

Mom will be here tomorrow, and I am happy, this weekend is going to be a blast.

Lastly, is it July yet?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Nursery

Well I don't really have a nursery set up yet, but I finally got some things together in one spot, and it looks like something is happening! My grandma sent me a package this weekend that included several cute outfits and a barbie, Summer's first barbie! I also have a baby monitor and a few other items, so I might not be completely ready but at least I have everything together in one spot, just waiting until we go and actually get furniture.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I took some pictures of my belly this morning, and it sure looks larger in pictures. Funny because I sometimes forget it is there, it really doesn't prevent me from doing much. Well, I guess it is harder to put on my underwear, socks and shoes, but I have learned to adjust (and grunt). So far, I have seen a "153" on the scale, the most ever, but that is late in the afternoon after several yummy meals. I am not really worried about my weight, I think the magic fairy will come after I deliver and take it all off. I love being a dreamer :o)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer 2007

My first blog YAY. I will try to keep this going so you can all be apart of this fun and exciting pregnancy! I was 26 weeks yesterday, and I have less than 99 days to go! I still feel like I have a lot of time, but I wonder how fast the last three months will go. I feel good, I can do most everything I could before. My belly is getting larger, and it does get in the way when I put on my shoes and socks, and I find myself grunting a lot, but I guess it is to be expected. I noticed my bed feels like it is getting higher, especially in the middle of the night when I have to get up and go pee for the 3rd time. Luckily I can fall back right back to sleep.