Friday, May 29, 2009

Where have I been?

I haven't been blogging much about Summer, not because she isn't still the most cutest thing ever, not because her vocabulary has exploded, not because I am still totally in love with this little girl, and in fact I am not sure why I haven't mentioned all of those things and more. We just got back from vacation, we flew to Oklahoma City and rode an hour to Lawton. We had a layover so ended up taking 4 flights total. Summer slept on the first flight, was a zombie for the second but we had gotten up around 4:00 am that morning, then she slept on the ride to Lawton for that hour. There were so many people around my grandma's house that Summer had some issues adjusting, and by issues I mean she became super whiny baby who only wanted mama, mama hold me, mama up up, mama, mama, mama pick me up, but I really didn't mind. The worse part was her cousin Alex, who did nothing wrong really except to be a boy who liked to touch his cousin, which set her off with hysterical crying while we were driving 20 miles to go eat. Car rides and crying hysterically are never a good thing. I think by the end of the trip, 6 days later, Summer had finally adjusted to the people, and by people, we counted 13 people in the kitchen at the same time one day, and she was more use to her cousins, who weren't as big and scary as they seemed. We had two flights back home again with the layover, both were fine but no sleeping. Oh wait there was a short nap on the first flight. Summer was happy to see daddy and papa when we arrived in Vegas and was ecstatic to see the house and all her things. I have no future trips planned, which daddy will tell you is a good thing because Summer was horrible for the next two days while she adjusted to being home, or so I guess that is why she was so cranky. We have a play date with Ana and Chloe tomorrow, we may go swimming if the water cooperates, and by cooperating I mean be very warm, 88 and up would be wonderful, but I have a feeling I am going to freeze instead. Oh well I can do it for my baby!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Dinner

Imagine my shock/surprise/horror when my little piggy wanted nothing to do with dinner last night. She always eats, she loves food, she will take food from strangers, but this past week we have seen a decline in her interest to eat. She is still eating but just not as much. Some mornings she wakes up and must be hungry because she will ask for a banana and then other mornings she wakes up and doesn't want a single bite of anything. She isn't getting much snack food either, maybe some animal crackers or so, but we really watch what she is eating - always offering veggies at lunch and dinner if we can help it. Luckily this morning she ate half a banana and her whole bowl of baby oatmeal, shew! I know she is not going to starve, heck look at her hefty self, but it is still strange when your kids refuse food. I feel bad for Casey, Ana doesn't ever want to eat, and if she does eat it isn't much, but it is still strange when your food loving child refuses to eat. I want to force her but I have to hold back and remember, she will eat when she is hungry, it's not like she will waste away. And since I have cut back on my portion sizes I don't spazz out as much, she doesn't need much food to satisfy that little body.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Animal Sounds

I got Summer on video making a few sounds, it was hard to hear her but she is so cute. She has sounds for a horse (clop clop), a cow (moo), a cat/kitten (meeeooow), a dog (ruf ruf), a rooster (cock-a-doodle-do), a bird (chirp chirp), a lion/tiger (low roar), a dinosaur (low roar and stomping), a donkey (heehaw), a bee (bzzz), a monkey/baboon/orangutan (eee eee), a pig (great snorting sound), a snake (ssssss), chicken (bock bock) - to name a few. It is so cute. The video is on my flickr if anyone wants to see it. She was in a diaper, we were sitting outside and her hair was very messy!

Animal Sounds Video

Star Trek

Last night was the first time Kris and I have went anywhere without our sweet baby. We have never wanted to leave her with a sitter and we have never wanted to go anywhere she could not go. We have a lot of time together I guess :o) I don't know but yesterday was Kris's birthday and we are both old school Star Trek fans (not fanatics) so we decided that once Summer was in bed and once Papa got home we would put the baby monitor in papa's room and go watch Star Trek. Summer went down around 8:15 and papa got home at 9:35, the movie started at 10:10 so we had plenty of time. When we left it felt strange, I didn't even take my cell phone with me! I knew they would both just sleep but we both felt like we were cheating LOL. Regardless the movie was FTW (for the win) - one of the BEST movies I have ever seen, it was so good, I can't believe how awesome it was, I didn't want it to end and when it did end I was sad it was over. It was so good I might go see it again if I get a chance. We had a great time, and the hard part for us was staying out so late but we weren't tired and so far this morning I feel ok, of course the day has only just started. We haven't been to a movie in over two years, it felt nice going out but I don't think we will make it a habit, just a special thing we know we can do when another excellent movie comes out. Of course we got home around 12:30 and Summer was asleep as was papa. He saidhe slept pretty lightly because he wasn't use to sleeping with the monitor but it worked out nicely for everyone. And I think Kris had a great birthday, I know a had a great birthday for him :o)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


After dinner last night Papa, Summer and I went to the park. We were there a good while, when we got home the neighbor kids were outside. Our neighbors have 5 kids, 1 boy who is about the same age as Summer (not sure exactly) and 4 sisters who probably range from 3 to 8 or so. Ya - 5 children. We see them outside a lot playing so I asked Summer if she wanted to sit in the driveway and watch them. Then they kinda came over and I let Summer go up to them. They are very well behaved and nice kids from what I can tell. I asked them if they wanted me to go get the chalk, they said yes, so I ran in and grabbed the chalk. They had a blast writing all over the driveway and Summer had a blast saying HI over and over to all of them. You can tell the little boy has sisters because he was so sweet with Summer, when she would say Hi and wave at him he would reach out and grab her hand - it was sweet.

Anyway I bet we played outside a good 45 minutes if not more. The driveway is super colorful now and Summer really enjoyed being around the other children. They were all very good with her, heck they are use to having a little brother. At around 7:30 I tell Summer she needs to come in and take a bath, you should have seen this child's legs - they were covered in chalk, I don't know how she gets so dirty! We get inside and she follows me into the bathroom where I smell something .... EWWWW she had nasty poop and who the hell knows when she did it, it was so smashed it was almost coming out the back/top LOL those poor kids, she was all over them haha. Oh well I guess they are use to it right?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer is Great

Summer is awesome, she amazes me every day with her vocabulary. She is really repeating a lot of what we say now, I told her that dinner would be ready in 5 more minutes, to which she repeated "5 more minutes". She is a little sponge absorbing everything we say now oh and she can count too - at least up to 11, but she sometimes goes higher. She says the numbers so clear. I thank Sesame Street and me, Kris and Cliff for always counting with her. She also recognizes her shapes, circle, triangle, square, sometimes anyway :o) I think she is a smart little girl but I also think it helps having 3 adults taking turns working with her. Brushing her teeth lately has been a challenge because she doesn't want help anymore and I don't trust her to do a good enough job so we found a nice solution for that, we use two toothbrushes, she gets one and we get one and we brush together. She mostly chews on the toothbrush while we actually try to brush. I still think she is teething her 2 year molars but they must be super slow growing because it is taking forever for them to come in.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogging Again

Enough about Summer - I am blogging about me, follow it here:
Ok more about Summer later :o)