Sunday, March 30, 2008

and then there were three

Friday night I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked if Summer had any new teeth, to which I replied no still the same bottom two. As I was saying this I was feeling Summer's gums (she was in the bathtub next to me) and sure enough the top left tooth had popped through. I am amazed that Summer has not been cranky, feverish, no diarrhea, or have any other teething signs, besides the constant slobbering for the past month. I am glad she has another tooth, I was so excited, as excited as her first. I hope the top right comes in soon so she looks balanced.
I took some photos last week, I love the way the farmer hat look turned out, Summer barely let me keep the hat on to take pictures, but it was long enough to get a few great shots. Notice the rash on her chin from slobbering, we bought some cream and it seems to be working, which is good because I just went to k-mart and bought a bunch of new outfits! K-mart had about 3 or 4 sale racks with $2.99 on them, so I found a few 12 and 18 month outfits and I also found a really cute little hat, of course I picked up some every day outfits too. Grandpa also bought Summer two new very nice activity toys that should keep her busy during the day while she is in her room. You should see her room now, it looks like a big room full of baby toys. There is so much room because her crib and her changing table are down in our room, Summer has the entire floor to move around. She is still pulling up all the time, which is another reason for the new activity toys, it will give her something to pull up on.
This morning Summer woke up at 6:00 am and had her bottle. She normally goes back to sleep but this morning she decided to be a stinker. Kris and I put her in bed with us and for 45 minutes she played. We finally turned on the TV and she started watching Disney. At about 7:15, in the middle of the Wiggles, she plopped over onto her side and was fast asleep. It was hilarious, Kris said the Wiggles put her to sleep, but she wasn't really to get up so early in the first place. Of course Kris nor I could go back to sleep, so I am really dragging today. Kris served me french toast in bed while I flipped channels and at 8:00 Summer woke up for the day with a big smile on her face.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sleeping on the Back

Summer did not want to go to sleep last night, and she is getting a little attitude about laying on her back, I mean come on kid, you slept on your back for the first six months of your life, what is wrong with your back? I mean, I don't mind if you want to sleep on your stomach, but I have to lay you in your crib on your back and you can roll over and get comfy, you don't have to do it in a way that says, mommy you are an idiot, and immediately fling yourself over onto your side and act like I don't know what I am doing .... SHEESH

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter everyone! Another great weekend is almost over, great, very great, Summer slept in until 8 each morning, and was in a great mood all weekend. On Saturday we met Casey and Ana and headed to the park to meet other mommies for Easter weekend. All the kids had a blast, they hunted eggs and did egg races, it was fun to watch. There were a lot of babies at the park this time, at least 10 of us sat out on the grass on blankets watching our little ones try to play with each other while they ate everything they weren't suppose to put in their mouth. It is always nice getting together with other mommies and babies to compare notes and see how different each baby is, I look forward to these days. After the park Casey and I hit up a Mexican restaurant, we were both starving and exhausted. Unlike me, I didn't take very many pictures at the park, but we still had a fun day, the weather was beautiful. This picture is Summer, Ana and two other little girls, one was 12 months the other was 10.
Earlier today Cliff and I took Summer to church. It was a special Easter service and the choir sang a lot of songs. Summer enjoyed the music and was overall quiet. She did talk 2 or 3 times and ended up getting a nice loud case of the hiccups, but that is to be expected during church. This is a photo of Summer and I before church, all dressed up and ready to go.
This week Summer has really started pulling her self up and for a brief moment, standing. I don't think she is ready to start walking, she needs to work on crawling some more, but she loves to stand up, and if she can do it on her own, it makes her really happy. We sat outside a lot this week, the weather has been beautiful, and Summer loves to much on leaves. Of course I try to take them all away from her but I bet she slipped in some fiber when I wasn't looking. We tried frozen mangos earlier today and she loved those, has the stains all over her collar to prove it. I am making stew in the crock pot right now and for dinner I want to give her some of the veggies (green beans and carrots) and see how she does, they are really mushy so she should do good. Kris and I think Summer is starting to talk and repeat what we say. I think she is saying Baby or A B C and Kris thinks she might be saying Paci, she has really started speaking a lot more this week and it seems to be clearer and actually sounds like words. She was grumpy one day last week while I was at work and Kris called me and she was wining "mama" and I wanted to come home so bad, she is so sweet when she talks. Right now Summer is on the floor crawling all around my desk. Earlier this week Cliff saw how good she was crawling and we had to go to Lowes so he could buy a gate for the upstairs, and I am glad, she is really all over the place right now, in fact I don't think that plant stand is safe anymore ... where am I going to put it. Till next week!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

8 Months

On Thursday Summer celebrated another monthly birthday and turned the big "8 MONTHS". Daddy took some photos and I updated her weight/height (20.5 pounds, 29 inches) and her baby book. I also printed the photos and updated her monthly photo frames. Only 4 more photos to go and she will be a year, it is crazy how fast time flies. We went to walmart this morning and as I was looking through the baby section I saw a preemie outfit and told Kris that I missed some of Summer's "infanthood". He said I was there every day and I didn't miss anything, but she is growing up so fast, of course she was not a preemie, but I can't remember her wearing clothes so small, especially now that she is wearing 12 months + it seems she is even older than she is.
Easter is fast approaching and we started taking the easter photos. Daddy did some great photos in the yard, this one is probably one of my favorites.
Earlier today Summer and I went and visited with Casey and Anastasia and we had so much fun. Both girls are getting so big it is amazing how they are doing everything around the same time. We decided to take photos and got some awesome shots, I like the way this one turned out. We had a great day together with the girls, they were wonderful together and it is always fun comparing notes with each other. We are going to get together again next weekend and head to the park for some easter fun.
While visiting with the girls, Casey gave me a pack of mums for Summer. I grabbed a burger on the way home and decided to give Summer the mum to distract her. She loved it and ate the whole thing and didn't even make a mess with it like I thought (thanks Casey) so I will be buying some of these next time I get to the store!

Summer has started really crawling, not just scooting, she is really able to get around wherever she wants to go, and she is beginning to really push herself up onto things. She is also babbling all the time now, and we can't understand her but we make words or short sentences out of the sounds she makes, it is so cute. Soon she won't be my little baby she will be a little girl that can walk and talk and think all on her own.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have movement

On Wednesday Summer decided she was ready to crawl, pull herself up and go from her tummy to a sitting position, all in one day! Since Wednesday she hasn't been doing much crawling, but she has really started sitting up on her own and scooting all around the floor, grabbing everything she isn't suppose to grab, and putting it right into her mouth. On Friday we saw the doctor about the eye bubble but he didn't know what it was, he has never seen one, so he referred us to an eye doctor in town. The doctor didn't think it is anything to worry about but I would rather make sure so I can quit worrying. Overall it has been a good week, Summer is drooling a lot and she has some little annoying rashes on her chin, but I guess it is normal. I have tried using Vaseline to get rid of them but no luck yet. We took some great photos this weekend, these are just a few of my favorites on my flickr:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poor Pop

It is never easy losing a grandpa, but it is even harder losing two in less than two months, but last Tuesday night Pop passed away. He was 72 and an awesome grandpa. My only relief comes from knowing that Summer met him in November. We flew home to Oklahoma (Summer's third airplane trip) last Thursday and got back yesterday. Summer, as usual, did fine on the plane. I flew us from Las Vegas to Phoenix where we met up with my mom and brother, Buster. This was the first time Buster had met Summer. Then the three of us flew together into Oklahoma City. During the flight Buster held Summer and she fell asleep in his arms. It was so cute, he immediately fell in love with her and said he felt like a mom. The rest of the trip was sad but fun, we met many of our relatives we had not seen in a really long time. Summer still has "I only want Mommy to hold me" anxiety so my arm got a work out. Buster could hold her most of the time, and a few of the younger kids could hold her, but she definitely felt safest in my arms. She was great on the trip except her anxiety, and probably cried more on this trip than the rest of her life, because we kept trying to get other people to hold her, which caused her to cry sad alligator tears. She is so sweet when she cries. She also had a runny nose the entire trip and constantly had dried boogies. I always said I would never let MY child have dried or dripping snot, but whatever, I was not going to wipe her nose all day, she hates getting her nose wiped. One of the highlights of the trip for me was when she got to take a bath with her two cousins, Jordyn and Alex. I know she won't remember but I got pictures, she did ... ok, she wasn't happy to be around anyone, but she tolerated the bath long enough to get pictures and wash her hair. When all three were in the bath you could really see how fat my baby girl is compared to her cousins, she is a chunk! She is such a little snoot too! Everyone kept saying she has such attitude, and makes some of the best faces a little snotty girl could make. Alex was wonderful and is already crawling, and she will be following him soon. She has really started to scoot around, last night we were playing on the bed and daddy kept attacking her and she kept trying to scoot away, squealing, hiding her head in the blankets, it was so precious.
So anyway, Kris stayed home this trip, 5 days away, and really missed his little girl. She showed a little apprehension to him when we returned but by that night she seemed back to her old self. Kris called me earlier and said she was needing to be held more in the morning, but by the afternoon she was walking around in her walker.
I wish I could say I don't see anymore flights in my immediate future, but I see a flight to Idaho Falls in May to visit mom and Buster, and in August we plan on going back to Oklahoma to help Charlie celebrate his wedding. Summer is a pro at flying, and I am doing good getting through Security with my little monkey without any problems. A plus to flying is all the attention she gets, several people will stop me to tell me how beautiful/precious she is. Kris and I constantly talk about how she looks, is she really precious or do people say that to all babies. Of course we think she is beautiful but we are her parents, of course we do!
Lastly let's talk about Summer's eye. Her right eye has a small bubble just under her color part. It looks like a little fluid or water bubble. We noticed it right after her 6 month appointment. We thought maybe she scratched it and it was irritated. You cannot see it unless she looks up and then you can see it - and it is very small, but being a first time mom I decided to make a doctor appointment and have it checked, just to be sure, so we are going in on Friday at 9:00 to find out what it is. Hopefully nothing but a bump, I will keep you updated.