Sunday, October 23, 2016

Random Thoughts for a Sunday Morning on Pinterest

As I am sitting there drinking my coffee looking at Pinterest hoping to find a delicious recipe to make for a get together on Tuesday and for a party on Friday I have random thoughts about some of the things I see.  I will share those with you now.

1) Why does it look so easy to wing eyeliner. It is not easy, and it does not stay, at least on me, my wings eventually become crazy black smudges.

2) Scarves look so cool and stylish. Unfortunately, they make me feel like I have something huge wrapped around my neck that wants to smother me. I wonder if anyone has ever choked on their scarf. I bet someone has.

3) Who has time to make those or do that? You know what I am talking about - half the stuff they show on Pinterest!

4) Why did they change the "pin" it to "save" it. Honestly, the whole reason it is called Pinterest is so you can PIN the stuff you find, not save it, otherwise it would be called Saverest and that sounds crazy.

5) Why did my coffee get cold so fast. I have been sitting here drinking it. I can't drink cold coffee. Not even a little bit cool. Oh well, I guess I was done anyway.

6) Pumpkin seeds. While the idea sounds appealing, being able to use something from the poor huge orange fruit you are about to destroy makes me feel better but the outcome never works out like I envision. Does anyone actually like pumpkin seeds? Is it because I am a sunflower seed eater that I have a strong desire to crack open the pumpkin seed to get the softer more chewable morsel inside? Am I somehow baking the seeds incorrectly? Are some seeds just not as edible as others? I don't even try now.  It sounds good but doesn't even look good anymore! Spiced Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

and Yes, I have switched over to the food and drink section on Pinterest still hoping to find that perfect recipe. Of course I am mostly seeing a ton of desserts.  I am trying not to look at them but it is hard because there are so many.

7) Chicken and Dumplings. Every single recipe sounds so simple. I have tried about five recipes in my life and they have all completely failed. True, I haven't tried a recipe in the last 5 or so years and my skills in the kitchen have improved, but I am just so afraid of failing yet again at a delicious chicken and dumpling recipe! Does anyone have a good one that will not fail?

minutes later ...

I hate food sometimes. I think I go through stages, sometimes I like all food sometimes I don't like anything. Nothing sounds or looks good today, and the same for yesterday. I want to go get dressed and give up, once again, and finding the perfect recipe. Until I feel like looking again :)