Friday, December 26, 2008

Summer's 2nd Christmas

We had a lovely holiday. On Wednesday night (Christmas Eve) we decorated a gingerbread house together.

I really never want to do that again lol. Summer really didn't help either but in this photo it almost looks like she is!

Next we opened two gifts, one was her cute pajamas and one was a toy from Susan at work, here she is sitting in her new super cute pajamas playing with the tea set she got:

Then around 6:30 papa took Summer upstairs so daddy and mommy "aka Santa" could get the gifts together. This is what I found them doing when I went upstairs to get some of the gifts hehe.

We decided Summer really doesn't unwrap gifts very well so we unwrapped and unpacked everything and set them up under the tree, that way on Christmas morning she would walk into the living room and see all her toys all ready to play with under the tree.

The first thing she saw was Penelope the pink dog, then she saw the Elmo doll and then the books I think. She had a blast, maybe next year we will wrap them but this was so much easier for everyone, I am glad we did it this way.

Then I made breakfast and lunch!

Here is Summer eating turkey in her Christmas dress:

Before we could even eat dinner Summer crashed out:

The food was --- one of my best! I made a Turkey, it was so moist, I had bought a honey baked ham, they are always delicious, I made green rice casserole, it was heavenly, and a sweet potato casserole, oh it was so yummy, and we had mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, bread, olives and cranberries. I even made a gravy with the turkey juices!

Today we have already taken down the tree and put all the decorations away! I have leftovers and can't wait to eat lunch yum. Thanks for sharing the day with us!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking continues

Last night I left Kris to watch Summer while I went and showered. After my shower I was lying on the bed and Kris and Summer came into the room. Summer pointed to me so daddy put her on the bed and Summer said ... "Daddy theres Mommy" while pointing to me. We both just looked at each other in amazement. She already knew how to say daddy mommy but "theres" was a new word we have never heard her say and she said it so clearly in her little sentence. It was really cute, and I think it was her first real three word sentence, besides I Love You.

Earlier yesterday morning I was changing Summer's diaper - she had just woken up - and normally after I change her diaper I start to put her pants on. I pick her up and tell her to hug me so I can pull her pants all the way up over her diaper, so I picked her up and she said HUG before I could! So I told her I loved her and she said I love you back :o)

Summer has two little bears from Jared's where papa works and she grabbed both of them off her shelf earlier and said "two". I think she is learning what two actually means. If we start counting and say "one" she will say" two", sometimes "three" and "four".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Updates

I haven't updated in a while ... I am still considering ending the blog but I will decide later.
Thanksgiving - we had a great Thanksgiving together. Everything was perfect except the Turkey! We woke up like normal, had pancakes, played, Papa bought Summer a bear and after her nap she spotted it immediately. She than began to hug and kiss on that new bear - it was really sweet. Oh and I am changing his name from Grandpa or Grampa to Papa because that is what Summer calls him, Papa. The food was good all except the Turkey, I don't know what was wrong with it but it was gross! Apparently there were a few bad birds this year so hopefully that is what happened and nothing I did. We thought it was funny and had a vegetarian meal all except the deviled eggs.
Things have been good at home. Summer is starting to say so many new words - like What the Scallops because daddy says that all the time. She is starting to say I love you :o) and will almost repeat any word I say. This past weekend I babysat another girl, Chloe who is 20 months and having both girls together helped me see how different three months can make, I couldn't believe some of the things Chloe was doing but I know Summer will be there soon. It was a nice day babysitting, I was glad to see how the two girls interacted and of course I took a thousand pictures (all on the flickr). I was worn out but it was not as hard as I thought it would be, maybe because Chloe was a good baby too and never cried or whined.
Two nights ago Kris, Cliff, Summer and I loaded in the car and went to the Magic Forest at Opportunity Village. It was a chilling 40 something degrees outside, but the lights were beautiful and Summer enjoyed looking at the neat decorations. We rode on the carousel and train and Summer got to slide down the fake slide. Afterwards we went to dinner at the Outback steakhouse where I had some really yummy salmon and chicken. Summer slept horrible that night for some reason, probably teeth, she is getting the last 4 of her teeth, her canines and whatever the bottom ones are called. She keeps putting her hands in her mouth and before I cut her nails she had little scratches around her mouth, poor thing. I hope she gets these 4 in and can be done with teeth for a while.
Oh and I forgot Saturday - we went to the dentist Saturday for cleanings and Summer came along. I had the dentist look in her mouth and everything seemed fine. While Kris was getting his teeth cleaned so was I, so I had Summer sit on my lap during the cleaning, she sat so good. Hopefully the experience was a positive one and one that will help when she has to be the one sitting in the chair!
After the dental appointment we went to see Santa at Walgreens. They had free Santa and pictures. We sat Summer on his lap and at first she looked suspicious then she got this look like she was about to lose it but she never did cry and the picture is priceless. I could not have been happier with the way it turned out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you out there?

I am debating the blog, should I continue, is anyone even reading this thing anymore? If you are let me know ... and then I will decide if I am going to continue or not.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Photos & Books

I took some great photos this past weekend. Summer was the perfect model, she even did some cute little poses for me. I am excited she enjoys the camera, think of all the possibilities.... but this photo from the weekend might be my favorite:

This photo was fun, Summer enjoyed sitting in the basket with her babies. She loves her babies, kisses them daily. I guess she learned it from us, we always love on her babies and give her babies kisses. Do you think if I start loving on her books and kissing them she might be more careful with the pages? Don't get me wrong, she hasn't torn that many pages, maybe 4-5, but I have taped most of them back together. Her books are mostly hard board books but we have a few real page books. I don't care if she destroys them as long as she develops a love for books, which she already has. Tonight I came home from work and after dinner - like most nights - we went up into her room to play. Our play consists of reading several books. Not because I want to - because this is what she wants to do. She loves looking at books and sitting in one of her chairs, speaking some strange language pretending to read. She also enjoys when I read to her, most of the time. Tonight she was in a great mood and we read several short books.

This is a short week, only three days (woohoo) then we can celebrate Thanksgiving. This year is more special because Summer will be able to eat most of the food, if not all of it. We had sauerkraut with dinner tonight and to my surprise Summer actually ate it! The first bite was a bit like shock, but she kept putting it in her mouth so I went with it.

We plan on putting up our Christmas Tree on Thursday and take some holiday photos. We have to do it soon so I can upload pictures and get them printed, shipped, stamped and mailed out. Kris is in charge of the arrangement this year, he has some good ideas, so hopefully we end up with a really neat photo on our cards.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Summer's vocabulary is really starting to expand. One day she said nothing we could understand and it seemed like overnight she was making real words and small sentences. Some new things she says that I can think of are:

Want a bow?
I like it
Oh Really
Pa Pa (for Grampa)
Tooth (for tooth brush)

It is so amazing they way they just start talking one day.

Cliff bought Summer several DVD's of kids singing. Last night Summer was in the bath and I started singing "If your happy and you know it"

Summer was clapping on cue, and when I would sing "then your face will surely show it" she would put her fingers on her cheeks, she was stomping on cue (as best she could sitting in a tub) and then I would say "shout amen" and she says amen - so cute! I tried to get it on video but of course by then she was not in the mood.

Summer can also count and say her ABC's !!!! Ok not really, but she can count to 2, if I start counting I will say 1 and she will say 2. We are working on 3. If I sing the ABC's and get to the letter A she will say the B and C in the sequence and when I get to W she will say X next - she just picked up on X somehow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photos and Shopping

This weekend was filled with shopping and photos. I ordered a new Shutterfly photo book last book, the book I said I would not order until a year passed, and yet after three months I could not hold back. At least I only ordered a 20 page book instead of the 50 page ones. On Saturday Summer and I took a trip to KMart for a rug. Several really cute outfits later, and several really good pictures later - well nothing but haha we took a lot of pictures in that cute outfit. I still have the tutu that I bought that we didn't wear yet so we have pictures coming still.
We had a good weekend, we started out at dance class, I really don't know what to think about dance. Summer is learning a lot but she is so much younger than the other kids - well both of them. There is only two other kids, and Summer is about 8 months younger but she is learning so much and I think she enjoys it. I keep thinking we will quit going, and then we go and she does something else. I guess I wish the class was bigger, I want to expose her to a bunch of kids, but she is still so young I just may continue until she turns 18 months and has more options. After dance we went to buy books, I think I found about 7 for Summer and 1 for myself, then we went across the street and saw Grandpa. Then we went home and Summer fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for about an hour and upon waking we went to KMart and the park, the park .. the park with all the fun small beedy gravel. This girl loves rocks, loves putting her hands in the gravel, loves throwing the gravel in the air, loves throwing the gravel on me, and this park trip always ends up with a bath, which was the case on Saturday, but Summer had a good time. By the evening she had only had one nap and was exhausted, she barely made it to 8:00. On Sunday we took all the photos, fall photos were the plan. In order to get a good background for my photos I had to go around the house and carry 24 pavers to the back near the door. Today my booty hurts. I stacked pavers, added the fall leaves and snapped several photos. Then we changed outfits and did some pictures in the dance outfit. Oh ya we had a sucker and took photos of that. It was a good weekend, we did normal things, shopping and took photos, just like most weekend.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Back

Before the birth of my daughter I looked forward to falling Back. Gaining an hour and sleeping in and going to bed later was something to look forward too in the Fall. Now I much prefer springing forward, loosing an hour sleep and going to bed earlier. Not that Summer had any problems falling back with the rest of us, its just that I don't want to get home an hour later, even if that means I get an extra hour in the evening because it is dark earlier and this just makes me cranky and annoyed. I guess I will get used to the time change in another week but I could do without time change. Besides doing nothing but complaining this week, I should mention a few new milestones and tell you how much I love my little girl. Summer will now tell you NO with a word or three (No No No) or a shake of the head. She doesn't always mean No, sometimes she will say or motion No but really means just a second, like let me chew this bite before you try to shovel another bite into my mouth No. It could also mean the real No too of course. Summers vocabulary is expanding beyond Mom Dad Bye and No, she is also saying more complex words, such as Apple, Bounce, Bye Bye and Elmo. She is just starting to enter the period of repeating words, I remember when Buster was a baby and he would repeat whatever I said, such a great age! Physically she has started running and jumping. She loves to run from daddy when he tries to catch and tickle her. In dance class we bounce like a bunny and Summer has learned how to jump up - sorta. She does not actually go air born, more like up going up on her tippy toes or she does this little skipping action. It is really cute and when we clap at her progress she smiles and tries even harder. As amazing as she is she is already 15 months so you would think the newness would have worn away, but every day I see that face and it still amazes me, she is still so beautiful and pretty, and I tell her several times a day. "Summer you are so beautiful" or something like that. I also cannot stop telling her I love her, several times a day, "I love you" or "mommy loves Summer". It seems so many parents I meet with older children have lost some of the beauty and love that I still have, I hope I never lose it but if I do at least I have this blog as memory to how wonderful, beautiful and amazing she is. One day she is going to grow up and do something to make me mad and I might forget for a moment but hopefully it doesn't happen for a really long time.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Attitude

I never expected Summer to get a little attitude - is she 2 yet? She has gotten mad at least 3 times. Once when I took away her sucker (because she put it in her hair and I didn't want her to really have the whole thing, candy and all), once when she was putting her puzzle in her mouth and once when Kris took away one of her toys that she was trying to break - she is getting an ATTITUDE, get's mad, squeezes and whines and lately she is really starting to shake her head NO - all the time. It WAS cute at first but now seriously, NO to everything?
It is very interesting to see this behavior because I have to believe this anger is not taught, no one in my house ever gets an attitude and cries and tries to pinch, so this has to be a natural thing one is born with, which amazes me a little bit. I am trying not to make a big deal out of it and ignore it, but wow, we have started calling Summer Miss Attitude! For the most part the Attitude is a rare occasion, but I get the feeling it is going to increase over time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

park park and more park

Las Vegas is really too hot, we could never go to the park in the summer because it was unbearable, so now that things are cooling off - upper 80s, I am trying to get to the park as much as we can. I took Summer to the park on Saturday and Sunday so she could run around and have lots of fun. Summer enjoys the kids, the ducks, the slide, being outside, and she never gives me attitude when it is time to leave, yet anyway. On Saturday I also went to the bookstore to get more books for Summer. She loves playing with books and looking at the pictures. I ended up getting 5 new books and a floor puzzle. The floor puzzle came with a large poster of different animals. I taped it to the wall so Summer could look at it and point out all the animals. It has a dog, tiger, pony, cat, chicks, snake, rabbit, to name a few. I taped it at her level with a lot of tape so she would not rip it off the wall. After the book store we went to see Grandpa at work. The jewelry store he works at has a play area and Summer found a car. She started zooming it around the floor so we decided she should have a play car. On Sunday Grandpa bought Summer three new cars, a Barbie Mustang with a Barbie inside, a Nascar that zooms around the room and a Leap Frog bus with three passengers that Summer can take out or put in. The Bus also plays a couple songs, The Wheels on the Bus, ABC's and has the ABC letters all around the bus that she can push to hear what they are and what they sound like - very cool toy. Besides the new books, new cars, park trips, I also baked pumpkin pies and made Green Pepper Soup and a yummy meatloaf for dinner. Summer ate both dinners, she didn't seem to care for the pie (of course) but she ate everything else. It was another great weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold Weather

The most significant thing that happened in the past week is the changes. First my hair - I cut off about 6-8 inches. I am so happy with it. No regrets! Next is the weather, we had a cold front move through and dropped us from 90s to the 60s. 30 degrees may not seem like much but I am reminded how much I hate cold weather. It hurts. Luckily we are suppose to warm back up into the 80s but it won't last. Why did I ever complain about the heat silly me! We are all healthy again thank goodness. We are eating and everything seems back to normal. On Saturday I took Summer to visit Casey and Ana and we went to a fall festival Halloween thing. It was really cold, actually rained when we arrived. I had went to Kmart the night before to buy Summer some winter clothes, sweat shirts, pants, etc. Thankfully mimi sent some winter clothes as well so Summer has two jackets. I thought Summer would have been in 2T clothes but she is still in 18 months. She will probably be in 2T by the end of the winter. It amazes me how fast they grow in the first year to all but stop in the second. At the Halloween Harvest thing Summer was a little cranky but I did get some good pumpkin pictures.
Yesterday we took some candy Halloween pictures. I have to be the better person and tattle on myself, while taking the pictures Summer had the end of a sucker in her mouth. It was really cute but I was thinking to myself how dangerous that is, and how she should not have the end of the sucker in her mouth. Somehow Summer flinched and jammed the stick into her mouth. I have no clue why or how, but of course it hurt something and she started crying. Luckily there was no blood and Summer would not let me see what she jabbed, but moms - instincts - I knew better and it was almost like I knew it was going to happen. She seemed fine after a few minutes but I felt horrible. No more suckers or sticks, at least not backwards like that, bad mommie! On Tuesday night we have another pumpkin farm thing to go to so I will have more pictures. I hope it warms up a little brrr.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Sick

This has probably been one of the worse weeks in a long time. Monday started off like any other week, got up, went to work, went home. I had ordered a leotard off eBay for Summer and it arrived in the mail on Monday. I tried it on as soon as I got home from work Monday and it was really too small, she could have maybe worn it once or twice. There was also a big box of clothes from MiMi that I couldn't wait to look through. After I took off the leotard I put normal clothes back on Summer and as I was sitting on the couch with her in my lap, for the first time ever, she pukes. She pukes again, again, again, again, about 6 good upchucks all over me, my pants, my shirt. I saw more coming but after the first round hit me I was grounded to the couch, if I had sat up it would have flung everywhere, so I sat and let her get it all out. She didn't look sick before she started puking so I had no warning it was coming. Luckily I am not a squirmy mother, the puke had grapes and smelled like sweet juice. After she finished Cliff handed me some paper towels, I did what I could, then Summer and I went and jumped into the shower. She had a fever the precious week on Thursday and Friday but seemed fine all weekend, so this was a bit of a shock. After the shower I put Summer on the bed on top of a blanket and gave her some water. She downed the water, and about 5 minutes later she puked it all back up. Good thing I had the blanket on the bed. Kris threw the blanket in the washer (the first round of clothes was already in the dryer) and we just sat quietly on the bed. Several thoughts were going through my head, remember the bruise on her head from hitting the bathtub the night before - could this be causing her to be sick? Billy called Kris on Sunday and said he had that really bad contagious staff infection and we just got a box of clothes from his mom, could that be causing her to be sick? During the middle of the night Kris got up and got on the internet, he had taken some pictures of flowers and wondered if Summer might have put one in her mouth, making her sick. None of these things probably made her sick, it was probably just a stomach bug. Cliff went to walgreens and asked the pharmasist for something to help, he gave him some medicine to help with vomiting. I told Kris she didn't need it because at this time she was not vomiting, but he insisted we try it, which resulted in another round of puking. After that she had nothing else to eat or drink, and it was around bed time, so we decided she had better sleep in our room. Oh I forgot to mention Kris was also sick, he was not puking, his was more of a head/body cold, so he was already not feeling well. Now you would think it would be cute to sleep in the same bed as Summer but you are wrong, this girl does not stop moving. She is the squirmiest thing, and for the first few hours into the night I did not sleep. I had to keep her right side up and away from daddy, who didn't feel well and was trying to get some rest himself. Around 2:00 am I decided Summer was well enough to sleep in her crib and took her upstairs. I laid on her floor for 30 minutes to make sure she was going to be ok, then I went downstairs and moved the monitor to my side of the bed so daddy would sleep. It was a quick night, Summer woke up, luckily, fine. Daddy was a little better but still not 100% and mommy was exhausted but went to work. Tuesday - nothing happened. Wednesday seemed like things were better. I ordered pizza on the way home, Kris was pretty much better, and all was well. Around midnight my stomach started hurting. Around 1:00 am Kris got up, and I asked him if his stomach hurt, to which he said "yes" as he crawled to the bathroom. Great, I thought, we have food poisoning! Kris never did throw up, and neither did I until the next morning. When Summer awoke I was dead on the bathroom floor and Kris was still in bed, we were discussing who had enough energy to walk up the stairs to bring Summer down because we figured if the pizza gave us food poisoning then Cliff must be sick too, but he ended up being ok, and he carried Summer down, which meant we did not have food poisoning because he ate the same pizza we did. Did we have what Summer had? We both felt horrible, barely able to move, Cliff went to work and got off early to come and help take care of Summer for us. Summer still seemed fine all this time, even with two sick parents who could barely take care of her. After sleeping several hours on Thursday and all night, Kris and I woke up feeling 75% better on Friday. Cliff and I both went to work and Kris was able to take care of Summer. Oh I finally looked through the box of clothes MiMi got, I did wash them first because I was paranoid, and Summer's Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleader costume arrived, it was too big - so I am back to the drawing board as far as that goes. I tried the leotard on again this morning because we went to dance class, but after about 5 minutes and Summer going from happy to upset itchy baby, we won't get to wear that after all either. Next week MiMi will be here so things have to be better.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost October

This weekend we were really busy. I was in and out of the car 4 times on Saturday, and 2 times on Sunday, and Summer was with me all but one of those times. It is a good thing gas prices are going down (I got it for $3.44 yesterday) because I was a driving fool this weekend. Saturday morning we had dance, it was fun, Summer did fine. Then I went and got Kris and I Panda for lunch (I hate Panda, remind me next time to not eat there, nasty food), then Summer and I went grocery shopping, then Kris, Summer and I went out to eat with the Springston's and the Ross's. We had important business to discuss, the upcoming Haunted House Halloween Party. On Sunday Summer and I went to the Springston's Church and later in the afternoon we met the Springston's at a Halloween store and looked at costumes and everything else they had. Summer was not scared of the scary things in the store but she did look a bit concerned or confused. I think I know what I am going to be, but we will see, it may change.
Last Thursday Summer had a fever, really her first non shot fever. It was only up around 100 and only lasted a day or two. She seemed ok, just a little run down. By the weekend she was back to herself, but too bad daddy seems to have caught it and it isn't being as nice to him, I think this is day 3 or 4 and he still feels bad.
I took another video of Summer yesterday - pointing out her hair, eyes, mouth, nose, feet and hands. I forgot to do where is her teeth, she knows that one too.
I am really skipping around here, last night I went to give Summer a bath, and when I was taking off her pants she was standing up and I slid both legs down, which made her unstable and she slipped, spun around, and hit the side of her head on the side of the bathtub. I felt so bad, and she really cried. I held her in my arms and rocked her back and forth saying I was so sorry, I am so sorry. She was better in a few minutes but she had a nice purple bruise right above her eye. Today it did look better but I still feel bad. I know she still loves me because she gave me several kisses when I left this morning and even cried when I had to go to work, and cried hard. I miss her already, Monday's are always the pits for leaving.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny Sounds

Summer is cute. It seems like people are always telling me how cute she is. I took her to dance class on Saturday and it was and wasn't what I expected, but I want to take her back. The class was not about dancing to fast music, more about following the instructor and doing certain movements and steps, which is probably better for Summer anyway, the whole hand/eye/feet/body coordination. I signed Summer up so we will be at dance classes each Saturday morning. The best part about the class was the interaction with other kids and people. Of course Summer was the youngest student at 14 months, the other two little girls in the class were 2, but I think Summer did as well if not better. Summer didn't really notice the little girls, she was more interested in the instructors daughter who was probably 8 or 9. Summer loves girls. Anyway all the people from the school kept saying how cute she was, the instructor, the instructors daughter, another mother, another little girl. Is she really as cute as I think she is?
On Sunday we went to a park a little further from home, but a park we will definately go to again in the near future. This park was awesome - it has a gravel pit, a small play area, a larger play area, a water area and a duck pond, plus it even had swings and security, what more could you ask for in a park? While we were waiting for some moms to show up this dad and his daughter were walking to their truck to get a drink. We were sitting right by the parking lot and the dad's truck was facing out, so the gate was down and he had a large cooler of something drinkable. Summer walked over to them because of the little girl, who was the same height as Summer so I am guessing a few more months older. The dad asked if Summer could also have a drink, I said "no, that's ok she is fine, plus she can't drink out of a cup yet" but he got her a drink anyway and held it for her. I assumed the liquid in the large yellow cooler was water, but after changing her shirt because she had several glasses full and had spilt a bit over herself, I realized that it might have been some sort of punch or juice. He was Mexican and I know they drink flavored juices or something, which is fine, just funny how Summer immediately levitates to anyone with food or drink. She had a lot of whatever it was in the jug. The entire family eventually walked over to the dad and the small daughter, I bet there was about 5 girls and they were all cute. At least they all had some of the liquid too. The rest of the park was fun, there were 4 moms all together and we walked around, let the kids play, and after 2 hours headed home. Summer skipped her afternoon nap to go to the park, she was really tired when we finished and fell asleep in the car before we got home. She went to bed early too. Around 5:30 this morning we could hear Summer on the monitor whining, having a bad dream. I went upstairs and got her and put her in our bed so I could hold her and tickle her side to help her out of her sad dream, it worked, she slept better after that and woke up around 6:30 like normal. It was nice having her lay on me while we slept another hour, she is so cuddly and soft and warm. I still love her to pieces. During the dance class right when we started I was so happy to be able to do this for her I almost started crying. I am such a baby now!
The good news - I took new video this weekend. Look at my youTube Baby Love and Animal Sounds are the new ones, enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blew me a kiss

Today is Monday again, and like every Monday morning leaving my baby is hard, harder on Monday than any other day. This morning daddy walked Summer to the garage to watch me pull away. I blew Summer a kiss and she kissed her hand back. Several times. It was so precious, but very emotional. It didn't help that an emotional country song was playing on the radio. Summer is such a great loving easy going baby, how could I not hate to leave each day? We had another great weekend, on Saturday we went and visited with Ana and Casey and the four of us went to the park. The girls had fun, the park had a cool tunnel with a lot of static. We took some good pictures. Then Summer and I ran errands, I had to pick up some more books because I am addicted to the Twilight series. The book store is across from Grandpa's job so we stopped in and saw him. Actually we went in so he could show Summer off to everyone there. Summer was giving people "fives" and of course they all thought she is so precious. I almost forgot about our early morning walk, well not real early, around 9:00 am, and actually already too late in the day to be considered cool, but Summer, I, and the dogs walked around the block. You can tell the weather is trying to cool, or that people in Vegas are ready for the weather to cool down because in that short walk around the block we stopped at two garage sales. One had nothing much, the other one was in the back yard and I saw baby clothes. Imagine how fun it was trying to push a baby stroller into the grass with two dogs on the other hand - exactly, not much fun at all, but I spotted a Little Tyke slide that was not for sale. I asked the lady if she wanted to sale it, it didn't look like it was getting used, it was dirty and had spiderwebs on it, and she said to make her an offer. I was at a garage sale, I had no clue how much these climber/slide combos go for, so I said $15. She said she had paid over $100 and she would sell it for $25. I told her I would be back for it. Even thought it was a house right around the corner, this thing was HUGE, it did not fit in the back of my SUV, so I used jumper cables to keep it in the back as best I could and managed to make it around the corner without dropping it. I washed it off and got it all pretty looking, it was definitely worth the $25, Summer will be able to use it for quite a few years. She has mastered the slide already, she knows how to sit and scoot forward and slide, which is so cute, I just love her so much!
Sunday we went shopping, just us girls, we went to Ross, Summer was such a good sport, allowing me three dressing room trips to find some new shirts. Then we went to Wal-Mart for groceries. I also found a pair of shoes and a Halloween outfit for Summer. Not a costume, just a cute orange and black outfit. It was a great weekend together, as usual. The weekends just keep getting better and better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Things

Last night we were fast in bed when Summer started very quietly crying/whining. We could hear it through the monitor and Daddy flew up into a sitting position listening. I said to Kris, "what is a matter" to which he replied, "Summer might be stuck or need her pacifer" or something like that. She ended up whining for a good 5 seconds before falling fast asleep. What a great daddy to be so concerned about his baby, he did check the monitor and she was not stuck through the bars, she was happily somewhere in the middle where she should be.
Last week was difficult, I went to Hawaii for three days. When I returned home on Friday night around midnight, I found Summer and Daddy fast asleep. I missed my baby, so I kept her in our bed. She normally sleeps facing the same way we are, but sometime during the night she manages to wiggle herself sideways. I am glad we have a king size bed, but being head butted in the side made for a sleepless night. Summer woke up around 6:30 like normal, and I was a zombie the rest of the day. We had a grown up play date with some friends. This was the first time we had ventured to their house, and we quickly discovered the house to be very unbaby safe, there was glass and breakable things everywhere. Luckily I was exhausted so we stayed about 2 hours and went home. On Sunday I felt much better.
Grandpa has quit smoking again. He struggles with it over and over and because of Summer really wants to quit the habit. Since he is not smoking he has to find projects to keep him busy and occupy his mind. His bad habit now it shopping, which I find hilarious. We went shopping on Sunday and he bought Summer a bouncy princess castle house. On Monday he went shopping and bought Summer her first ride-able car, it goes a whole 2 mpg! I was thinking today about the need for a helmet hmmm. The car has a push button on the handle that makes it go forward. Summer is use to pushing buttons and letting go, and she was able to push the button, jump forward, stop, push the button, jump forward, stop, it was really cute. I guess she is doing better today, Kris said she made it all the way across the floor, so it is only a matter of time before she is riding like a pro!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Widow

This morning Summer and daddy were in the back yard. It was unusually cooler than normal, a cold front had arrived the day before and the air was nice and tolerable compared to the scorching heat we are ready to have end. Summer wandered the yard, went near the house and pointed to the wall. Daddy looked and discovered a big fat black widow hanging out in her web. She must have only recently moved in because we have a monthly bug guy - Jeff. Daddy took pictures and had to rid this creature, and while I am normally against killing spiders because spiders eat bugs, it was best that it end this way. Funny how things change once you have a kid.
We had a nice three day Labor day weekend, we spent a lot of time at our friends house, Summer played, swam, ate some chips, discovered gold fish crackers, and Summer said mom. Sure she talks but this is the first word that she said with a last letter - normally she only says ma, da, ba, etc, but she actually pronounced the m on the end - mom! Only a matter of time now before she starts forming real sentences!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The little things

You know you love being a mom when you are happy all day because you took your daughter to the park last night and she had a blast. I took Summer to the park near our house, it is a small park, not a lot there, two play areas - one for small kids and one for bigger kids, and it also has a water area that includes 3 animals that shoot water out when you hit the switch. We didn't go until almost 7 because it is still so hot, and we only stayed 30 minutes, but that means I got to see 30 whole minutes of a smiling happy Summer. She first saw a dog, there was a large dog walking around. The owner was a nice older man, a grandma, who had brought his grandson to the park. His grandson was just a few days older than Summer, and the dog was a friendly large dog. Summer kept walking by the dog just looking at it. Then Summer spotted the water area and was watching the other kids play before she decided to get a little wet herself, the whole time smiling. After she was half wet - with no clothes to change into - we went to the play area for the smaller children and Summer discovered how fun a slide can be. I helped her slide down the slide several times, and since she was wet she didn't slide very well, but she had so much fun and kept smiling. I plan on taking her back tonight and hopefully do things in a different order, getting wet will be last because she will be able to slide better, and maybe we can stay a little longer!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Things

Summer can talk - sure if you don't know what she is trying to say you can't understand her but she is definitely mimicking sounds and repeating words, at least the first few letters in the word. Last night I was trying to read her a book and she wanted it, and I said no, say please first before I give it to you, and she said ple. YAY she is talking and learning manners all rolled into one. Her new thing this past week is stamp your feet, you know the song "If you are happy and you know it stamp your feet" well she goes around stamping one foot, it does not look pretty, in fact it looks like she has problems walking, but we know what she is doing and she really enjoys doing it. She also likes clothes and trying to get herself dressed, she will open her dresser and pull out all of the clothes, sit in the middle of the pile of clothes and try to put them all on over her head. This can occupy her for a good 20 minutes and is really cute to watch. We had a great weekend - if you can believe her and I can both fit in her pool - we did, and she had fun sitting there with me, splashing, dumping water on her head, putting her face in the water, and we also played in the water hose. I took her for a walk and we ended up around the side of the house in the rocks, she happily sat herself down and loved picking up handfuls of rocks, putting them in my hands, knocking them out of my hands, over and over. She put one in her mouth but spit it out on her own. She is still so much fun and always brightens my day, when I get her in the mornings she is usually just laying there and when she hears the gate and sees me she gets the biggest smile on her face and sits up and lets me pick her up and take her downstairs. I still love being a mom.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recovering is hard

We had a great vacation, it was just long enough to relax and see everyone, and long enough to miss being home. I somehow even managed to read a book while there, so I feel like it was a real vacation. Summer was perfect, she had one cranky morning but I think it could have been itchy gum's, last night I felt her upper left molar with the right quickly following. Considering how cranky some babies get when teething I am truly a lucky mom because Summer has not been overly cranky, no fever, no rash, it could have been a lot worse. Anyway we had a fun time in Oklahoma, we ate out almost everyday, Summer had a lot of new foods and she did fine, we had several long car rides and Summer would always fall asleep, even without the pacifier. She slept long at night next to me in the pack and play and woke up each morning around 8:30 (which is 6:30 our time) so she stayed on schedule. She had so much fun playing at Frannies house, there was so many things to see and touch. She also had fun playing with her cousins, not so much Alex because they are still too little to interact but Jordyn loved playing with Summer, giving her hugs, brushing her hair, and Summer loved the attention. Summer was fun to be around, the only things she got into were some fake flowers Frannie had, she kept pulling them off, and the dogs water, which she managed to get and spill to morning before we left. She liked all the dogs, and one day stole a dog bone and had it in her mouth, we gave it back to the dog. She had fun with Grandma, one night there was a bad storm and her and Grandma stood on the front porch and watched the rain and lightning and listened to the thunder. I say bad storm because we were watching the weather and the tornado sirens went off. Apparently they went off because of high winds and not because a tornado but I was still crapping in my pants and took Summer into the hall near the bathroom. We went to Chickasha on Friday to meet two other moms from our online group and their children and took pictures. On Thursday we went to Wichita Falls and had lunch with Bobka. Saturday night was the reception for Charlie and Kali, and Summer was memorized when the music started to play and the disco lights came on. She almost started to dance but the other little girl that was out there dancing caught her attention and she preferred to watch. We ended up getting on 4 planes, 2 there and 2 back, and I could not be happier, she slept for most of the flights. On one plane she pooped as soon as we got on and everyone else was on and seated but I was able to take her back and quickly change her on the floor between the restrooms. The flight attendant said there was a changing area in the restroom but there was so much more room on the floor! On Sunday we returned and Daddy couldn't believe how much she had grown up, and Grampa was so happy to see her. Daddy gave her a bath and then took her into her room and she was so happy to see all of her toys that she took everything out and ran around. It was a great trip, we are back and all the laundry is done, things are back to normal and I have no more trips planned.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Excited on Monday

Another great weekend leaves me at Monday, and usually Monday is not where I like to be, but today my mom arrives at 1:30 on a plane that came from Idaho, and while I should be concentrating on wrapping things up at work, I am so excited because tomorrow we are flying to Lawton Oklahoma! That was a really long sentence wasn't it ... Anyway my mom will arrive later today, I will pick her up and we will head home - play with Summer, make dinner and eventually pack. Traveling with Summer has gotten so much easier now that she is older. Now that she can walk, now that she can eat solid food, now that she can drink milk, now that she can enjoy traveling, I am enjoying it too. Which reminds me I need to call the airline and tell them I have a lap child - as soon as I am done I will do that.
We had a great weekend, on Saturday we had a play date with two other little girls, Ana and Chloe and of course their moms were there too Casey and Jessica. They arrived around 8:00 am and stayed until about 11:30 am, which meant Summer missed her morning nap but was a trooper. She did not whine or get fussy but I could tell she was really sleepy. I kept her up since it was so close to lunch and after we ate we went into the room for a nap. As soon as her head hit my pillow, and after about 10 to 15 rolls and flops, she was out, and I was soon after. Upon waking sometime later I discovered it was already 3:00 pm, she had slept at least 2 1/2 hours, well and me too :o) I guess playing with the girls wore her out, but she had a lot of fun and did great. At one point Chloe had pushed her and she slowly fell over onto her back. I think she was a little surprised, or she was use to our dogs pushing her over, so she just laid there, waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened so she got up and proceeded to playing. We also got in the pool on Saturday, well in and out. Later that afternoon we went back in the pool and she stayed in a bit longer. On Sunday we played on the blanket in the water hose, and did I mention she only had 1 nap on Sunday too? She took a morning nap and probably needed the afternoon nap but never fell asleep so we managed to keep her up until 8:00 pm, and she slept happily all night until 6:00 am this morning.
I jumped around a bit, but in summary, we had a great weekend even with only 1 nap each day, we had fun on our play date with the girls, we had a great night last night, and today we are excited about Grandma coming from Idaho. Summer is excited she just doesn't know it yet. Tomorrow we fly to Oklahoma, this will be flight # ... I have to count them real quick, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Colorado, Oklahoma - ok this will be 6, throw a 7 in there for me to Hawaii, wow in 1 year this little girl has been on 6 trips. I guess we need to get them all in before she turns 2, then it will start costing me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

as I type

Right now Summer is in her crib, because she wanted to be, we just went swimming and I guess she is tired. She is really cute, we were in her room playing and she went up to her crib and tried to climb in. It is really hot out and I bet we played in the pool for over 30 minutes, plus she had a popsicle, so she had an exciting afternoon. Of course I still hear her so I am not sure if she will fall asleep or if she just wanted some down time, regardless she is such a cutie pie still! Yesterday morning we went to the Shark Reef exhibit with other mommies from the site and had a blast. Summer actually acknowledged the fish, which was more than I expected. However she was not really interested in looking at fish, but she did have fun walking and looking around. Oh before we went I had her in the bathroom sink trying to fix her hair, and you know how it is possible to pull a little bit of hair, oh sorry had to go get Summer, I guess her down time is done, anyway I must have pulled some of her hair while I was trying to get it into a rubber band and she got mad, reached up, pulled the hair tie out of her hair, grabbed my hand and proceeded to bite me really hard. I thought it was funny, I didn't get mad because I figure I hurt her, she wanted to hurt me back. Yesterday she also got mad at daddy because he would not let her get the dogs water or food, and she proceeded to bite him as well because he told her no, so apparently biting is a form of letting us know she is mad, which is not a good way to show it, something I see we will - great I just looked back and apparently Summer can climb onto the futon!!! When the heck did she learn how to do that haha. I guess I better stop this and go watch this monkey before she learns something else!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to Colorado

Our trip to Colorado was no less an adventure, an adventure full of Tylenol, stress and exhaustion. The best part of the trip, besides seeing family, was the fact that Summer did wonderful on the entire trip. As stressed as mom and dad were, it didn't change the happy little baby traveling with us. It all started Friday morning when I decided we could leave late because we were flying out of terminal 2, which is a smaller easier terminal to maneuver through. After parking and walking in the 100+ temperature into the terminal, we quickly learned that we needed to be at terminal 1! Walking back to the car in the hot blazing sun, missing the entrance to the long term parking twice, to finally get in the parking garage and spend 10 minutes finding a parking spot, did nothing to help the stress of having less than the required 2 hours they recommend, and for good reason when departing out of terminal 1! We park, get on the elevator carrying all of our bags, get off on the wrong floor, get back on the elevator, walk into the airport, get into an elevator only to get off on the floor we were just on, walk clear across the entire airport, carrying our now very heavy bags, get to the ticketing area to see an extremely long line. Panic sets in, are we going to make it through this line and through security in time, prompts us to get into the "we are not checking any bags" line, even though we are carrying a suitcase, camera case, diaper bag, car seat and purse. Luckily we still end up checking the car seat and the suitcase, and no one in the long line snickered at the sneakiness of cutting and checking bags. We get to the security check point, which goes quickly considering the long line, and ride the tram to our terminal and find our gate without incident. It is 10 till noon, and our plane departs at 12:30, and we planned on eating lunch. I leave Kris and Summer at the gate and run to find food. The first place I come is a burger place, I stand in the long time, order after being told it will take about 15-20 minutes for the food, which should be done by 12:10 - still plenty of time right? As the food is taking forever I run back to the gate twice to make sure they are still waiting, and as I am about to just leave without the food it finally comes, 12:15, I run again to the gate for the third time, and everyone is almost boarded, we are one of the lasts people to board, and normally with a child we are first. We take our seats at the very back of the plane and Summer takes a nap, and sleeps for the entire flight.

We are soaked in sweat but dry on the plane. We manage to eat the $40 worth of burgers and fries - yes it was very expensive, airport food I guess. We land in Colorado with no more problems, and find our bags quickly and get a nice Saturn Aura from the rental car place. We have to hike a mile to get to the car, and we are not use to the high altitude, breathing becomes challenging, and the stress from the morning is slowly fading.

As we are driving from Colorado Springs to Walsenburg the temperature outside is 85, but quickly starts to drop as it begins to rain. Rain, rain and more rain, but we like the rain, we don't see the rain in Las Vegas, and the new 63 degree termperature is a nice change from the 100+ Las Vegas weather.

We make it to the hotel, it is about 6:00 pm, it has been a long day, but we managed a lot of laughs and released the stress and prepared ourselves for the reunion the following day.

We did not sleep well at all, having Summer sleep in between us tossing and turning all night was new, but we wake up anyway an hour earlier than normal because of the time change and begin preparation for the new day.

Saturday is eventful, we walk around, take a lot of great scenic photos of Summer, Summer and Mommy, Summer and Daddy, Summer and Chloe, Summer and a tree, Summer and a rock, Summer and a different tree, some of the relatives, and we eat a great potluck out at the lake with family. The day started out scorching hot, no breeze, but by the afternoon the clouds grace us with their presence and we start feeling energized, or the Tylenol helped.

We decide to go to the swimming area at the lake, which is a cars ride away, and even though it is overcast and cloudy, Summer enjoys walking along the bank, sitting in the cold freezing water, and running her fingers through the wet sand. She tasted it once, no icky, twice, no icky, and luckily twice was enough.

Back to the hotel to recover, wash up, change, and go into town to find a restaurant. I felt like being adventurous, I wanted to find something yummy, something like Diners, Drives and Dives, something new! The town of Walsenburg is ... small. We were lucky to even find a restaurant, it was Mexican food, it was good, but not exactly some place to commit to my memory for later. That night we slept a LOT better, maybe it was the exhaustion or the fact the Summer managed to toss 50% less than the previous night.

Sunday, our plane leaves from Colorado Springs at 4:00, we decide to leave the hotel around 10:00 and head to Colorado Springs. Our intentions are clear, we want to eat a yummy lunch at the Black Eyed Pea, we remember the chicken fried chicken, the rolls, the mashed potatoes, the okra, and the peach cobbler from 7 years ago when we lived in town. We drive back and Summer slept, perfect nap time, find the Black Eyed Pea, eat, everything was like we remember and they even had the peach cobbler. Summer was in a good mood, she had her milk and green beans, she even colored a bit. After lunch we have an hour to kill, we decide to head to the mall, more walking, it is still hot out, we can't wait to get home. The mall was fun, there was a play area and Summer really didn't want to play, she doesn't like other kids yet, they intimidate her, or being away from mommy and daddy does.

Colorado Springs airport is a breeze, we check the car in, get tickets, through security, to our gate and wait. While waiting a see a new purse, half off, only $10, very cute, had to get it. We board on time, no food this time, hour and a half flight Summer sleeps through most of it.

This little girl has had a busy couple of days, but amazes us at how well she has done, she is wonderful. We land and it is 5:00 pm, we get our bags, find the car, find our way to taco bell, get home by 6:00, eat and are both asleep by 8:30.

Thanks for reading, a LOT of photos on my flickr:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What to pack

We are leaving for our family reunion tomorrow. We will fly to Colorado Springs then drive 2-3 hours south to the lake/motel. Kris thinks we can do it with a carry-on since we will return on Sunday. Is this possible ...........

I will carry on the diaper bag - it will have diapers, sippy cups, snacks, clothes, wipes, the usual stuff. I will also carry my purse. I will put Summer in the small stroller, I don't think we need to large stroller for this trip.

I told Kris if he wanted to carry on all of our stuff in one bag, he could, because I am not carrying Summer, a stroller, diaper bag and purse AND THEN another bag. I have no problems checking bags.

This means we have to fit everything for all 3 of us in 1 suitcase that can be carried on. My clothes for 3 days (1 or 2 whatever) his clothes, and the stuff for Summer that doesn't fit in the diaper bag, food, blanket, toys ...

I guess it is possible, but what a pain, and I already paid for the bag.

Of course we can stop and buy stuff along the way, but I didn't want to have to do that if I didn't have to, for example, how many sippy cups should I take? She usually has milk 2-3 times a day, and then water, so maybe 3 sippy cups? If we find a straw and a milk carton she can drink the milk that way. And what about spare food in case we eat somewhere where she can't really eat. And what if it is cold and we need warmer clothes, we are going to be out at a lake most of the day on Saturday, which reminds me I need to get some bug spray ... and sunscreen, and what about shoes, she isn't great at wearing shoes, but she will need to keep shoes on her feet because we will mostly be outside I think, and if she gets tired I need a blanket to put her on.

Oh I am so excited, this is going to be a fun trip!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cranky Baby

Summer has been super cranky for the past 2 days. I think she is teething, she wakes up whining ... and whines and whines and whines. She has been sticking her hand in the back of her mouth and gagging herself for about a week, so maybe she is getting some teeth further in the back. I don't see or feel anything but I guess they could be growing through the gums. We had a great weekend, we went over Casey & Ana's house for swimming, both girls did great and didn't get burnt. On Sunday we stayed home and just hung out. I was getting a little bored but I managed, and Summer seemed to have a good day. Last night we had a play date at McDonalds. We ended up staying for about 2 hours, there were several other kids, 4 babies around Summer's age. Summer is not going to be the outgoing kid, she is shyer and prefers quiet to loud and obnoxious which is a good thing. She and another little boy took to the quieter areas of the play area and preferred that to the loud kids and the areas they were. Tonight I have no plans, hang out at the house, maybe go outside and play in the sprinklers and eat a popsicle, we haven't done that in a few days. This weekend we are going to a family reunion in Colorado, so this should be very interesting. Now that Summer is walking I have to decide if she should wear shoes. We will probably be outside most of the time, at a lake, and Summer loves to walk, and eat dirt and rocks. This may be a very busy weekend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is the video we took at Denny's. It was really cute because Summer was being rather loud, in a good baby kinda way, and we were telling her shhhh and she started going shhhhhh well it actually sounded more like swllllllll or something, but it worked, she was much quieter, so we didn't bother the other 2 or 3 customers in the place.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Summer!

Birthdays are suppose to be happy, and Summer had a great birthday, but why was (and am) I so depressed! Who knew having your baby turn 1 could be so hard on a mom! The party was on Saturday at 1:00, Summer had a blast, she liked all the people, she loved the cake and made a wonderful mess, she sorta liked the gifts, she liked seeing Ana again, her little friend, and she liked the nap afterward. For me this party meant my baby is no longer a baby, and I have been so sad. On Saturday night I was really depressed so Kris took Summer upstairs to play and put her to bed and I went to bed myself around 8:30. I wish I could control my emotions better, I was pretty mean to Kris, and all I really wanted was time to sleep and forget I had just lost my baby to a birthday. I apologized later to Kris for being such a bitch, maybe it was PMS, how about I just blame it on that! On Sunday we went to the mall to get professional photos, and would you believe I didn't like any of them, well not enough to pay the outrageous prices holy cow! I take so many pictures I am very picky now, but I did end up buying a collage of 12 pictures of her eating cake, it will be a nice memory but what a waste of a Sunday afternoon. Last night we went to Denny's for dinner, Summer was such a cutie as always, we bought her the little rocket cup with a straw and put milk in it, she does so good with the straw and the cup was cute. I ordered her the chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and fruit, all she really ate was the fruit and 3 of my french fries, I guess she isn't into fried foods yet which is a good thing. I got her on video making shhhhhhh noises, she kept getting loud and we would go shhhh and she would do it back, it was really cute and it did get her to be quiet, not that anyone in the Denny's actually cared, she wasn't probably as loud as we thought she was. This morning was another exciting stressful moment, Summer had her 1 year checkup, she passed with flying colors, she is healthy and doing everything she should be plus some. She weighs a nice 23.12 pounds, I had her at 24 on the home scale - very close indeed, and she is 31 1/4 inches long, longer than I measured her at home. Her head is 46 1/2 centimeters. She is in the 85% for her head, about 85% for her weight and off the charts for her height. I didn't realize she was so tall, I wonder where she gets that from? Then we had to get shots, 3 icky shots, we are delaying the MMR, and the doctor asked why, I said because we want to wait a year, she said ok ... no arguments from her which kinda surprised me. No MMR still meant three pokes in the meaty thighs. First poke - right leg, no reaction, second poke - left leg, upsetting death cry, third poke - left leg, was probably covered by the second upsetting death cry poke. She bounced back quickly, better than I expected, but only to be taken over to the lab to draw blood. Sitting on daddy's lap, two techs holding her arm and trying to find little veins, pushing in the needle, having to search and dig for the vein, uh I shutter recalling the horrid event, but they were as quick as they cool be, they got the blood they needed to test her iron levels and she cried another sad upsetting death cry, but she again recovered quickly and we left the hospital as fast as we possibly could, 2 parents scarred for life, one little girl still in shock and sobbing every other breath. She fell asleep as soon as she fell into the car seat and still quietly sobbed between breaths while sleeping. I also asked the doctor about vitamins because someone had mentioned them and they said nah, she should be getting everything she needs from the food, unless her iron is low she will get drops. We go back in 6 months so that means we have 6 months to recover from the horrible experience today. If you want to see some pictures, flickr, lots of pictures on flickr! I will try to upload the Denny's video tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Another fun weekend

We had another great weekend, actually it was a 3 day weekend. Thursday night Grampa bought some fireworks and we popped them in the driveway, he worked on Friday night and didn't want to miss anything so we had double the fun this fourth of July. On Friday we went to the Springston's house around 4:00, had some hamburgers on the grill, went swimming in the pool, watched the Bee movie, and then popped more fireworks in the driveway. Summer enjoyed the fireworks as best she could considering she was really tired. She never got scared, she just kept watching intently. A few times she put her head on daddy's shoulder when some fireworks would scream, but I think it was because she was more tired than anything else. Summer is also still walking, every day I come home and she amazes me when she walks. I really thought it was just a one time thing, but she continues to walk her little fat legs all over the place. This is a short video of Summer and her new book. She does great turning the pages on her own but wasn't much in the mood during this video.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We have lift off ....

Yesterday was a great day, I went to work and came home to my happy smiling baby who is always glad to see me. We ate dinner, crock pot stew, Summer had a little bit of everything, the green beans, carrots, potato, roast, and even some of the onion. She is not a picky eater, I am so lucky. Then we played and for the heck of it I painted her toenails pink. Afterward we went upstairs to play and Summer decided she was ready to start walking - YES she is walking! She kept walking around in her room, then in the loft, then everywhere, and she is still walking today. She has the CUTEST walk ever, she is such a great fun baby, I love her to pieces. I am on cloud 9 today, all I can do it think about going home and watching Summer walk around the house. I uploaded a video to flickr so here is the link Remember I was really excited, and I was using my excited voice :o)

Monday, June 30, 2008

always exciting!

Yesterday I was giving Summer a bath and she farted. If you have young children who are still in diapers, you know that a fart can sometimes be followed by something more. Summer has only pooped in her tub twice, once in her water and once on the side - I was quick second time and scooper her over the side! After she farted I scooped her out of the tub and sat her on the toilet. She was so cute sitting there naked and wet wondering what was going on. I had the towel around her and kept saying poopoos (that's how I say it) and I was making grunting faces. She was more interested in the toilet paper so I had to take it off and move it away. After about a minute or two my legs had gone completely numb from sitting on the bathroom floor. I called Kris to come look, she had not pooped but she was so cute sitting on our toilet. I was about to get up and I heard a plop - she pooped in the toilet! Another plop - another poopoos! Of course I do not consider this potty training but it was still nice to save the bath water and a diaper, and we were done with the bath anyway. If you saw that episode of Jon and Kate - Kate took pictures of the first poops - very gross, but I thought about it, but it's not like this was a real poop hehe.
This past week we accomplished a lot. On Wednesday and Thursday Summer woke up early - between 4 and 5, and I decided it was time to move her upstairs into her own room, so on Thursday Cliff and Kris took her crib apart and moved her upstairs. Friday morning she slept like a champ, all night waking only around 5:30 but going right back to sleep, and she has continued to sleep all night. She normally wakes up between 5 and 6 and if I am in the mood I will walk upstairs, grab her, put her in our bed where she will go back to sleep for an hour. I don't mind having her sleep with us in the morning, I think it is really cute and she is such a wiggle worm. I think when the sun comes up, she wakes up, and that is just how she is. Oh I also cut her off another bottle, so we are just down to 1 bedtime bottle now. She use to have a bottle in the morning but when I moved her crib I stopped the morning bottle. She now gets up with me gets dressed, we brush her teeth and hair, then she comes into the kitchen for a sippy cup and some Wiggles. I am so lucky to have such a great baby, she is still awesome!
We had a busy weekend on Saturday Summer and I headed to the mall for some lunch and play time. Summer enjoyed Japanese teriyaki chicken and rice and California rolls with me. She liked the play area but I can tell she is a little shy, she was attached at the leg for most of the time, but she was smiling and having a good time. Then we headed to the Lied Children's Musuem where we spent 2 hours playing with everything. This is my favorite picture from our adventure, she loved this thing. She was tired but had a lot of fun playing and walking around. No she is still not walking alone, but she walks great holding on for dear life to one finger. I gave her a cloth strap to hold as I walked her around the house and she will even walk everywhere holding onto that but if I let go she knows and will not walk. Once she sees something and knows it is easier to walk to get it she is going to take off, but I am not pushing her because I am not sure if I am really ready or not. Another picture from the museum is the princess dress - they have an area where you can dress up and a stage for kids to perform shows and I put Summer in this dress and she loved all the bright colorful fabric, she was so cute. She had such a good time on Saturday hanging out with me and all the people and kids, and took a 2 hour nap when we got home. On Sunday we hung out, played in the sprinkler, had a popsicle and relaxed. This weekend is the 4th, I had Cliff find the flag so we can take some photos. I might run by the dollar store on the way home to check out the props. Always something fun to do!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oops where did I go

I forgot to post this weekend sorry. I actually thought to myself I would do it on Monday then I got busy so this is a bit late, but just in time!
A lot happened last week so I hope I can remember everything .... nope I forgot, oh well I will try and see what I remember.
Summer can wear pigtails now. I didn't think it was possible, how could this child be any cuter? Well she can and is, such a little cutie, look at those pigtails! She sits so good when I do her hair too, all calm in the bathroom sink, sucking on her toothbrush as I wet and pull away at that hair. I am so lucky.
On Saturday Summer and I went over Casey and Ana's house for a play day, Summer did great, she actually warmed right up to the caged in gate with all of the toys and went to town touching this and eating this. I never got a good picture but we had fun, we spent about three hours hanging out then we came home and Summer enjoyed a 2 hour nap.
Summer got two birthday gifts this week from friends on cafemom, a new dress, which is super cute, I put her in it and took some pictures, but realistically dresses are not practical at this point, they will be once she gets to walking but she can not crawl with a dress on, it gets caught under her legs and becomes ugly. Which is actually ok because she is loving to walk, holding onto a finger that is. If you hold out a finger, she will grab it and pull herself up and guide you around the house. I think she is still developing her balance but she does really good, as soon as she gets up the courage she will be ready to cruise around on her own. I don't see it happening real soon, which is fine, I love holding her little hand, she has the best softest little hands!
So another gift she got was a baby doll, and can you believe she didn't already have one?!? I never even thought about it, she has some stuffed animals but no baby looking ones. This doll says "I love you" and makes kissing noises, and Summer is no stranger to kissing as seen in this photo. At first we kept grabbing the doll and hugging it thinking she was getting jealous but she never got jealous, she just thought it was funny and kept kissing her new baby. She likes it, not any better than anything else, but enough to be a really good gift.
Earlier in the week I took several pictures of the afternoon to montage a typical afternoon, it turned into not so typical when she had her first popsicle, then she had to have an early bath, but it was still cute. Since that popsicle she had another and just like that she learned to hold the thing by the stick so as not to get the hand cold, and she nearly ate the whole thing, I ended up taking it when she started to jab the stick all the way down her throat to get the stuff at the bottom. H

I call this: One Summer Afternoon:

I come home, start dinner, take Summer into the room to play a bit before we eat. I go into the bathroom to change clothes and snap this shot:

I cannot believe how long her bangs are and how cute her little face is!

She plays next to my dresser for a while.

She has fun playing, actually I had to clean off the nightstand, you can imagine why.

Then we eat, nothing exciting, and afterwards we have a popsicle.

There are several pictures on flickr but that was the first picture, she liked it but it was cold.

This is a face of love :o)

A dole 100% fruit juice popsicle, yum, they are good.

So as you can imagine, a popsicle creates a lot of red sticky stuff that requires an immediate bath.

This bath was a fun bath, and a happy bath, no clue why, some baths are just happier than others. They are always good but just not usually this good.

Then of course we get out and dry off, which is just as fun as the bath for some reason.

She even lets me dry her hair and has fun with it - look at all that hair on that head!

Next she headed into the closet to see where I went (I went to get her clothes of course) while wearing her towel.

After the bath, onto the bed for diaper, lotion and jammies.

I love those jammies.

It was still early so we went into the room to play for a little bit.

Still in a very happy mood as you can see.

Almost 8 pm and someone is very unhappy now and wants a bottle.

But what a cute unhappy face!

Few minutes later:

So sweet!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

11 months +++

Friday, June 13th
24 pounds, 30 inches
crawls fast and all over the place
stands unassisted for long periods
walks holding a finger on one hand
eats 3 meals a day
loves all solids
gets mad when we eat and don't feed her
down to 2 bottles a day (8 oz each) morning/night
formula in sippy cup for lunch (4 oz)
claps all the time
kisses and hugs
loves books and pointing to things on pages
can use a sippy cup very well
takes 2 naps a day (morning/afternoon)
up at 630 in the morning
down between 8 and 9 each night
only has pacifier for sleep/naps and car rides if needed
waves bye bye
motions come here
average 2 poopie diapers a day
tries to mimic daddy's funny sounds (clicks and squeaks)
says ma, da, bye, bah (bottle), doe, other random sounds
points at things (the moon, the washer, the dogs)
makes a cute snooty face (scrunches nose and sniffs hard)
loves young kids (3,4,5 ages)
has been on an airplane 4 times! (oklahoma, texas, idaho)
does not sleep all night most nights (but goes right back to sleep)
likes to rub bunny ears on her face when napping
starting to watch tv, disney channel, catches the eye now, especially singing
has a lot more hair, can do rubber bands and clips
has blue/gray/green/brown eyes, very neat color
when mad, stretches out and back
plays pick-a-boo with a yellow frisby

Monday, June 9, 2008

clap clap clap

First I want to make sure everyone voted for Summer in the Parent's model search, if not you can still vote
Now onto the good stuff, we had a very busy but great weekend. On Saturday morning Summer had a new friend come over, Chloe. Chloe is 3 months older than Summer, but that doesn't mean she is smaller, Summer is my little chunky monkey! The girls played together, they did fine, they shared toys, then we let them get into the pool and they had fun. At this age they really aren't playing with each other much, but I enjoy seeing Summer reaction to someone else in her room, and she is nice and pleasant so far. Here is a picture of the girls playing together on the activity table, they did so good together. After Chloe and Jessica (the mom) left, Summer immediately took a nap, I guess she had an exciting and fun packed morning. Later that afternoon we went over the Springston's house for some BBQ and a game night. Summer did so good at their house, for the first time she actually wandered off on her own, she chased (crawled) Becca around the rooms, she played with the remotes, she actually left my and daddy's sides, it was nice, and of course she was so tired she fell asleep on their couch, even though we were yelling and making all kinds of noise, she managed to sleep through it too.
On Sunday I stayed home - gas is getting outrageous, I wanted to go back to the mall and let Summer play in the kid area but it wasn't worth the traffic or the trip so we stayed home and hung around the house and played.
Summer has started to clap, all the time. She figured it out on her own, we never really clapped much, mostly she figured it out listening to music, isn't it amazing how music effects how we feel? All weekend she kept clapping. She does this thing where she claps her hands then she puts both hands on her legs and repeats. She also kisses ALL THE TIME now, it is so cute, come give me a kissy results in her crawling over, opening her mouth and sometimes sticking out her tongue, to give you a kiss, but it is still so cute! She is such a big girl, both days this weekend Summer had grilled cheese for lunch, small pieces, and fresh fruit. I bought the low sugar jelly and non bad oil peanut butter for this week, and got her some more yogurt and some fresh strawberries and bananas. She is still only on two bottles a day now, when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep, and she has some formula at lunch in the sippy cup, but she really prefers the food, which I guess is a good thing, my baby is getting so big. No more walking, I can tell she needs more time, once she gets up the courage she is going to take off because she has the balance down fine, or once she gets tired of crawling on the floor. It will be nice to get rid of the walker, and at the same time it is going to suck having to watch her downstairs, we will have to install the safety locks real soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

No, Poop, Stand & Wave

For some reason when I say NO in a really deep serious voice, Summer laughs. She thinks it is SO funny when I tell her NO. I don't tell her NO very often, usually I just move her to a not NO area, but on Saturday I captured the little monkey laughing at me as I tried to be very stern and tell her NO. She is so cute, she has a great laugh. On Saturday we hung out at the house, we had a BBQ both Friday night and Saturday afternoon and Summer had some fresh fruit and veggies. On Saturday and Sunday I did not give Summer an afternoon bottle, I put her formula in a sippy cup and gave it to her during lunch. She must like the food better because she did not mind that she missed a bottle, and while she was happily drinking the formula, she still wanted the food more, so she is almost ready to cut back. She does a decent job using the sippy cup too, half the time she remembers she has to tip it up and the other half I will help her. It is nice only having two bottles each day on the weekend, I told Kris to continue and start giving her the sippy cup with formula for lunches and hopefully he can create some healthy lunches to feed her.
I bought some toothpaste on Saturday, special toothpaste that taste sweet and she can swallow. She really doesn't mind having her teeth brushed, she doesn't mind the bottom as much as the top. I have started brushing her teeth each morning when I get ready. Speaking of teeth, she still only has 7, but she has been fussy and chewing on her hand, so something must be growing inside that mouth and causing a little bit of pain.
On Saturday we tried to play in the sprinkler in the front yard, at one point she was just standing unsupported in the grass, but she fell and rubbed her face on the grass. She did not fall hard, she didn't even cry, but she ended up getting a red face because of the grass. I guess the little grass blades can cut, when I looked at her face later I thought she had a rash and was recalling the food she had all day. Kris said it was a normal reaction to the grass and it went away within a few hours shew, it looks so bad, like she had got beaten up.
Summer is continuing to balance herself and stand unsupported for long amounts of time. Most of the time she doesn't realize it, she will just stand there, playing with a toy or looking around. She falls nicely onto her padded butt and gets herself right back up. I really think she will be walking within the next couple of weeks, as soon as she realizes she can do it - she is going to take off.
On Sunday I went to k-mart to get Summer a pool, since the sprinkler wasn't a big hit, I thought we would try the pool next. I also had to get her a swim suit and they had some outfits on sale so I had to get those. I also bought her some new shoes, she doesn't like them but they look SO CUTE on her little feet! It was hot enough to swim on Sunday so we blew up the pool and I put her little swimsuit on and she was adorable. At first she wasn't thrilled to be in the pool but she didn't cry and we kept putting her in the middle and got her some bath toys and she stayed in for a good 20 minutes. I can't wait to get her in a big pool and see how she does, I really think she will like swimming around.
I took this video on Saturday, it is a little dark, but it shows her laughing at my NO, making a poopy face (yes, she did in fact poop), standing unsupported for a while and then waving goodbye.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday through Friday

Monday we flew back from Idaho. Summer did great on the flight back, played for the first half, she wasn't happy at the lack of room she had to play, but didn't fuss very bad, and she slept for the second half of the flight. It was a short flight (one hour and 20 minutes). We landed and went over a friends house for BBQ and movies. Summer was a little cranky (as expected). She had some guacamole and had her evening formula in her sippy cup.
Tuesday was a normal day ... we played a lot. We went for a walk and Summer laughed like crazy at mommy doing dance dance revolution. Summer loves that game, I need to get it on video, she puts her hands up and moves them around and makes noises like she is singing. She laughs like crazy when she watches my feet move. I held her for two songs, and she loved when I had to jump on two sides. I bought her two new books, one of them was 8 Crazy Monkeys, and she sat in my lap while I read it and smiled so big when I got to the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" part. I read it in a higher voice and poked her while I was saying it.
Wednesday Summer was extra clingy, pretty sure she was teething. She wanted to be held but as soon as I would hold her she wanted down. She woke up several times during the night too (like 6-7) and we blamed it on teeth.
Thursday Summer was still clingy and biting everything, must be getting tooth #8. We went to a company BBQ and had fun, Summer was happy, played with a little girl at the party, actually tried to give her a kiss - which consists of a wide open mouth and tongue, but the little girl did not kiss her back. At the BBQ Summer ate strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, hummus, cantaloupe, pineapple, lost of yummy fruit. After we got home we went to play in her room and during playtime I noticed she had stacked 2 blocks (one on top of the other) ... that was new but maybe it was an accident, and she was trying to put the ball into the mouth of one of her toys, that was new too! She took about 4 steps by herself from daddy to me, she will be walking soon.
Friday has started out like a normal day. Summer slept in a little longer (6:30). She was in a clingy mood this morning while I was getting ready for work. She put something in her mouth off the bathroom floor and got mad when I dug it out. That kid puts everything in her mouth!
This is Summer on Wednesday, she started raising her arms and shaking them when she is happy or someone else does it to her, and when music comes on, it is so cute!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since last week

We went to Idaho over Memorial Day weekend, I didn't find time to blog (sorry) so let me catch everyone up. First, Summer has 7 teeth now. She is ready for steak I guess, she was really cranky and popped another one out. Her top left broke the skin, and her top right is close behind. On Friday morning we headed to the airport for Idaho. We had a good hour to wait, and we both needed to eat breakfast so we found a little cafe to sit and eat. I had brought a banana and Summer happily ate the banana straight from my hand, it was really cute, she kept taking little bites. She is such a big girl! I also brought her some oatmeal in a cup and added water, instant breakfast! The flight was during nap time, so she was perfect and slept the entire one hour and twenty minutes it took to get to Idaho Falls. She also did great in Idaho with my mom and brother, at first she was going up to them fine, letting them hold her and playing with them. That night my moms neighbors came over and I think they overwhelmed her and she stopped being friendly and became clingy, which was ok, I love to hold her. My mom's house has a U shaped couch and Summer was actually walking along it very well. She was in the window sill and actually took 2 steps over the the table, and when it was time for a bottle she was next to the couch and walked about 4 steps to get to me and the bottle so it will not be much longer before she is walking on her own. My mom also has two dogs and she had fun touching them. They didn't mind her either. We left on Monday and Summer slept for half of the flight. Once we landed she saw her daddy and grandpa and had a huge smile on her face. We went over our friends for a BBQ yesterday for Memorial Day and she was a little cranky, probably from all the traveling and the long weekend. She had her formula straight from her sippy cup last night, she did great, I bet she is off the bottle before a year.
Here is the video in Idaho, enjoy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sleeping baby

It was a good week except on Monday when Kris fell down the stairs while holding Summer. He didn't fall all the way, just the last 4 steps. He bought new shoes and they were more grippy than he was use to. Luckily he didn't injure himself besides being very sore. Summer bumped her head on the wall and bit her tongue, but was fine after 30 seconds. Kris was very sore but today he seems 100% so I am glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We both hate the stairs and are constantly going up and down them, we are both trying to be more careful now. The rest of the week was uneventful. Yesterday Casey and Ana came over for a play day. This was the first time the girls actually played. They are both so cute and getting so big, they are crawling all over the place. I think they had a good time, Summer was exhausted and took a really long nap after they left. Here they are sitting together in the chair.
Today is really hot, I think it is going to hit 100. I took Summer for a walk at 9 am this morning and it was already too hot to be outside. I guess I will try to take late night walks after the sun goes down, which is better for our skin anyway, I just have to keep her up long enough. We took more family photos outside this morning, which was ok but Summer is never in a happy smiley mood first thing in the morning so of course none of the photos had her smiling. She always has the serious "I just woke up a few hours ago" look on her face. I like this photo enough to get it blown up and framed, so I will consider it mission accomplished.
On Friday we are flying to Idaho Falls to spend Memorial weekend with my mom, I am looking forward to finally seeing my mom's house and meet her friends and take lots of pictures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

6th Tooth

Oh ya while I was in Hawaii Summer got her 6th tooth, she now has 4 on bottom and 2 on top. How did I forget to mention that?!? We spend a wonderful Mother's Day together, we went clothes shopping, and I have determined I have a serious problem. I received a box of clothes from mimi, all the perfect sizes, about 15 outfits, so Summer did not need any new clothes, and yet I still bought about 7 outfits yesterday. I am looking into a program to help today! When we got home from shopping Summer was napping in the car, so I got her out and carried her into our bed, and held her and laid down with her. It was so sweet and so cute and felt so good to hold her while she was sleeping, and it was a good position, neither of us were soaking in sweat! Kris came in and saw us and took a picture, I will post it later this week. Summer loves me, when I was leaving for work this morning she wanted me and cried. I love that little girl!