Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday through Friday

Monday we flew back from Idaho. Summer did great on the flight back, played for the first half, she wasn't happy at the lack of room she had to play, but didn't fuss very bad, and she slept for the second half of the flight. It was a short flight (one hour and 20 minutes). We landed and went over a friends house for BBQ and movies. Summer was a little cranky (as expected). She had some guacamole and had her evening formula in her sippy cup.
Tuesday was a normal day ... we played a lot. We went for a walk and Summer laughed like crazy at mommy doing dance dance revolution. Summer loves that game, I need to get it on video, she puts her hands up and moves them around and makes noises like she is singing. She laughs like crazy when she watches my feet move. I held her for two songs, and she loved when I had to jump on two sides. I bought her two new books, one of them was 8 Crazy Monkeys, and she sat in my lap while I read it and smiled so big when I got to the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" part. I read it in a higher voice and poked her while I was saying it.
Wednesday Summer was extra clingy, pretty sure she was teething. She wanted to be held but as soon as I would hold her she wanted down. She woke up several times during the night too (like 6-7) and we blamed it on teeth.
Thursday Summer was still clingy and biting everything, must be getting tooth #8. We went to a company BBQ and had fun, Summer was happy, played with a little girl at the party, actually tried to give her a kiss - which consists of a wide open mouth and tongue, but the little girl did not kiss her back. At the BBQ Summer ate strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, hummus, cantaloupe, pineapple, lost of yummy fruit. After we got home we went to play in her room and during playtime I noticed she had stacked 2 blocks (one on top of the other) ... that was new but maybe it was an accident, and she was trying to put the ball into the mouth of one of her toys, that was new too! She took about 4 steps by herself from daddy to me, she will be walking soon.
Friday has started out like a normal day. Summer slept in a little longer (6:30). She was in a clingy mood this morning while I was getting ready for work. She put something in her mouth off the bathroom floor and got mad when I dug it out. That kid puts everything in her mouth!
This is Summer on Wednesday, she started raising her arms and shaking them when she is happy or someone else does it to her, and when music comes on, it is so cute!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Since last week

We went to Idaho over Memorial Day weekend, I didn't find time to blog (sorry) so let me catch everyone up. First, Summer has 7 teeth now. She is ready for steak I guess, she was really cranky and popped another one out. Her top left broke the skin, and her top right is close behind. On Friday morning we headed to the airport for Idaho. We had a good hour to wait, and we both needed to eat breakfast so we found a little cafe to sit and eat. I had brought a banana and Summer happily ate the banana straight from my hand, it was really cute, she kept taking little bites. She is such a big girl! I also brought her some oatmeal in a cup and added water, instant breakfast! The flight was during nap time, so she was perfect and slept the entire one hour and twenty minutes it took to get to Idaho Falls. She also did great in Idaho with my mom and brother, at first she was going up to them fine, letting them hold her and playing with them. That night my moms neighbors came over and I think they overwhelmed her and she stopped being friendly and became clingy, which was ok, I love to hold her. My mom's house has a U shaped couch and Summer was actually walking along it very well. She was in the window sill and actually took 2 steps over the the table, and when it was time for a bottle she was next to the couch and walked about 4 steps to get to me and the bottle so it will not be much longer before she is walking on her own. My mom also has two dogs and she had fun touching them. They didn't mind her either. We left on Monday and Summer slept for half of the flight. Once we landed she saw her daddy and grandpa and had a huge smile on her face. We went over our friends for a BBQ yesterday for Memorial Day and she was a little cranky, probably from all the traveling and the long weekend. She had her formula straight from her sippy cup last night, she did great, I bet she is off the bottle before a year.
Here is the video in Idaho, enjoy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sleeping baby

It was a good week except on Monday when Kris fell down the stairs while holding Summer. He didn't fall all the way, just the last 4 steps. He bought new shoes and they were more grippy than he was use to. Luckily he didn't injure himself besides being very sore. Summer bumped her head on the wall and bit her tongue, but was fine after 30 seconds. Kris was very sore but today he seems 100% so I am glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We both hate the stairs and are constantly going up and down them, we are both trying to be more careful now. The rest of the week was uneventful. Yesterday Casey and Ana came over for a play day. This was the first time the girls actually played. They are both so cute and getting so big, they are crawling all over the place. I think they had a good time, Summer was exhausted and took a really long nap after they left. Here they are sitting together in the chair.
Today is really hot, I think it is going to hit 100. I took Summer for a walk at 9 am this morning and it was already too hot to be outside. I guess I will try to take late night walks after the sun goes down, which is better for our skin anyway, I just have to keep her up long enough. We took more family photos outside this morning, which was ok but Summer is never in a happy smiley mood first thing in the morning so of course none of the photos had her smiling. She always has the serious "I just woke up a few hours ago" look on her face. I like this photo enough to get it blown up and framed, so I will consider it mission accomplished.
On Friday we are flying to Idaho Falls to spend Memorial weekend with my mom, I am looking forward to finally seeing my mom's house and meet her friends and take lots of pictures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

6th Tooth

Oh ya while I was in Hawaii Summer got her 6th tooth, she now has 4 on bottom and 2 on top. How did I forget to mention that?!? We spend a wonderful Mother's Day together, we went clothes shopping, and I have determined I have a serious problem. I received a box of clothes from mimi, all the perfect sizes, about 15 outfits, so Summer did not need any new clothes, and yet I still bought about 7 outfits yesterday. I am looking into a program to help today! When we got home from shopping Summer was napping in the car, so I got her out and carried her into our bed, and held her and laid down with her. It was so sweet and so cute and felt so good to hold her while she was sleeping, and it was a good position, neither of us were soaking in sweat! Kris came in and saw us and took a picture, I will post it later this week. Summer loves me, when I was leaving for work this morning she wanted me and cried. I love that little girl!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

When I landed on Wednesday I thought I was fine. When I saw the car I was fine. When I saw Kris I was fine. When I saw Summer sitting in her car seat all wide eyed I about fell over with emotions. I could not believe she was awake looking around, and she was more beautiful than I remembered. I jumped into the back seat so fast I ripped off the rubber sealing around the door (don't worry it slipped back on). The entire ride home I spent kissing and touching my baby. I was worried she might be scared of me, maybe she forgot who I was, but she was fine, she smiled at me and kept looking at me. It was a wonderful welcome home, and a great 20 minute car ride to the house. I took off Thursday to recover and spend time with my family, it was a nice day off, I took Summer with me while I had my car washed and my oil changed. She was a perfect angel as usual.
Tomorrow is mother's day and what I want more than anything is to spend time with my family, and cut my hair! I don't know if it is a new mommy thing or if I am just tired of my hair but it has been annoying me for the past month and I wish it was gone. I don't think I would feel bad if it looks horrible, I have had long hair for such a long time, but Kris has made it clear that short hair is ugly so I am going to just cut off a few inches. I should go right now while Summer is sleeping ...
We took some family pictures today, I made everyone buy a white shirt so we all matched. I don't think the family pictures turned out as well as I had hoped, we really need someone holding the camera and getting Summer's attention, so we will probably try it again next Sunday when Cliff is around to help, but the pictures we did get turned out amazing. This was the first time I have played with Kris's camera and I might like it.
Later today we have a birthday party, this will be Summer's first birthday party for some twins we met during one of the mommy groups at the park. It is at 4:00 so I am guessing I will have a few more pictures later today.
Check out today's pictures on flickr:

Friday, May 9, 2008


I started another blog about my struggles to lose a little bit of the baby weight, check it out

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baby Blues

I have the baby blues today. I am in Hawaii and Summer and Daddy are in Nevada. This is the first time I have been away from my little girl. I can still smell her yummy skin and feel her soft tummy. I can see her face clearly and imagine looking into her eyes. At least I will only be gone until Wednesday, I don't think I could take much more, or be gone for much longer. I didn't realize how hard it would be until I was trying to doze off during the 5 hour flight. I kept picturing her face and her smile. While I was waiting to board a lady was sitting next to me with an 8 month old, pure torture! I really thought I would enjoy a little "me" time, I mean I did get to go shopping, I found 4 pair of pants, and if I had a lot more money I could go shopping again, but I would rather be home on the floor with some toys and a baby. I miss my husband too, but it is doubtful that he will change much in four days, not that I expect Summer to be walking when I get back, but she might make a new sound or make a new face or get a new tooth. Speaking of new teeth, she has one! On the 2nd I happened to be feeling around in her mouth and another one snuck up on us. Her bottom right tooth broke the skin. I can't believe she doesn't get fussy while breaking teeth through, are we lucky or what! So far I have written down all the dates for her teeth, I feel so proud to be on top of her books. I also ordered her next three month shutterfly book, 52 pages, it wasn't cheap, but as much as I look back at the first two books, it will be worth every dollar.
Yesterday was park day. I had arranged a mommy park day with the message board group I belong. Daddy wanted to come early so he could take some mommy and baby pictures but of course his car battery was dead (from not driving). At 8:00 in the morning we went to the park close to our house so daddy could get some picture. Then we were home by 8:30 and we ate breakfast, and back out to the scheduled park event by 9:30. Only 4 other couples showed up, but that was enough babies and mommies to have a good time. The kids were great, they don't really play together yet, but they enjoy being outside in the sunshine looking around. Afterwards Casey and I went to lunch, and as usual Summer napped for most of the meal. Ana is getting to be such a cutie, I think her hair is longer in the back than Summer's. We need to get together again, it is crazy to think how fast our little girls are growing, soon they will be teenagers!
One last thing to talk about, Kris and I went to ToysRUs on Friday night. We spent a long time looking at all of the cool toys they have. We ended up buying Summer a thing that you hold on to when you are learning how to walk. We got it home and popped it all together and tried to get Summer to start using it. She did not want anything to do with it. I think it might be too early for her to even think about taking steps, and I have decided I don't want her to walk yet anyway, she needs to enjoy crawling for as long as she can. I will put the toy in her room out of the way and when she is ready she can go look at at. I was reading a book on the flight and it mentioned how toys can become over stimulating, and when I get back I am going to start putting away all of the old toys Summer is no longer interested it, the baby toys as well, and try to keep it to a minimum. This will also help me during the next trip to walmart, I will not be tempted to buy a toy. I am also going to look into more natural toys, wood toys, she loves her wooden blocks more than anything else. I saw some all natural wood toys at the store and they weren't colorful but this will allow her to use her imagination. I am also going to keep her imagination in mind and give her unique toys I have around the house like boxes and books. Oh I am also going to move her crib out of our room and into her own. I think I will try it on Friday night if I can get it in her room. She is old enough, she can sleep through the night if we let her and stopped jumping at every single sound she makes. I have a feeling if she is upstairs we will not be as quick to jump up and give her the pacifier. Well this is my plan anyway, and right now it is making me sad to think about because I am here and she is there, but I will have to cry and get over it, and do what is best for her and I. WAH life sucks. Sorry that snuck out :o0 I miss my baby, so until next week when I have her in my arms ...