Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6 month shots

Daddy and Grampa took Summer to get her six month shots today, and she didn't even cry, but when daddy called and told me I still got tears in my eyes, my poor baby had to get shots. I guess the guy giving the shots distracted her and she almost cried but he got her attention, how great is that!
I have been thinking a lot about how weird it must be to be a baby, like last night for example, I was changing the diaper, and realized I was holding her by one leg, and her leg was up in the air, and half of her body was dangling. That must feel really weird to be picked up by one leg like that, you would think anyway. And while feeding, can you imagine what it would be like to be fed, then have the spoon raked across your lips after you take a bite. I wouldn't think that would be feel real good on the lips.
Anyway I got a video of Summer wanting a drink of water. I am starting to get concerned in a not really sorta way, that Summer is a little spoiled, and is not trying to hold her own bottle or grab a sippy cup because everyone does it for her. Of course how many 13 year olds do you know who can't feed themselves and get their own drinks? It is kinda our fault because when we started giving her the sippy cup we used the kind that had no stopper, so we didn't let her hold it and now she doesn't get the sucking part unless she is tipped back into bottle feeding position, and we can't just give her the cup without the stopper because she will soak herself.

Maybe I should be more concerned, but why worry about the little things, I have bigger things on my mind, like crawling, and cooking a butternut squash. Summer has really started to get up on all fours, but only for a moments so it won't be long now. Butternut squash - that was interesting, I had never bought one of those weird looking things before, and I really didn't know how to prepare it or if I should peel it, so I peeled it and sorta steamed/boiled it. Lucky for me Summer loves it, so I guess whatever I did worked. It also made 10 cubes, which equals 10 meals, you cannot beat that, fresh and cheap! Remember how I said I wanted to make her food so I would eat healthier, that hasn't happened, and I don't see it happening anytime soon, but I have started eating at the kitchen table with her, so that is a plus!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interesting Weekend

Let's just jump right in to this weekend, well we should probably start with Friday, Daddy was sick, and I was going to wait until he woke up to see how he felt, then I decided to just take Summer to work with me, she is always so good and everyone loves her right. We get to work and she is good in the beginning, then she starts crying whenever anyone else holds her. The doctor said she could develop separation anxiety but I just didn't believe it. I ended up leaving work early because she was really kinda fussy. Friday night we had a get together at a friends, and daddy was still sick and had been in bed all day, so I took Summer alone. Once I get to their house it is time for a bottle, but I never packed a bottle, I thought it was still in the diaper bag from earlier. Summer is fussing when my friends hold her, she is hungry, and Charlene and Nick, my friends, tell me to go home and get a bottle and leave her there.
On the long 10 minute drive home, I am just imagining how horrible it must be for Nick and Charlene, she has separation anxiety and she is starving. It was a really long 20 minute round trip, but when I walk in the door all is quiet. Charlene was giving Summer some water with a sports bottle, using the straw, and Summer seemed fine.
Saturday at 5:00 am Summer wakes up for her bottle like normal but has a temperature! She only had one other fever when she had her four month shots, and that doesn't count as a real cold. We gave her Tylenol and cooled her down with a wet washrag. Saturday morning she still has a fever, so she sleeps most of the day, which was nice because Kris and I stayed in bed until noon, we even sent Cliff to McDonald's to get us breakfast. Overall it was a nice relaxing day, and Summer was sick but felt decent I guess because she was in a pretty good mood considering. She did take a lot of naps, and that evening her fever broke, so it was only a 24 hour bug.
Today I have been busy - I went to walmart for groceries and Valentine's day props, I wanted to start taking pictures! I took about 50 or 60 and got a lot of good shots. Check out the photos on flickr: too many to add to the blog this week.
I also bought a squash, a ... what is it called ... butternut squash I think, and I have never bought one of these weird looking things before. I washed it off, I will cut it up in a little bit, steam it, freeze it in the ice tray, and have some new baby food options for next week. I am enjoying the solid feedings, it is not at all like I thought, Summer is not a very messy eater, I usually get one washrag for her face, and she is good to go. In fact I forgot to put a bib on her this morning while feeding the cereal and applesauce and she didn't make a mess. Let's hope it stays that way!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poison Control was BUSY!

Last night was one of those nights you want to forget.

First I was giving Summer a bath and taking off her shirt, a new shirt she had not worn, well that bitch was frickin insanely tight, I almost took her head off, and of course she wasn't happy about it, so I asked my husband how the heck he got that shirt over her head, and he said "you saw the buttons on the back right" - nope I didn't even look - stupid me, and there were 3 buttons, I don't know how I got that shirt off her head, but while doing it I was laughing like crazy because I kept picturing her being born, being squeezed out.

Next I was on the bed with Summer, Kris was upstairs and Summer started crying bad. I wasn't sure what happened, and then Kris starts yelling downstairs at me "what is wrong?" and I was like SHUT UP - IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WALK YOUR ASS DOWN HERE because I had no clue, so I calmed her down, I think she was chewing on her pacifier thing, and the end has the sharp metal part, she may have scraped her gums, I really dunno why she was crying, but she calmed down right away.

NEXT oh my god - It was 8:00 pm and Summer was getting sleepy, and I wanted to try to keep her up, so I walked upstairs to occupy her mind. We went into grampa's room and he showed her his galelio thermometer and some other of his things. She reached out and touched it, no biggie, then he showed her a flashlight, she held it and tried to put it in her mouth, we didn't let her.

We get downstairs and daddy was holding Summer, we went into the bedroom, probably 10-15 minutes had passed since we were upstairs. Summer stuck her hand in her mouth and made an awful face and started drooling. Kris licked her hand and said OMG her hand taste awful, what did she have, so I licked her hand, then we starting licking her pajamas, her books, her toys trying to figure out what the heck was on her hand. We washed her hand with soap (twice) and could still taste this very nasty bitter taste.

Finally I told Kris to go lick the thermometer and flashlight upstairs, he did and it was the galelio thermometer. We started looking online to see what the bitter taste was. After about 10 minutes and trying to call the poison control center (and getting a busy signal) grampa comes out and said it wasn't the thermometer it was actually the glass cleaner he used on the glass of the thermometer.

So we look over the bottle, it says harmful if swallowed but has no poison information on it - odd. Another 10 minute search on the internet (and by this time Summer fell asleep) I finally get the bottle and call the number. They are of course closed but their recording has this - "if you need to speak to someone due to an ingestion emergency press 1", I press 1 and I get transfered to some poison center - finally, who looks up the information on the data sheet.

Now this is a walmart over the counter glass cleaner, normally used on car windows, etc. If you were to wash your windows you would easily get it on you and you would be breathing it in.

The guy said the data sheet said something like "should not be harmful if small amount is swallowed" and "probably not harmful if a lot is swallowed" so since all we did was taste a diluted version off glass, I figured we were ok, but sheesh what a nightmare.

I immediately start thinking about moving out into the country with no products, but then I remember the wild animals and change my mind.

To be safe I put socks over Summer's hands while she slept and checked on her during the night. This morning she, and all of us (since we licked more than she did) are fine.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

what a week!

Some weeks it seems like nothing happens, and then there are weeks like this one, filled with so many things that I need to talk about, I just don't know where to begin! Rolling, Summer rolls all the time, like she always has been. Funny because it was like overnight that she really started to roll, it isn't as easy to change her diaper or put on an outfit anymore because she won't stay on her back. Crawling, not quite, but I can see she wants it bad, and she is lifting up her butt, but when she does she lowers her chest. Once she figures it out she is going to be all over the place. I am in no rush either, crawling opens up a lot of exciting and scary opportunities for her and us. Solids, Summer is eating, doing good, likes peas, loves bananas, eats pears and didn't have an opinion about the avocado yet. We have also stopped trying to feed her bottle on schedule, which became one less bottle each day, but she eats more during the other bottles. I am no longer worried about her eating enough since she is such a fat little thing. Clothes, I bought Summer a pack of onsies today, 6-9 months, and they are too small. I am going to have to take them back and get 9-12. Crib, we moved the co-sleeper out of our room and moved the crib in, and it was a smooth transition. At first I was getting up to give her the pacifier after ever sound, now I let her make noises and she goes right back to sleep. The only thing I don't like is her rolling issue, she rolled over once in her crib but I saw it and rolled her back over. Walker - Summer is using the walker to move all over downstairs, she will follow you anywhere she can go. I am surprised at how good she is at maneuvering that thing, I have trouble moving it around myself. Whistles - Summer is mimicking grandpa by puckering her lips and blowing in and out. Before long she will be whistling, she is very determined. I pretend she is puckering up because she wants a kiss, I can imagine can't I?
We also bought Summer sippy cups, bowls and some shoes today. She can drink out of a sippy cup but she hasn't been able to hold it herself yet, the bowls are for the food and the shoes looked cool and non slippery, and they were size 3 (6-9 months). I almost feel like she went from 3-6 months and is going to be in 6-9 months for less than a month and move into 9-12 months.
More football games tomorrow, and once we know who is going to the super bowl I will get pictures. I need to borrow some props, a football would be nice, does anyone have one I can use for pictures?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

6 month check-up

Summer is a BIG girl. First, in the last post I said she was 18 inches long, and I meant 28 inches long! She weighed in at 18 pounds, 14 ounces, so I was about 1/2 pound off, but she is 95% for both her height and weight, luckily her head is still 50%. I asked the doctor if we should be concerned, and she said no, she is just a big girl. At least she is tall and fat, if it was just one I might be more concerned. How in the world could I have such a big baby? She was so small when she was born too!

Last night we tried peas. It was going to be carrots, fresh yummy steamed carrots, but since I boiled it out of water and stunk up the house by burning the carrot juice, I didn't trust the carrots so we did frozen peas instead. I think it was a big hit, she still made some faces and shuttered, but she seemed to actually open her mouth more and I think she enjoyed the peas. We will continue peas for the week and maybe try squash or carrots again next week.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Her first 1/2 Birthday

Summer turned 6 months old today, we celebrated by singing Happy 1/2 a birthday to her ... Summer now weighs 19.5 pounds, and is 18 inches long. Her co-sleeper is only 21 inches long, so we have a dilemma soon. We don't want to put her in her crib because it is upstairs, we might bring her pack-n-play down, but where will we put it, it is a little larger than the co-sleeper. We also have to get a new car seat soon because hers caps out at 22 pounds. Summer goes for her 6 months appointment on Tuesday, which will include more shots /cry. Sometimes getting bigger hurts and causes things to change I guess. Where did my baby go?

Friday night we started rice cereal. The box said to eat it warm or cold, thick or thin and to mix it with water, formula or breast milk, so it basically didn't have any instructions at all. I guess Summer ate fine, she didn't seem to like it from the faces and coughing, but she continued to eat about 4-5 bites. We have fed her 4 times since and it just seems pointless, all her nutrients come from her bottle, so why bother with cereal? I guess this is how it all begins, I plan on steaming carrots on Tuesday and maybe she will like that better. Avacodos are on the menu next, or something else green, I need to get a list of good starter food.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What about me?

Since having Summer this blog has turned to being all about her, no mention of me and my well beings and I am proud to say that almost 6 months later (on Sunday) I am doing super terrific! I have lost all of the baby weight and an additional 2 pounds, I have firmed up more than I thought I would considering I have not worked out or have any desire to work out. I plan on eating healthy now that Summer will be starting solids, when I make her fresh veggies I will eat some myself, and I love vegetables! And what about Kris - he is doing great too, he is fully retired and stays home full time with Summer, and he really loves it and her. We talk about having another baby and we are both unsure if we should. We are older (31 and 37) and we want to enjoy Summer, plus I had a hard time getting pregnant and then once it stuck I was SO sick and ended up having a weird delivery, and since Summer is such a great baby, there is no way we will get that lucky again, but who knows what will happen in the future, we never knew we would even have a baby and love it so much.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

she FELL off the bed

I sat Summer in the center of our king size bed. She was on her tummy playing with some toys, feet facing the end of the bed, head facing forward. I was on the bed inches from her, talking to someone on the phone, filing my fingernails. She somehow managed to scoot herself backwards off the end of the bed. LUCKILY we have the co-sleeper there, so she kinda fell back onto her knees. When I looked up at her, she was smiling at me, leaning forward on the bed, sitting on her knees in her co-sleeper. WHAT THE HELL! I was sitting right next to her and she didn't make any noise at all. I didn't know she could scoot - and backwards...
In the past week Summer started really enjoying tummy time. She has started rocking herself back and forth while on her tummy or sitting up, and while she is on her stomach she can make a complete circle to the left. Now she is scooting backwards, all the way off the bed. A couple times today I went to the bathroom and before I would lay her on the bed, but now I am laying her on the floor right outside the bathroom door! I have a feeling she will be crawling soon. We also saw her roll once from her stomach to her back, so she can roll both ways, but really doesn't do it very often.
Besides prepping to crawl, we have been using the walker a lot, and she has really mastered forwards, backwards, backing up, and getting all over the house. We have already moved a few plants so they don't get knocked over. I am amazed at how well she is doing in that walker, I really didn't think she was ready.
Tonight we took some pictures, I really wanted to use some bows I found in her dresser, and I did everything I could to get it to stay in the hair, but her hair is still too thin and short, the clip kept coming out, so I taped it on her forehead. This is one of the few pictures that you cannot see the tape on :o) What a person will do for a good photo sheesh!