Wednesday, June 29, 2011

19 Week Comparison Belly Picture

The picture above was taken with a sidekick 3 while pregnant with Summer at 19 weeks. The picture below was taken with an iPhone 3 while pregnant with ... well we aren't sure with who yet but also at 19 weeks. I think I look about the same. I did start this pregnancy 10 pounds lighter, however I think by this point I have gained more weight, maybe just a pound or two. Both photos were taken in a bathroom mirror, I found the same shirt, my hair is similar, not quite as curly and I am debating re-perming it.

Technology, you got to love it. No sense of style and having the same shirt almost 4 years later ... lucky I guess. I don't have any of the other shirts from my prior pregnancy because they were all maternity and I got rid of all those - oh well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You are pregnant?

I guess I don't look as pregnant as I feel. Several people (who don't know me well) have told me they didn't realize I am pregnant. Of course I feel huge but apparently I am not. What do you think, here is my 19 week belly picture taken yesterday. Of course without a shirt covering it does look a big bigger.

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday, just a normal I haven't seen you in 5 or 6 weeks appointment and I am hoping to get a quick ultrasound to make sure everything is ok, and to see between the legs. If not Thursday then maybe Tuesday when I have my big 20 week ultrasound. We actually picked out a boys name two nights ago too, first and middle, but have yet to find a good girls name. I am not going to tell anyone the name because when I told my mom she didn't like it much, not that it matters but I don't think many people will like it, so for now the name will be secret.

Besides being pregnant I have also been busy with Summer. Her dance recital is over, she did wonderful, we are on dance break for two weeks, at least with her dancing, I am still teaching at Oive Crest at Mondays and Summer always comes to help there. Here is a picture I took yesterday, the kids were passing the beanbag.

See that pink bow in Summer's hair - I made that! Luckily she is still wearing bows I guess. We also went to a furniture store yesterday and bought Summer a big girl princess bed. We ended up getting her a full or double that way mommy can sleep with her sometimes. Or maybe grandma, or whoever comes to visit. It is a really nice bed and will be delivered on the 11th of July, two days before her birthday. The bed was expensive enough, I am hoping maybe Papa will want to get the bedding for it :o)

So much going on in July, I am looking forward to birthday parties, the 4th of July, doctor visits, a gender reveal pool party, our 11 year anniversary, Summer's birthday, and all that the first half of the month. Then we are headed to the beach and I am having another party. Not sure what else I can fit in there but I bet I find a way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Pregnant Post

I am not a role model pregnant woman. I do not do pregnant well at all. I complain. A lot. Being pregnant is not really my thing, I am not good at it. I do like some parts of course but overall it is a very stressful time and I usually feel sick or not like myself.

Worry - this week I have worried about being too small and being able to feel this baby too much. Can you believe I would worry about that? It seems like this baby is moving 10 times more than Summer ever moved, not to mention I felt this baby 3 weeks sooner. This baby moves so much I wonder if I am squishing it. If I don't feel the baby I can press my stomach in and I guess it wakes the baby up because it will start moving. No one has felt the baby move on the outside but not because it isn't possible, because no one has patience around here! Well plus I don't think Summer gets it either.

Weight - I have only gained 8 pounds. Or, I have already gained 8 pounds. I would love to tell you that it is all in my stomach but I will be honest with myself - it is also on my sides and probably on my hips. If I had gained all 8 pounds in my stomach then maybe I wouldn't worry about the above mentioned. I see the doctor next week so hopefully he can smack some sense into me.

Working Out - Unfortunately I have not been working out. I still don't feel that great, it makes me worry, I am a baby and I have been super busy. Good excuses yes?

Nutrition - Every single time I eat something sweet, like candy, or ice cream, or cookies, the things I should not be eating anyway, this baby wakes up and kicks me a few times. This happens quite a few times during the day (see my worry post above) and makes me wonder what I am really doing to this little thing. I did buy some vegetables today and I have been munching on carrots but I just can't give up the sweets!

Leg Cramps - For over a week I woke around 4 or 5 AM to horrible leg, foot, and toe cramps. Everything I read said it was common and nothing would prevent it - not even bananas. They really don't know what causes these annoying "charlie horses" but I did find that drinking 80 FL OZ of water ceased the cramps at least this morning. I hope it continues to work, I am trying to drink a bunch of water.

That is all I can think of right now, more complaints another day ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since having two cancerous moles removed from the back of my neck I take weird spots on my skin seriously, almost as serious as I take using sun screen protection. Sun screen does not kill you but cancer does, and will. I went to the dermatologist today because I had this spot on my forehead, that is not really visible, but it constantly flakes and hasn't healed in quite a few months. It turns out that it is damaged skin that needed to be treated, and watched. The doctor froze it with liquid nitrogen, which only stung and really not that bad. He also found two more "dry looking" spots on my arms that were also caused by sun damage that he froze for me. Now I have three nice red spots, one on my forehead (that really isn't that red) and one on each arm.

The dermatologist said I have type 1 skin, type 1 being the lightest most sensitive and the kind most likely to have issues. Besides the fact that I can remember several severe sunburns growing up I also used a tanning bed before I got married for at least several months. I wish I hadn't done that but at the time I wanted to be dark. Now I am happy with my "whiteness" and would never subject my skin, the largest organ on the body, to that kind of brutal damage! They make tanning lotions and they have spray on tans, there is just no need. You can get skin cancer from one single sun burn.

Did you know that most moles are simply the result of a harmless proliferation of the pigment cells within the deeper layer of the skin. A few of these moles, called congenital melanonaevi, are usually present at birth. But most develop spontaneously or are caused by exposure to sunlight and tend to appear on those areas of the skin that catch the most sunlight? I have a ton of moles, I am very moley, not something I like but it is who I am and I figure most of them were probably caused by the sun.

I make sure that Summer has on sunscreen whenever we are outside. She hasn't been burnt yet but she has gotten a little red and I felt so guilty. Luckily she doesn't have my skin but that doesn't mean she won't burn because she will if I am not careful.

Protect yourself and your skin, because I can testify to how painful and annoying it is to have moles removed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am still pregnant

Can you believe I am pregnant, because honestly most of the time I can't. I don't know why I am still in denial, I am 18 weeks for goodness sakes! And the best news yet, I didn't even realize it but yesterday, and maybe the day before, I didn't even feel sick! I still don't have as much energy as I normally would but I went the entire day and didn't feel ill. 18 weeks, almost half way and I can't believe, even with all the kicking inside me, that I might actually have a baby in a few months. Of course I still have quite a while until November but wow, look at me now!

I have been feeling so much better and I hope it lasts. I really have no complains, I can eat more than I could, I am sleeping great (considering I get up and go pee several times during the night) and I am feeling this little one kick all throughout the day, which just seems crazy because I only started to feel flutters with Summer at 17 weeks. I don't have another appointment until the 30th and then I should find out the sex on the 5th of July. July is going to be a super fun filled month. Our 11 year anniversary on the 8th, Summer has a wedding on the 10th, she will be a cute flower girl I guess, her birthday on the 13th, oh and the 4th of July too!

Overall things are just going good, it is starting to really heat up in Las Vegas (finally) and my garden is giving me lots of juicy tomatoes, Ben & Jerry's made a new ice cream, german chocolate cake - and while I have yet to eat it no doubt it will be delicious. I have been busy, happily, painting shirts and making bows, Summer is getting so big and is still super cute! She has been swimming like crazy and is improving so much, she can now go under water and swim across her little pool!

I love the summer time - I think the sun is good for my mood :o)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More and More and More

I think I might have a new addiction - shirts. I can get about 3-4 shirts done a day so they really don't take long. I have one more to paint and then I am all caught up on my orders :o( should that really be a sad thing? Oh well, here are some shirts I finished today and yesterday.

Whatever will I do once the 4th is gone?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look what I made!

I get so excited when I make something - especially something that actually turns out like I envisioned. It all started with button shirts, then it quickly moved to hair bows, but ultimately I wanted to do more shirts, with paint. I made two shirts yesterday, one for my friends son Noah and one for Summer. Both shirts are inspired by the upcoming Forth of July, one of my favorite holidays. What can I say, I love a good BBQ and hamburgers, I am truly all American. Anyway this is what I created.

The Noah shirt, or more importantly a shirt for a boy, since I have been making so many bows for girls I wanted to make something for a boy.

A big curly bow, love it!

The Summer heart shirt, with sewn on bow, she liked it!

Another big patriotic bow, because you can never make them big enough.

So, who wants a shirt?

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Vacation in 2011

Our first vacation in 2011 was super quick but we managed to pack in a ton of stuff! We arrived late Thursday night and before heading 50 miles south to our hotel we stopped at The Black Eyed Pea for some chicken fried chicken. I guess we are one of "those" people who miss living in Colorado just because we loved that place, the fried okra, the peach cobbler ... anyway it was wonderful. By the time we arrived to our hotel we were stuffed and it was bedtime. Friday morning brought us an adventure further south to a mountain area with small lakes. It was a beautiful day and we managed to take a few cute pictures.

After we spent a few hours hanging out in the fresh air we ate at a small restaurant in some small town and the food was decent. We headed back to the hotel in the early afternoon to meet up with the rest of the incoming family who had finally arrived. After getting our hugs the girls decided it was time to swim in the motel's indoor heated to 90 degree pool. 5 hours later .... yes I said 5 hours! They swam so long they started to get a rash from the intertubes but they had a blast.

Saturday morning was the actual "reunion" and we had a big group of people. We ate, hung out and talked and the kids went swimming again for most of the day. I don't know how Summer didn't learn to swim as much as she was in the water. I am pretty sure she learned how to breath under water :o)

Here are a few people who were at the reunion - not all by far!

The girls playing in some rocks at the lake, the lake that was near our motel where many of the family reunion members camped.

Some train cars near our motel.

On Sunday most everyone left, well I guess everyone left - even us, but our flight wasn't until 7:30 PM so we had the entire day to find something to do. We decided we would go visit the sand dunes. It was pretty sandy but pretty cool!

Summer is such a pro at flying, she fell asleep and stayed asleep during the flight there and back. She is like me, the plane puts me right to sleep!

Next stop - the beach, coming in July so stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bows, Bows and More Bows

I have been busy making bows. Well that and running to craft stores to buy more bow supplies. Addiction might be the term I would use. Sure my daughter can wear some of these bows but not ALL of these bows, so I am slowly giving them away to my friends, the ones who have daughters anyway. Poor little boys, what could I make them? I have an idea and I am actually working on that ... to be continued.

In the meantime I figured I should take some decent photos of some of the bows I made. Originally I wanted bows for the 4th of July but I saw some really cute and cheap ribbon and made a few other bows too. Here are a few I created within the last two or three days.

I keep looking up "how to make bows" online, and as soon as I find a new bow I have to see if I can make it. So far I have been able to make everything I see. It isn't enough, I want more and more!!! It is probably a good thing we are going on vacation because I seem to be spending a lot of time with a needle, thread, ribbons, and the hot glue gun. Oh and I figured out why they sell needles in packs because I bent my first needle and it doesn't work so well when you bend them. I still haven't figured a use out for my thimble but I do have one, and I had to buy one of those red tomato things to stick my needles in it so I wouldn't stab myself. I feel pretty crafty, ready to tackle the next project I have in mind. In the meantime if you have any bow challenges just let me know, I can do it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tomatoes & Bows

I have been feeling 89.74% better, which is a lot considering how it all started. I usually feel great during most of the day - the worse part seems to be at night. I have been so tired at night that I haven't been reading, something I love, which is also why I am behind about 15 books! I will catch up eventually. Overall I guess things are going great, sometimes I don't even feel pregnant. I have been craving a lot of beef if I had to pick anything but I don't know how much of that is in my head...

Anyway enough about me - let's see some Summer! Today we picked our first garden tomato. It was juicy, ripe, red, and ready to eat. I guess anyway, I didn't even taste it but Summer gobbled the whole thing up!

I have also been feeling very creative. First was the button shirt/short set with a matching bow, next came patriotic hair bows. With the help of youtube videos I created two bows today, what do you think?

Next I plan on making some patriotic shirts, I can't wait!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

16 Weeks

I made it to 16 weeks. I hate to continue complaining ... but I am still somewhat sick. Not as sick as I was but still not normal. Plus my energy level is not normal either. Nothing seems normal anymore. I can eat more food, which is probably not a good thing, because then I feel so full it feels like my stomach is going to bust open. Not to mention the unhealthy foods I have been eating, Arby's roast beef sandwich anyone?

I woke up this morning on my back and it appeared that my stomach was nice and flat. Of course as soon as I got up and had breakfast it came back - from who knows where. Oh and I almost think I might actually have a baby, I mean it almost seems real now.

I guess I can't really complain, besides feeling a little sick ALL DAY LONG and not having my normal energy I am happy, content, I have really been feeling the baby move around, things could be worse. I am looking forward to our upcoming trip to Colorado, and then to the beach sometime this summer. A trip to Idaho sometime in the next few months. Plus Summer has a birthday coming up and will be turning 4 years old :o) She is also pregnant too - see.

I actually made something!

I am a creative person, I constantly think of creative things to do or make or become. While laying in bed one night, because that seems to be where I do most of my creative thinking, you know instead of falling right asleep, I came up with the idea of making a button shirt. I thought it would be neat to make something out of buttons, some sort of design. I do not have a sewing machine nor do I really know how to sew, so buttons seemed like something I could do. I had zero materials but was determined to make this idea happen. I found a shirt at kmart for $2.50. I bought 2, a green one and a pink one. They were pretty plain. I also bought a pair of matching shorts for $2.50. I figured for that price it didn't matter if I ended up ruining them.

I bought bags of buttons for $5.99, thread for .99 cents, fabric glue for a few dollars, a pack of needles for a few bucks. Now I have a pretty neat little unorganized box full of stuff.

Oh I also bought some hair clips because I thought, you can't make a cute button outfit without making cute hair clips!

So, without further ado and a lot of button sewing by hand, I present to you my first creative piece of child clothing!

I would suggest one thing, don't sew the buttons on the back of the shorts. Now I have to clip all those off and redo it on the front of the shorts, but otherwise it turned out very unique!

I don't know yet how it will wash but I tied 6 knots in each button so I hope they stay on. I also don't know what my daughter really thinks of the insides, hopefully the knots aren't poking her, so far she hasn't said anything. Here is what that looks like.

I am so excited, I also bought a thimble but didn't end up using it, and some ribbons - I have an idea about a flag shirt and bows to match, so stay tuned!