Sunday, September 29, 2013

She is so pretty err smart!

I can't help telling her how pretty she is all the time, but I always tell her how smart she is too!  She helped me on a photo shoot tonight, we headed out to Calico Basin and took pictures or almost 3 year old triplets - fun!  Summer enjoyed being the big helper and was really good keeping the kids entertained while trying to get them to look toward the camera.  I just love her and look how pretty (and smart) she is!

Little Divas

Today I wanted to recreate a photo I saw on pinterest with Pepper.  Here is the original photo :o)

I have never put curlers in Pepper's hair - until today.  She actually let me put them in without any issue.  She even let me wet her hair under the bathtub first.  Pepper had a lot of fun brushing her face, nose, eyes, legs ....

Then Summer wanted to get pictures taken, of course, so I quickly threw her hair up into clips.

Then the girls decided to put make-up, or at least brush, each other's face :o)

I will have to recreate this photo when they get older and actually do start wearing make-up!

Then, at the end, Pepper FINALLY let me take a picture of the two of them close together - awwww!

My little DIVAS!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday - Finally!

Friday is finally here and I need a break!  I have sorta enjoyed riding the bikes to school.  Sorta.  Honestly is it really hard and the last two days have been really cold.  I hate the cold.  My legs also hurt really bad when we ride to school because there is a bit of an uphill.  I hate to complain but .... I don't know how much longer we will be able to ride.  I know it is going to warm up some, we are just experiencing a little cold spell that will be gone probably tomorrow - but I am already freezing!

Every Friday morning the school has a little dance party and they make announcements.  Today Pepper was with us and really enjoyed dancing along.

Summer was there in the back with the group of girls from her class.  Unfortunately we do not know the steps to this song, I know, seriously?  Maybe I should youtube them because they played this same song last week.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall is Here

Busy as usual.  Family visited for a week.  Lots of shopping and walking.  Temperatures getting cooler.  Swimming over?  School going great for Summer.  Pepper is as crazy as ever.  I'm still not taking very many pictures :o(  Both girls were in a wedding.  Summer learned to ride her bike.  Pepper has been napping in the toddler bed.  Time to take down the crib?  Hanging out with friends.  Playing way too much candy crush.  Almost to level 350.  Biking to school each day, legs must be getting stronger.  Going to decorate for Fall this weekend :o)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Already

Really what happened to the month?  We have been busy with school, jazz, choir, piano, and PTA meetings.  Pepper is starting a tot gymnastics class in October, so we will continue to stay busy and then the holidays will be here.

We started walking/biking to school now too - to save gas mostly, I was having to fill up each week and the school parking lot is insane!  Summer got her first progress report, 4 A's and 1 B.  The teacher told me last week that she is ahead of her class in reading but has to work on her writing.  I can't believe how well she is reading, and I also can't believe how sloppy her handwriting is (hehe).  We are working on it and she is reading every night, sometimes 2-3 books, she really loves reading (yay).  She also reads to Pepper a lot too.

Kris put together the toddler bed and we attempted to put Pepper in it.  She goes to bed at night just fine, sleeps all night in the toddler bed, well mostly, this morning I found her on the floor beside the bed :o) but she will not nap in it.  She just gets up and opens her door and leaves the room so I have been putting her in the crib to nap.  I need to give the crib to a friend so I hope she starts napping in it soon.

Today I put a dress on Pepper and she went over to Papa and said "look at my pretty dress" so it begins!  She is getting so big, she is wearing 3T clothes now and talks all the time, and sings, and screams at the animals to scare them away.

Summer is really doing awesome too - she has no issues going to school, she likes it, she isn't getting in trouble, she comes home with crazy energy and talks a lot more, I guess she has more to say.  She has had a few issues at night with bad dreams, like 3 in just over a week and that is annoying but we are working on it.  She is also still very whiney and we are trying to fix that too.

Overall life is still - wonderful.  I can't complain, I never expected it to be like this but I am glad we are where we are.

I don't have any new pictures (yikes) so I will try to get on that :o)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Block Party

We went over a friends house last night and hung out in the drive way while the kids played some game with a ball and throwing it ... dodge ball maybe?  They also rode bikes and scooters and ran around like crazy kids do.  We really have some good friends and they have some good kids.  I went around taking pictures of almost all of them, I missed Alexandra and my own kids haha - figures huh.   I promise they were both there running around acting just as crazy :o)  Then we went inside and had some birthday cake for Rachel P's birthday, and some chips, and dip, and fruit, and cookies, well you get the idea - we had a lot of yummy snacks - to go along with the mixed drinks and beer!  It was fun, I am glad the weather is finally starting to cool off!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lost Tooth

Summer is super excited today because she just lost her first tooth!  Good thing too because the adult tooth was already in behind it, something called a "shark tooth." It is actually common (who knew), 1 in 10 kids can have this happen.  I emailed the dentist a picture of the big tooth a few weeks ago and asked if we should come in but they said we could wait and the baby tooth should fall out on its own and the adult tooth should move into its place.  Well it DID fall out on its own, sorta, with the help of daddy and some floss.  It was SO loose and was time.  I would have pulled it out if I could have gotten a grip on it, slippery little tooth, so now it is out.  Summer was pretty concerned about the blood, and at one point said her stomach hurt ;o) but she is fine now, happy, and ready for another one to get loose and come out.  She is so excited she wants to go to school and show all her friends.

Is the tooth fairy real?  Summer isn't sure what she thinks about all of that but she is determined to stay up and prove it.  I saw something cute on pinterest, but of course pinterest is down right now ... I think it is a tooth fairy receipt so I guess I need to go find it and print it out.  Money!  I was thinking $1, good enough right - let's just hope one of us has a $1 bill.

OH and yes, the lost tooth is going in a zip lock baggie in the baby book of course, along with all the rest when they come out :o)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lots of Swimming

We have really enjoyed the pool this year, and by we I mean Kris, Papa and the girls.  I can't believe how often someone is in the pool, and pool parties every week, it has been a lot of fun.  Today is the first day of September and the pool temperature was 92, almost too hot, we had to turn back the solar heater some.  I expect the girls will be swimming for another two months at least.  I guess I am glad we bought a house with a pool, I am glad they are using it.