Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hay Hat

I, on occasion, have done a few crazy things in my short 36 years of life.  In fact just yesterday I decided to pull into a feed store/gas station and buy a big thing of hay.  It is pretty big, and pretty messy.  And heavy.  It fit in my car once I laid the seat down.  My husband was freaking out when he saw it, and not because it was expensive because it only cost me $10, but because all of the hay was stuck in my car fabric.  I got most if not all of it out :o)  I find it funny when I still do things that shock my husband after all these years.  Anyway ... this hay bale will be used for a photo prop of course.  I set it in the back yard.  Earlier today Summer found this hat.  Do you see where I am going? No I didn't think so.  Well I took some photos of Summer sitting in a green chair in front of the hay wearing the matching-ish hat.  The light was so cool reflecting off the side of my house.  It made for some neat photos I think.  My girl is so pretty :o)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good Friends

Summer has a really good friend named Amy.  Amy and her family live right across the street.  Summer and Amy play together every single day and for the most part get along very well.  They like to ride scooters and play mommy.  Amy is only a few weeks older than Summer.   Amy might have to move and that is going to make everyone sad because not only does Summer have Amy but Pepper has Alexa and I have Cecy and :o( well I just hate when good friends move away. Until they move (if they do move) the girls will continue to play together and be good friends.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Little Pumpkin

Yes this is a real pumpkin and yes I had to carve it out first, yes she is sitting in it in a diaper only and surprisingly didn't really end up with much of the gunky pumpkin stuff on her when I took her out.  No she wasn't really in the best smiley mood, and yes she did take a big bite out of the side but I figured that was ok because it is technically a food. Yes I might just try a few more pictures another day because, well why not!  Anyway - Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Lady

Today Summer had to model a cute Autumn / Fall skirt.  I didn't have a shirt to match so I ran to the thrift store and found these two.  She already had the shoes (thanks to Mimi) and I had the bow!  WOW, where has this little lady been hiding?  She is so gorgeous, how did that happen?  I just love every single thing about her, well except for the fact that she doesn't like to pose for pictures!  Anyway everything else is just perfect!

My little baby isn't such a little baby anymore, she is now a little lady!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cute Little Chin

These pictures were taken on the last day she had stitches in her cute little chin.  Kris took the stitches out that night, it was easy to snip them out with no crying.  We have been using a lot of creams to help with scarring, if those creams really do help.  If not it can't hurt.  

She is just so sweet, such a good kid, man I got lucky.

Tonight we had a fun little Dallas Cowboys photo shoot.  Pepper was in a decent mood and I found this old costume in the Halloween bin, it mostly fit, ok not really but good enough for pictures because you can't even see the clothespin in the back.

In other non kid related news ... I have been busy making hair bows.  If you haven't checked out my facebook page you should!  I also have a pampered chef party next week, if you want to come just let me know :o)  Today I did a freezer meal party (Wildtree) with my friends, the verdict is still out but so far I like what I smelled.  I have been really bitchy lately, PMS I guess, should be gone soon.  Homeschooling is going, ok, I don't know, it seems too easy, today we were suppose to learn how to write the letter M.  Really, we can already read!  We will see, at least it is easy and doesn't take long.  Kris was sick but seems better now, just a 24 hour bug.  Cliff (Papa) seems to have it too.  I won't get it because moms just don't get sick.  Luckily.  And that's all I got I guess, until next time!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pepper is Fun

Pepper is so much fun now.  10 months is my favorite month so far.  It keeps getting better.  Easier.  

Even if she hardly sits still anymore, I still love it.  She gets into everything too but somehow my entire downstairs and most of upstairs is baby proofed.

We went shopping and found those awesome non popping bubbles at gymboree this past weekend.  She had a blast with those!  And look at that orange outfit - a size 24 month!

Such a pretty little thing, I love the blue on her, it matches her blue eyes so well.  I guess she may stay blue, who would have thought!

Such a happy little thing, in this photo below she is smiling because she is about to pull more of the flowers behind her, the ones I kept telling her no no no.  Then she wants to put them into her mouth. Everything still goes into the mouth.

I guess we whistle at her enough that she has taken an interest in trying to whistle herself.  Who knows, if we keep doing it maybe she will figure it out!

And when she only has 1 nap she becomes sleepy and cranky in the evening.  She was trying to come to me but I kept pushing her back so I could take her picture.  Look how her mouth turns into that cool shape.  I love it and I can't resist her when she looks like that!

So that is what Pepper has been up to lately, just having fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Randomness

I just bought a new Pampered Chef stone cookie sheet.  It is big.  It is heavy.  It is fragile.  It was also expensive.  We used it for the first time last night, I over baked the cookies a tiny bit but only because we didn't set the timer.  It seemed to bake the cookies completely on both sides the same.  I can't wash this with soap, I have to just use hot water and scrape food off.  How weird is that?  Ok maybe just weird to me.  So far I do like it.

Summer's chin started itching today.  I told her itching was good, that means she is healing.  She didn't like itching :o(

Today is grandparent's day and I didn't do anything.  Not sure why I can't get a bit more organized when it comes to things like that.

When Summer hurt herself the other day the hardest part was not being able to comfort her like I wanted.  Why? Because I had to hold Pepper.  That is one of the hard parts to having two kids - at least to me.  Pepper is still so needy and I just can't baby Summer like I want.  Of course she is 5 and doesn't need to be babied, but I would still baby her.  Summer is also getting jealous lately ;o( when she sees me cuddling Pepper she wants cuddles, or when I am playing pat-a-cake with Pepper she wants me to play with her.  I am sure it is completely normal but I don't like it.  Summer will also ask me if I love her as much as I love Pepper.  I am working on it.

The other day I was playing words with friends in the loft while Pepper was playing and Summer and her friend were leaving to go play outside and her little friend said to me to get my finger out of my nose.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

We had to take Summer's car seat out and use her booster seat so we could fit 5 in the car (Papa had a car issue and we had to take him to pick it up).  I considered keeping the booster seat but Summer can barely buckle it, and when she was tired I thought how odd it would be to sleep in a booster seat, plus it isn't as safe so we will be putting the 5 point harness car seat back in the car.

We actually considered for a second buying a new car, but I realized how much I like not having a car payment, and nothing is wrong with my car so why?  Which reminds me I need to get my car smogged and get my tags renewed before the end of the month ...

I use ... 's a lot.  Maybe too much ...

I discovered a new tickle spot on Pepper last night, I was holding her up and the spot where my thumbs met her arms, maybe her peck area? I squeezed her there and she about flipped out of my arms.  She was laughing and squirming like crazy.  I wonder when that happened!

I have really cool friends that let me take fun photos of them.  It helps me enjoy photography.  I wonder if I will ever do more with it.  When I read up on it I realize I have SO much more to learn, and most of it cost $.  I wish I had a studio with lights, just so I could take pictures of my girls and friends, and their friends.  I also hate charging people money.  I started my bow business so I could do something with all of the bows I am making and I find it hard to charge people.  I don't want to lose money and I need to cover the cost of the supplies but man if I could I would just give them all away.  And if I had more time I would take pictures for people all the time for free, I mean I would do that for my friends anyway because I can bring my kids, but I would do it for everyone, but time is precious and I never have enough.  Maybe one day, maybe not.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I would prefer to write a post about the laughing kind of stitches but unfortunately the stitches I have to blog about are the kind that are meant to sew something back together, under a chin in fact, so here we go.

8:10 PM: Summer is taking her shower and opens the door to tell us the water was a bit too hot, slips, falls on the metal piece under the door.  We heard the fall and cry and immediately went into the bathroom (we were in the living room right outside the bedroom/bathroom).  Summer was already standing back up and was crying because she had fallen.  We asked her what she hit and she kept pointing to the bottom piece under the shower door.  We were like "NO what did you hit on your body" and she finally pointed to her chin (pointed because she was crying so hard we could not understand her).  We didn't see ANY blood or realize that she had cut herself right away, in fact she had no clue she had cut herself until we told her a few minutes later.

We got her rinsed off and out of the shower and laid her on the bathroom floor where Kris examined her cut (I was holding Pepper).  At home it really didn't look that deep and it wasn't bleeding at all so we thought we might be able to just use a bandaid to hold it back together.  I posted the picture on facebook and asked my friends and family for advice - for who was up and online anyway.

The problem was the neck is in such a stretchy part of the skin and the bandaid wasn't doing a good job keeping the cut together so we decided to go to walgreens to get some better bandaids.  I asked the pharmacist what she thought and she said it looked pretty deep and she would probably do stitches if it was her kid, so Summer and I headed the the base hospital.  

The place was PACKED.  I knew we were going to be there awhile.  2 Hour wait.  The lady checking us in looked at it and was like, hmmm, so before we even checked in the nurse looked at it and confirmed a stitch or two was needed, so we checked in and began to wait.  It was around 10:45 when we finally went back.  Summer was actually wide awake and doing very well, she was not in any pain. This picture was right when we went back.

The numbing gel burned and Summer cried :o(  By the time the doctor came to stitch her they said it had already wore off so round two of burning numbing gel, that (in my professional opinion) didn't really seem to numb it because once he started stitching it seemed like it was very painful and she cried and squeezed my hands.  Another nurse was assisting by holding her head and she had her eyes covered.  It probably only took 5 minutes but it was horrible and seemed really long, especially to poor Summer.  

Two stitches later ...

When I showed her a picture of the stitches she said it looked ridiculous and that her friends were going to make fun of her - and she was completely serious lol.  I told her they weren't going to stay in permanently, we would get them out in 5 days.  They put a bandaid on it before we left so she wouldn't rub the stitches.  By the time we left she was fine, no pain whatsoever.  

We ended up getting home around midnight.  She slept really late and today has been fine.  This morning she complained it hurt when she was eating but has since eaten several things without mentioning it.  It still sucks, no one wants to have their child go through the pain of getting stitches, or getting a cut for that matter.  I didn't even want to take her so I could spare her the pain but I guess getting the stitches was better for her, at least it will be a smaller scar.  

I hope I never have to watch either of my girls get stitches again.  Honestly I guess watching the stitching part wasn't as bad as I thought, it was kind of neat to watch how they use the tools to make a knot.  I didn't watch them actually poke the needle through her skin, that would have been too much for me.  I am just glad it is over!

Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Months

24 pounds and 31 inches, she is now 10 months old!  Waving, clapping, dancing, pointing, crawling, standing, shaking her head no no no, clenching her fist, saying ma ma, ba ba, da da, pa pa, ought oh, eating 7 ounce bottles 4 times a day and 3 solid meals, mostly whatever we eat, sleeping from 8 pm to 6/7 am, most of the time all night but sometimes waking once, getting her pacifier, and going back to sleep, taking 2 long naps a day (except yesterday she only had one), loves her baths, loves her sister, loves life.

and for kicks, here is Summer at 10 months wearing the same outfit!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nutter Butters

Last night I had nutter butters right before I went to sleep at 9:15.  I was so tired after swimming and being in the sun.  Anyway maybe that is why around 10:45 I woke up abruptly and crazily, throwing the covers off the bed and about dashing across the room.  I was trying to catch Pepper before she fell, fell off of what I couldn't quite remember but apparently I was dreaming and it became very physical.  I do remember dreaming about hair bows .... but my timing couldn't have been any better either because at that exact moment that I thrashed the bed Kris was walking (in the dark) quietly into the room to come to bed.  He heard me attacking the bed and didn't know what the heck was going on - he can't see as well in the dark as I can :o) He thought maybe the cat was attacking something or going crazy.  He turned on the bathroom light while I was half asleep getting out of the bed and I informed him that I was just catching Pepper before she fell.  Pepper was in her crib upstairs sleeping soundly.  At least I think so - I never even checked on her, didn't even bother to look at the baby monitor or anything, I just got up, went pee, and went right back to bed!

I still find it quite funny today :o)


As if I have extra free time  - I decided to start making and selling hair bows.  Besides all my other fun hobbies like photography, reading, homeschooling, well maybe homeschooling isn't exactly a hobby :o) so how about cooking?  Anyway I found some time to make a few hair bows and after I made 20 or so I decided to sell them instead of giving them all away, that way I can make more!

Go like the page and let me know what you think :o)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


We finished our first week of school.  We ended August.  We official end the "summer" on monday thanks to Labor Day.  Hopefully we end the 100+ temperatures we have enjoyed the last few months.  I love the summer and I love the heat but when it starts cooling down I am always ready.  I am ready.  I can already feel the changes in the air.  The mornings come later and the evenings come earlier.  It is finally cool enough outside in the evenings to go out and do something.  It is the end of the beginning of something new.

Today we went swimming, probably for the last time, over our friend's house, (the Springston's, you know, the ones we always go over) and a few other friends showed up and we swam, and had a BBQ, and hung out.  Charlene has a really fancy camera that can go underwater so I tried to get a few underwater pictures.  It is not as easy as you might think!  It might have been easier had I had goggles but I winged it and managed to get a few pictures that are post worthy.  

and look, Pepper was with us!  We tried an underwater picture with her too but it didn't work :o)  She still had a lot of fun swimming, in fact I think we were all in the pool for about an hour!