Monday, January 10, 2011


Life has taken a turn for the super busy, and I changed a setting on my flickr which made my pictures go away. I don't really want to fix it because I just don't have time! I may be stopping this blog for a while with intentions to work on my other blog more - and I will be working on a book this year too, so many exciting, but busy, things happening. Don't fret, follow me on facebook and get your picture fix, and one day - maybe soon, I may be back.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Eve

What did YOU do for New Years Eve?

I can tell you what we didn't do - we did not stay up until midnight, even though I told Summer she could. In fact the plan was to stay up and party until 2011. We headed over to a friends house around 7:00, lots of drinks, food, good company, things were going as planned until 8:38 PM when Summer announced to Kris and I that she was ready to go home. Home? "Summer, I told you - we are staying all night, you can stay up late. Do you want to go lay down in the back?" to which she replied "yes" and that was the end of that. Kris looked and me and I looked at him and we both just shrugged our shoulders. We were not disappointed - in fact sleeping is one of my favorite past times, so we decided to leave the party early, like we have done for the past 3 years, head home and put our baby to sleep in her own comfy bed. She was so tired, we figured it would be less than 5 minutes in the car that she would be asleep, we were wrong, it was more like 3 minutes.

All in all it was still a wonderful holiday, we spent a few hours with our good friends, Summer got to party for a bit.

And of course - pictures. I always show cute pictures don't I? Here is a picture of Summer earlier that afternoon - wearing bright red lipstick that she picked out and posing for the camera!

And here are pictures about an hour after that when Summer decided she would decorate her face like Halloween for New Years. Yup I was a little confused myself, luckily she used markers and crayons made for her white board and it came right off.

Our New Years Day tradition is lunch at Red Lobster so that's what we did. The rest of the day was spent enjoying nothing, or doing nothing rather. It was nice. I hope the rest of the year is just as nice and I expect it will be.