Thursday, March 26, 2009

This man of mine

Oh this man of mine … he changes diapers, even dirty ones, washes her face after a messy meal, goes on walks and pulls the wagon, knows how to put her hair up in a rubber band to keep the hair out of her eyes, tickles her and makes her laugh just right, loves to kiss and hug her as much as I do, picks out cute outfits for her to wear, gives her a bath and afterward smothers her in lotion to help her dry skin, fixes her breakfast and lunch, reads books to her whenever she wants, cuddles and watches Disney, PBS or Nickelodeon to keep her entertained, wipes her nose when she has a cold, keeps her safe – rarely lets her out of his site, and most importantly calls me to let her talk to me or tell me anything new and exciting she have done while I am at work.
Besides being such an awesome father, he also does the dishes each morning, eats everything I cook, even the yucky vegetables, does laundry with a reminder, empties the diaper genie - pew, mops when motivated, makes his side of the bed each morning, reminds me to pick up my clothes from the bathroom floor, watches American Idol and Jon and Kate plus 8 with me, doesn’t mind when I lay in bed and solve Sudoku puzzles.
He is also an expert Everquest master and plays 6 characters at once, likes to stay home and watch movies together, never goes out and parties with the guys, knows how to make the best hamburger with sautéed onions and don’t forget the delicious grilled steak, shrimp and vegetables! He also doesn’t watch sports nor does he fart out loud, he doesn’t belch or burp and he showers daily, sometimes more, and always wears cologne that makes him smell so nice.
Oh this man of mine, did I mention how he never complains when I want to go grocery shopping, well he doesn’t complain much anyway, and he allows me to go cloth shopping by myself, he let’s me spend money all the time, he is stylish and is happy to help me when I am not - which is most the time. He let me have dogs and try cats when I begged, and when they were horrible and I had to give them back, twice, he didn’t say I told you so.
He loves me and I know it and I love him, and together we make an awesome team, we are happy together and it shows, we have a great life together and I know how lucky I am to have this man of mine.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I think she is weaned

We went all weekend without a pappy. She goes to bed just fine but naps are a little more difficult. On Saturday I put her in her crib and she whined, but never cried, for about 10 minutes then she was out. I almost gave in - I had the pacifier right outside her door. On Sunday we ate lunch and when I put her down she walked to my door so we got on the bed and within 10 minutes she was out. To help her fall asleep I lightly tickled her back. This is really a lot easier than I thought it would be, you hear the horror stories about kids who love their pacifier. Summer is at home with daddy and he has more issues so we will see how it goes, hopefully she will be completely weaned and I can throw all the pacifiers away, right now they are in a pile waiting, hoping ...
We had a very fun busy weekend. We started the weekend at dance class, no one but Ana showed up so I will probably call this week and cancel. I really enjoyed teaching but I think I would prefer to attend and spend more time with Summer. That being said I did a damn good job teaching. After dance we headed home and met up with Casey, Ana, Jessica and Chloe and had ourselves a fun photo shoot. We did a leotard/ballet set, a spring set and a St. Patrick set. It was so much fun dressing the girls up and overall they were good sports about it. If I had to pick a favorite photo I guess I would pick this one:
After pictures the girls played in the room and then they left and we hung out the rest of the day. Sunday started quiet but around 3:15 we headed over Casey and Ana's house, the park across the street from her had a circus. It was a big tent with about 10 performers. Summer had her first cotton candy which she enjoyed. She tried to eat it like a big sucker at first but I had to show her how to pull the pieces off, it was really cute.
Oh and did I mention Summer can sing her abc's? We got her on video singing the other night in the bathtub, she can actually say most of the letters correctly, some she just makes a sound for. I am amazed how well she keeps the rhythm but we do sing to her all the time so I guess that helps.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am so scared

Kris made Summer take her nap without her pappy. He said she cried for about 10 minutes or less. I think we are going to try to take it away ... and I am SO scared. I don't know why, maybe because I don't like to see her cry, it is easier with a pappy, it is comforting for her, and she won't be my baby anymore /tear

Besides all that nonsense I think she is ready. She goes to bed so easily I bet even without the pappy she will go down without any problems. I will update if I am brave enough to try it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Little People

Do you ever look at your child and think - how in the world did I make you? Does your child look/act anything like you or like me is your child a person completely different? Her hair color, her eye color, her build, her laugh, her toes, her attitude, her smile, everything is her, not me. How is it possible to make a new person like that? If I wasn't sure she was mine I would really wonder where she came from. I guess I always thought I would have a child that look and acted just like me, but this girl is her own person and when I look at her I see her, someone else, someone I have never met before, someone who is amazing!

I still don't know how I did it, well how we did it, Kris helped. I wonder if it is possible to do it again, could we possibly be so lucky? Would they all be so unique or would we end up with one that looks and acts like we do? Or maybe Summer will change and start looking like her mommy and acting like her daddy .... time will tell but until then - wow!