Friday, June 29, 2007

what to do, what to do ...

So I went for my Friday NST appt, which consisted of blood work, urine sample, 20 minutes of monitoring, seeing the doctor, getting an ultrasound to check for fluid and position.

Last week the big issue was blood pressure, this week we are back to breach.

The doctor said I had to hurry and make my decision because I am running out of time!

My options are: try to turn the baby or have a c-section, and even if the baby turns, they may make me do a c-section anyway because of the high blood pressure, but regardless I think they are going to induce me at 39 weeks because of the high blood pressure (I think, I got a bit confused).

I chose to go in on Monday morning and see if the doctor can turn Summer without an epideral (using an epideral is another more aggressive turning option). I figure if I need an epideral to try to turn her, the hell with that, I would rather just schedule a c-section ...

On Monday I have to call L&D and see if they have a bed, and if so, I will be going in to see if they can turn her. Again, the doctor said it is unlikely at this point she will turn on her own because she is running out of room (and has never turned since at least 27 weeks when I had the 4d).

Part of me just says the hell with it, let's do a c-section, I don't plan on having more kids, it is so convenient, and I know exactly when she is coming, and people do it all the time, but I wanted to experience labor at least once, and I would feel bad if I didn't at least try.

Monday should be interesting ... I will keep you posted,

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

36 Weeks Finally

I have made it to 36 weeks. One more week and Summer is considered full term. I started seeing the doctor twice a week this week for NST monitoring (neonatal stress test). I have been taking my blood pressure and it keeps coming back normal, so I don't know what happened last week. At my NST appointment yesterday (my first), I found out I have to get hooked up to the monitor and Summer's heartbeat has to go above her baseline by 15 heartbeats for 6 seconds. Her normal heartbeat is around 150, so in twenty minutes, she has to maintain a heartbeat of at least 165 twice. I asked if I could poke her and the nurse said yes, so needless to say, this was a very easy test for her and I. I can always get her to move just by poking at her. During the monitoring, they also see contractions, which I seem to have more of during the 20 minutes of monitoring than during the entire day. I must be showing off, but the nurse said my uterus looked irritated (because I was having so many contractions) and it could have been because Summer was moving, because I was poking her - haha! On Friday, I have to go in again, take labs, have another 20 minute NST test, then I will see the doctor, get an ultrasound, where she will measure the fluid and growth, and again this weekend I have to collect urine for 24 hours. This pregnancy was going too easy until last week! If my blood pressure is high, it is because the stress of all the doctor appointments! Plus, Summer is still breach, and I need to determine what I should do about that... so much to think about. Oh well, it should all be over in a month right!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Much Better

I went in this morning for more monitoring and to turn in 24 hour worth of urine (yuck, I never want to do that again). My blood pressure was much better 140/82, and Summer was perfect, heart beat was good, no contractions today. I didn't have to wait for the results (which can take 2-6 hours), luckily they let me go home, so I started washing baby clothes finally yay! One more thing I can take off the list. I have to go back to the doctors on Tuesday for more monitoring, this last month is going to be really busy, I can already tell!
Yesterday, Kris and I finished decorating the nursery, it turned out so cute! We still have a few things to do, we can get curtains, a dirty laundry basket, small things. Here are some pictures. What a long weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

36 week appointment

So yesterday I had my 36 week appointment (even though I was only 35 weeks and 2 days). I was going to first see the anesthesiologist to review the pain options, then the OB doctor, where I would get the strep B test and see if Summer was still breach (and I knew she was).

8:00 am Anesthesiologists - The appointment went just fine, the doctor was a 28 year retired Navy guy, very nice, gave us way too much information, but I left thinking the same as when I came, I will get the epi if the pain gets too bad.

8:45 am OB Appointment - The nurse takes my weight, I weighted 163 3/4, but it was early in the day and at home I have seen 166, then we go into the room and the nurse measured my stomach, 36 weeks, and she listens to Summer's h/b, it was in the 150's, she takes my blood pressure, and this is where things get interesting - because it was 145/98. Uh ya, 145/98 is really very high! The nurse just said she will take it again later, and I honestly thought it was a mistake since I have small arms and all, and the cuff was the larger size. Then she takes a large q-tip and just swabs my butt to test me for strep b, it didn't hurt at all, and took less than 3 seconds. If I am positive, I have to take antibiotics when I deliver to protect Summer.

The OB doc comes in, Dr. Sherm, a doctor I haven't met yet, the nurse retakes the blood pressure and it is still high,! The OB doctor does an ultrasound, sees that Summer is still breach, and measures her head, body, legs, all are measuring right on. She even sees Summer breathing (she can see the lungs and ribs moving) which is really a good sign, and she measured my fluid, and those are good as well.

At this point, I am a little freaked out, I know high blood pressure isn't a good thing, and if they can't get it to go down, I could very well be induced today. Kris is with me the whole time, and I have no clue what he is thinking, but he and I are very calm.

The doctor starts to discuss breach options, the risk of turning, which is only 50% successful and the baby could turn back. Summer is basically in a C or L position, and I have never felt her turn, so I am doubt she will turn either, and of course the other option is a c-section. I have a lot to think about over the next few weeks.

Ok back to the high blood pressure, because I had high blood pressure I am going to be seen twice a week to be monitored from this point on. Remember I was still on monthly visits up to this point, so I am bummed. We now have to go up to L&D to be monitored and get blood and urine (for protien) test, and see if the blood pressure goes down.

9:30 am L&D - I get in a bed, get hooked up to monitors, the blood pressure cuff starts taking my readings every 10 minutes. It is very nice up in L&D, the nurse asked me if I had ever felt contractions and I said No. Not 5 minutes later she said, look you just had a contraction on the monitor. I did not feel that one of the next one, but the third one I felt! I have been feeling contractions, not painful or regular, but I didn't know what I was feeling, I thought it was the baby rolling all into my right side (which doesn't make sense now anyway). Basically I feel the contractions in my right side and it feels like a pressure. I always told people "ouch Summer is all in my right, she needs to move" when I was actually having a contraction! The nurse said they were normal, and at this point I was having them every 10 minutes while I was being monitored, I think I was showing off, because I normally don't have them that often. In fact, after leaving the hospital that day, I maybe had 1 or 2 more.

At 11:30 I am still in L&D - My blood pressure goes way down, 118/70. I have no clue why it was ever up so high, seems like such a fluke. They stop monitoring me (during the hour monitor Summer did great). We move into another room and wait for the doctor to come go over the blood and urine test, which both came back fine. Now, I have to collect my urine for 24 hours (in a hat thing - which is so much easier than a cup haha), starting Saturday morning through Sunday morning, and on Sunday, I have to bring it back and get monitored again. Then I have to go in for monitoring every Tuesday and Friday for 20-40 minutes until I deliver. Next Friday they will do another ultrasound to see how Summer is doing.

At 12:15 we finally leave - remember, I was the pregnant lady without any problems, smooth sailing, everything perfect, by the book, and now look what happened! Kris and I went home, changed clothes, then headed to Olive Garden for some much needed lunch.

While Kris and I were waiting in the L&D room, we talked about how the car seat hasn't arrived yet. At one point I almost panicked because I didn't realize it had turned into Summer yet (June 21st) but it had. I have reached my goal! I go back to work Monday, I still feel fine, just a little shaken up about everything. Oh an my left leg is still swelling up ... and looks so annoying :o)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

35 weeks and HUGE

Last night, Kris took a new picture, and we both discovered that I am a lot fatter in pictures than I am in real life. I have 5 weeks left, and you can bet I am counting down the days. Last night, for the first time ever, I had swelling in my feet, and one ankle, and yes, it did look stupid. Luckily I am still feeling good, I can move around ok, I have been a little tired, but nothing to complain about. I am having trouble drinking water, it just taste bad for some reason, but I know I need to drink up, since it has been over 100 here for the last week and it is going to continue. I thought I had some stretch marks over the weekend, they sure looked like it, but they went away so I guess it was the sheets. Oh I also gained some more weight, about 4 or 5 more pounds in the last two weeks, so I am up to 165. I hope it doesn't continue to increase so much, I would like to stop now, I have gained the 25 they recommend :o) Overall I am still happy and feeling positive about everything.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6 weeks and a day to go

Well, it still seems like it will never happen, but it is getting closer. Here is a belly shot from this morning, I am 34 weeks tomorrow. I still feel good, just a little stuffed, or like my belly is really full. I now wake up about 5 times each night to go pee, yet I still feel rested the next day, amazing isn't it. My clothes are all getting really tight, but I am determined not to buy anymore! I have gained a whopping 20 pounds, so I feel pretty good about it, I have 6 weeks to gain 5 more.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Crib & Changing Table

We have a crib and changing table all put together in the nursery now, and we got a lot of gifts from the shower last week! Gosh, I feel so loved! We got a lot of clothes (all cute girly clothes), some books, blankets, crib sheets, a bath tub & wash set, a baby bathrobe, burp cloths, a rocker swing, two baby bouncers, a back/stomach baby carrier, stuffed animals, toys, bottles, paci's, a diaper bag, bibs, wow, we are set! I even bought 2 packs of diapers this past weekend (size 1). Here is a pictures from the room, it is starting to look great. We still haven't put up any decorations, but maybe we will this weekend, because the dresser should arrive on Wednesday, and I can finally wash and put the clothes away!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

32.5 week appointment

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday. It was interesting, and luckily, all good news. My blood pressure was 127/85, my heart beat was 89, and Summer's heart beat was 152. I am measuring right on, I have only gained 1 more pound from 4 weeks ago, so I weight 159. The doctor did an ultrasound to see where Summer was, of course she is breach. She is sitting in an L shape, her head is in my upper right side, her butt is in the lower right side, and her legs are on the lower left side. Everything on the ultrasound looked good, the doctor even saw her breathing (of course, I couldn't make much out). She is a lot bigger than I realized. I have to go back to the doctors in 3 weeks and see a real doctor to see if she is still breach, but I am not worried, some babies turn at the last minute.
This morning I went to my nutritionalist appointment. I did pass my glucose test, the cut off is 140, and I was 134, so because I was a little high, they want me to watch my carbohydrates. I thought I knew what they wanted, no sugar, but they actually want me to balance the amount of carbohydrates I eat at each meal. That was a relief, and I don't have to go back and see them anymore.
In other news - I found a matching dresser yesterday and ordered it, the crib and changing table are ordered, now we are just waiting for everything to come in so we can put the room together. I have 7 weeks and 1 day left, still plenty of time right :o)