Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lake Mead Adventure

This weekend our adventurous side took us east ... about 90 miles.  If you had told me this morning that my girls would be swimming in the lake in the afternoon I would have laughed but that is where we ended up.  Ok fine, they weren't really swimming, more like standing, falling, collecting shells and throwing rock into Lake Mead!  It was a long but fun adventure as usual!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


My last post was about swimming and this one is about playing in the snow - seems wrong somehow.  It got a little cold here which meant much colder at Mt. Charleston, which meant snow, and probably our last chance to see it this year, so my good friend Ally and I packed up the snow gear and headed to the mountain.

We left pretty early, 8:17 on the clock in the car, and the mountain was perfect!  It wasn't very busy, there was a lot of perfect sledding now and the weather was sunny and amazingly warm.  In fact I only had a shirt and a hoody on.  The girls were unfortunately completely bundled with two layers, big jackets, hats, gloves, but they never complained and stayed warm.

It seemed like we were out there for hours, but 2 hours later (or even less) we headed back to the car to take a potty break and have snacks.  Luckily Ally brought this portable potty that we set on the ground between our cars and blocked the view with our doors and the girls were able to, well you know, go pee!

I think they worked up an appetite because before we got home from the 45 minute drive they had almost eaten every snack I had brought with us.

We all had fun, it was really the perfect day to go see snow, even if it IS March!  Here are a few of the finer photos!