Thursday, April 30, 2009


Clothes Survey
Does your baby help get dress? She helps with her arms and legs, not as good as I would like, it will happen eventually
Can your baby put on or take off their own clothes? No not really at all, I think her clothes are too tight haha
Does your baby help pick out clothes/shoes? No but I have never let her. During bath time she will go and grab clothes but Kris or I always pick out her outfit for the day
Does your baby keep their clothes on? Yes she never undresses herself luckily
Does your baby mind socks/shoes? Nope she has no issues wearing socks or shoes
What size clothes does your baby wear? 2T and some 3T actually, some of the shirts are tight so I started buying 3T shirts
What size shoe does your baby wear? 6 or 7 depending on the shoe
What size diaper are they in? I just broke down and bought size 5 and they fit fine
Does your baby wear hats? Not really, I wish she did, I keep trying to get her to wear cute hats
Does your baby wear sunglasses? She loves sunglasses, she always wears them in the car because I am always wearing them and she sees me and of course she has to be like me
Does your baby wear hair accessories? Always to keep the hair out of her face, either bows or rubber bands. She really hates having her hair done but I hate to see her continually move the hair away from her eyes and forehead
What type of outfits does your baby wear the most? Pants/Shirts - soon we will be in shorts. Mimi just sent a bunch of really cute little dresses that she will love
Do you use a bib or take off the shirt for meals? If it is super messy we take the clothes off, no bibs anymore
Has your baby ever taken their diaper off? Never but she is rarely just in a diaper
Does your baby wear more than 1 outfit a day for any reason? Not usually, she stays pretty clean

Sleep Survey
How many hours does your baby sleep at night? 10 to 10.5 hours
What time does your baby go to sleep? 8:15/8:30 pm
How many naps does your baby take a day? 1
How long are the naps? 1 to 1 1/2 hours
How many total hours of sleep does your baby average each day? 11 to 12 hours

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Baby

Well I guess we are at fault for this one --- she will say "I farted" whenever she farts. She was never a very farty baby so when she started farting recently I would say you farted and laugh. Now when ever she farts she will tell us and laugh ...

"go away" - whenever she wants to do something. Just last week I way saying she is not independent and look what happened, apparently she got onto the computer and read that post. I have NO clue where she learned it, we don't ever tell her that and I don't think any of her little friends do either. Luckily she also knows "Summer's turn, my turn, your turn, mommy or daddy's turn" so it helps when we switch it to taking turns. She wants to brush her teeth so we let her have a turn then we have a turn, it makes it a little easier.

Some new cute things she does is singing songs from Sesame Street, she sings along with Elmo's world and several other songs from the show. She also thinks Mr. Noodle is hilarious and will laugh so hard and his silly antics.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

wooo long time

I haven't posted anything in a LONG time sorry! First I want you all to go check out piggy face on my flickr, Summer makes pig snorting noises and it is SO darn cute and funny. Of course she is going to hate me when she gets older for getting it on camera but what can you do ...

Piggy Video

Summer helped out a local photographer with some advertising, I was so proud of her, she was so natural in front of a camera (I wonder why) and listened so well. We spent about 45 minutes taking photos and she did great. She had such cute happy smiles.

We had a great Easter, Summer has so many people who love her, she is truly blessed and had a great time with friends. Summer enjoyed the few gummy bears she ate and had fun finding the eggs in our back yard. Next year will be more fun for her but we still had fun watching her try to figure out why there were eggs all over the place, and why we wanted her to pick them all up and put them in her basket without opening and eating the goodies inside.

Some new things, Summer says "I like it" a lot - if she likes something, like food, going to the park, a certain book, a song, we will hear "I like it". Another neat thing she does in the car is say "open" and "close" and when she says open we roll down both back windows, to which she usually replies "its windy" so she says close and we roll them up. She also says "back in there" when we go outside if it is cold or windy lol too funny. She says it REALLY fast so I doubt most people who figure out what she is saying, except she is running for the front door while she says it.

Papa just bought Summer a little bike with training wheels and a helmet. She can actually get onto the bike really well, I don't think she will be riding it anytime soon but I guess you never know. I will probably work with her some this weekend when it warms up.

I think Summer is teething, her last set of molars. She was really cranky yesterday because she would not nap and her cheeks and chin are all red. I hope they cut soon and she starts feeling better.

She turned 21 months on the 13th, she is now 30.5 pounds on the home scale, which she can stand on all by herself now, and she is about 34 inches tall, almost 3 feet. I think she is finally losing some of her baby weight and slimming up. She is still in size 4 diapers and size 2T but some of her shirts are tight, can you believe it. I put a 3T shirt on her the other day and it fit fine yikes!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Kris called me earlier to tattle on Summer, she was sitting in her room at her table coloring on index cards (her new thing) and turned and decided the wall needed a little something. I think Kris thought I might be upset, but I don't care, I will try to wash it off and I am glad he is letting her in there on her own some of the time. He called me and put her on the phone and made her say she was sorry lol, it was cute, I told her we only color on paper, not on walls right? and she said "yes".

Then Kris called a few hours later to say Summer is opening the fridge now by herself. Just in the last 2-3 days Summer has started asking for a specific drink, usually milk but sometimes water, it is so cute to know what she actually wants. Kris thinks we should move some of the items around in the fridge so she can get in and get her own sippy cup from the bottom shelf. She is never in the kitchen alone anyway so I may try to do some rearranging this weekend.

After we finished at the park last night I drove through Sonic to get drinks, Summer always wants one so I ordered her a white milk and asked for a small kids size cup to put it in. You should have seen the smile on her face when she got her own cup!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vocabulary Explosion

It amazes me how many new words Summer has learned in such a short time. A few nights ago I was in the room with her and she kept saying "Hey" to get my attention. She knows the name of most of her books, well a shortened version anyway. For example she calls this one book of nursery rhymes "Baa Baa" because it has Baa Baa Black Sheep in it. She has her "foot" book, her "Bible", her "Cow" and her "Lady Bug" book to name a few.
She will tell you what she wants to drink when she is thirsty now, either she will say "milk" or "water" and she is quick to ask for a "popsicle" if she sees you in the freezer. If she likes something she will tell you "I like it". I bought her a bunch of books yesterday off craigslist and while we were driving there I asked her if she wanted some books, to which she replied "yes, I like them". She is starting to pick up so many words from us, our very own little copycat. There are so many other words I am forgetting, like today she said "hooray" on the phone, and she told Mr. Noodles on Sesame Street "on no" last night when he did something silly. I love this stage in her development!