Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eggs

We colored our eggs this morning.  It was Pepper's first time too, last year I had Summer do it while she napped, hey she was so little.  Both girls had fun and the mess was minimal.  I also let the girls crack and eat the eggs after too, they both had fun doing that and each ate 2 eggs!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wild Horses

Today was a new day so we decided to do something new.  We headed out past Mt. Charleston to a little place called Cold Creek.  We saw wild horses!  We saw wild jack rabbits!  Then there was a horribly long gravel/rock road we had to travel to get to the trail.  We were so shaken by the time we started the trail, at one point Pepper said the car was going to tip over from the slants.  But the trail was neat, quite, not well used, peaceful, and the weather was perfect, plus it was overcast.  We didn't even run into anyone else hiking.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring at the Preserves

Every spring I try to get the girls and some friends to go to the Springs Preserve to take some "spring" photos.  I just love the lighting and yesterday was the perfect day.  It was a little cool but warm enough, and it was overcast!  Here are a few pictures.

Farmers Market

On the first and third saturday each month Floyd Lamb has the farmers market out there - it is free, and we go to check it out.  Besides having fruit/veggies, they also have several venders.  We decided to go this morning and when we got there they were also having a free event so we got to do a lot of free things, like jump in bouncy houses, check out a huge fire engine, take pictures with a very scary easter bunny, ride horses, pet goats, and get ice cream!  It was a bit windy, warm in the sun and cool in the shade.  This was the first time Pepper was on a big horse, she wanted to ride again, and after we did the horses we went into the goat area and she wanted to ride a goat, "Can I ride a goat please?"

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Went Away

March was a fast strange month.  We were mostly sick and the whole time change, and the weather has been odd ... it was an odd month and I am glad it is gone.  We did do a few cool things, but mostly we stayed home and tried to recover.  We did go swimming a few times (4-5) because the pool got as high as 82 once or twice, warm enough for the girls and Bus and my mom, not me.

We also went to the "Farm" to get some local honey to help us with all this sickness we have had.  I think a bit of allergies on top of a sinus cold.  I hope the honey is helping!