Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scary Grass

I have been usually busy all week, and felt like I wasn't there for Summer. On Thursday I had an IT emergency and was on the phone all night, and on Friday I worked until 7:00, luckily Kris didn't mind and on Saturday I spent all day with Summer. We hung out a lot, crawled around, took some pictures, went grocery shopping, took a nap together, took a bath, and even shared some food, I gave her some of my pancakes for breakfast (no syrup) and some of my peas for dinner. It was a great bonding day and today I feel like she is my baby! She has started to give kisses on request, well most of the time, ok just sometimes, but they are wide open and slobbery kisses so sometime will work for now. She is also saying bye and starting to wave, I caught her on video yesterday saying bye, you can look at it on youtube, just look up jesca4u to see all of my videos. The photo shoot yesterday was ok, no great photos but I did catch a good shot of Summer in the grass, holding both of her feet up and one arm. I will set her in the grass in a crawl position and she will balance herself on two knees and one hand while holding everything else up. She has crawled in the grass before so I am not sure where this new fear came from, but it is so cute! No plans for today, hanging out together again, probably get some more photos. I just finished the third three month shutterfly book, months seven, eight and nine, and plan on printing that out next month. I love looking back through the books and see how much she has changed, have you seen this kids bangs, her hair has really grown a lot, I have to scoot her bangs to the side so they don't get in her eyes.
I still cannot believe that I have a baby, and that I am a mommy, and that Summer is my daughter. Surely this will change eventually right? At some point it has to stop feeling so weird and seem normal right? I love the feeling I get when I look at my little, or really big girl, and I am so glad I did this. It helps that I have such a great husband to help make me a better mother. I can't wait for my first mother's day, I plan on spending all day with my daughter!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Out to eat

Friday night we went out to eat, a Mexican place, and as we were sitting down at the table, getting Summer situated in her high chair, she manages to grab the two glass plates on the side of the table, hold them up for a few seconds and drop them onto the tile floor, CRASH. It was really loud but only one broke. We continued as normal, Summer was great during the rest of the dinner and the food was delicious. It is darn amazing how quick a 9 month old can be. Not much else happened this week, Summer had a few great night sleeping all night, but last night she woke up a lot and ruined the bragging streak. She is down to 3 bottles a day now, she weaned herself off the 4th, she has a bottle at 6 am, 12 pm and 8 pm. We are still feeding her breakfast and dinner but giving her larger portions, and trying to give her more table foods. Because of her we will probably have spegetti every week now because she likes the noodles. We are planning a trip to the zoo today, the zoo is very small in town but it should be fun enough and hopefully I will get some pictures. This morning I blew up 80 ballons and let Killer loose, he wasn't as excited as I thought and only ended up popping half of them. I used the rest for a photo shoot but the sun wasn't out and Summer was tired so the pictures weren't my favorite, but I still had fun taking them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

9 Months

Summer is 9 months today!!! We have no doctors appointment until she turns 12 months so here is what I measured. 22.5 pounds (and I rounded down) holy CRAP she is huge. I thought she might be 21 pounds, I didn't realize she gained so much in one month, and 29 inches tall- which is the same for the past 2 months, unless I measured wrong, which I probably did, using a measuring tape isn't easy at home but I guess that is still pretty tall. She is crawling, pulling herself up onto everything, and as of yesterday, started opening drawers. Last night Summer opened up the bottom drawer in the bathroom and was playing with all of my hair items, clips, bows, rubber bands, and this morning she learned how to open the drawer with all of our spoons, here is a video. After Cliff saw her in the drawers he decided he needs to baby proof more, so he went to Lowes to get some clips to fix the cabinets. I thought we had more time, apparently not. I cannot imagine how difficult it will be once she starts walking.
Summer is drinking 3 or 4 (8-oz) bottles a day, on some days she only has 3. She eats a large breakfast of rice or oatmeal and fruit and a plastic 4 oz container of vegetables for dinner. I think I will start introducing a regular lunch around 10 months. I am slowly introducing table foods, last week Summer has spegetti and ate them just fine, she has also had some pancakes (no syrup) and lots of soft veggies. When she wakes up from her nap I will give her some baby yogurt, only half so I can eat the rest. Summer will drink from a sippy cup if we help her, but she hasn't figured out that she has to tip it up to get the water yet. She has her two bottom teeth and one on top, the left, but his morning we noticed the top right is very white and puffy so I expect that one to poke through real soon.
For her 9 month birthday I bought her a tutu from walmart for $8.00. I tried to get a few photos today, some were cute. I tacked one pink blanket on the wall and laid another one on the floor and tried to keep her centered, as you can probably imagine, she doesn't like to stay still anymore, so I will take more photos again later, the tutu is really big so we have a lot of time.
She is still such a great baby. She is talking all the time, making all kinds of crazy sounds. We pretend we know what she is saying, and she thinks she is saying something and keeps going, it is so cute.
We went to a pet-a-palooza yesterday and I can honestly say I have never seen so many dogs in one place, it was amazing. Not any of the dogs fought. My poor little guy was exhausted, and twice rode in the stroller, once I held Summer while he rode up top and once he rode in the bottom basket underneath the stroller. We stayed about 2 hours and had to leave, I was fried from being in the sun all day. Summer did great, she just rode around in her stroller looking at all the dogs, never making a sound. I actually was watching Killer more than Summer because I had to keep his leash from getting tangled around himself, her stroller, my legs, other dogs, etc. Luckily when I got home yesterday Kris watched Summer while I took an hour nap to recover.