Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

What can I say about 2014, it was a good year, a really good year.  It started off with my mom and brother living with us. They got their own place in April and my mom is still there just 15 minutes away, and she is happy (at least today).  Kris got a new motorcycle in January and loves to ride, and I got a new car in February that I still love (it is so cute!) I turned 38 in April and I have had no new weird medical issues this year and that is always a good thing.  I had two moles removed and tested but they were normal.  Kris turned 44 in May and has been mostly working, watching movies, and riding his motorcycle. Summer graduated first grade with all A's in June and was put into a top scoring second grade class in August. She also turned 7 in July and we celebrated with a big pool party. We traveled to Colorado for a week in July for a family reunion and did some pretty amazing things, like rent a 4x4 and travel into the mountains so high we saw snow.  I started watching a little boy in August part time and I am still doing it, luckily he is a really great kid, and I am not just saying that incase his mom reads this.  I started doing social media marketing for a facebook business in September and I still enjoy it. We took a late beach vacation before school started in August and Kris bought his second motorcycle and sold his mustang. We got a new puppy in October, Buddy, and so far he seems like he is going to be a great family dog for us.  I decided to write Summer a chapter book in October and by the end of the year I wrote 6 books. Pepper turned 3 in November and turned into a monster, wait, she has always been a monster! We had a great Thanksgiving, and an amazing Christmas. Overall this has been a really good year, I hope next year is as great as this one.