Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost October

This weekend we were really busy. I was in and out of the car 4 times on Saturday, and 2 times on Sunday, and Summer was with me all but one of those times. It is a good thing gas prices are going down (I got it for $3.44 yesterday) because I was a driving fool this weekend. Saturday morning we had dance, it was fun, Summer did fine. Then I went and got Kris and I Panda for lunch (I hate Panda, remind me next time to not eat there, nasty food), then Summer and I went grocery shopping, then Kris, Summer and I went out to eat with the Springston's and the Ross's. We had important business to discuss, the upcoming Haunted House Halloween Party. On Sunday Summer and I went to the Springston's Church and later in the afternoon we met the Springston's at a Halloween store and looked at costumes and everything else they had. Summer was not scared of the scary things in the store but she did look a bit concerned or confused. I think I know what I am going to be, but we will see, it may change.
Last Thursday Summer had a fever, really her first non shot fever. It was only up around 100 and only lasted a day or two. She seemed ok, just a little run down. By the weekend she was back to herself, but too bad daddy seems to have caught it and it isn't being as nice to him, I think this is day 3 or 4 and he still feels bad.
I took another video of Summer yesterday - pointing out her hair, eyes, mouth, nose, feet and hands. I forgot to do where is her teeth, she knows that one too.
I am really skipping around here, last night I went to give Summer a bath, and when I was taking off her pants she was standing up and I slid both legs down, which made her unstable and she slipped, spun around, and hit the side of her head on the side of the bathtub. I felt so bad, and she really cried. I held her in my arms and rocked her back and forth saying I was so sorry, I am so sorry. She was better in a few minutes but she had a nice purple bruise right above her eye. Today it did look better but I still feel bad. I know she still loves me because she gave me several kisses when I left this morning and even cried when I had to go to work, and cried hard. I miss her already, Monday's are always the pits for leaving.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny Sounds

Summer is cute. It seems like people are always telling me how cute she is. I took her to dance class on Saturday and it was and wasn't what I expected, but I want to take her back. The class was not about dancing to fast music, more about following the instructor and doing certain movements and steps, which is probably better for Summer anyway, the whole hand/eye/feet/body coordination. I signed Summer up so we will be at dance classes each Saturday morning. The best part about the class was the interaction with other kids and people. Of course Summer was the youngest student at 14 months, the other two little girls in the class were 2, but I think Summer did as well if not better. Summer didn't really notice the little girls, she was more interested in the instructors daughter who was probably 8 or 9. Summer loves girls. Anyway all the people from the school kept saying how cute she was, the instructor, the instructors daughter, another mother, another little girl. Is she really as cute as I think she is?
On Sunday we went to a park a little further from home, but a park we will definately go to again in the near future. This park was awesome - it has a gravel pit, a small play area, a larger play area, a water area and a duck pond, plus it even had swings and security, what more could you ask for in a park? While we were waiting for some moms to show up this dad and his daughter were walking to their truck to get a drink. We were sitting right by the parking lot and the dad's truck was facing out, so the gate was down and he had a large cooler of something drinkable. Summer walked over to them because of the little girl, who was the same height as Summer so I am guessing a few more months older. The dad asked if Summer could also have a drink, I said "no, that's ok she is fine, plus she can't drink out of a cup yet" but he got her a drink anyway and held it for her. I assumed the liquid in the large yellow cooler was water, but after changing her shirt because she had several glasses full and had spilt a bit over herself, I realized that it might have been some sort of punch or juice. He was Mexican and I know they drink flavored juices or something, which is fine, just funny how Summer immediately levitates to anyone with food or drink. She had a lot of whatever it was in the jug. The entire family eventually walked over to the dad and the small daughter, I bet there was about 5 girls and they were all cute. At least they all had some of the liquid too. The rest of the park was fun, there were 4 moms all together and we walked around, let the kids play, and after 2 hours headed home. Summer skipped her afternoon nap to go to the park, she was really tired when we finished and fell asleep in the car before we got home. She went to bed early too. Around 5:30 this morning we could hear Summer on the monitor whining, having a bad dream. I went upstairs and got her and put her in our bed so I could hold her and tickle her side to help her out of her sad dream, it worked, she slept better after that and woke up around 6:30 like normal. It was nice having her lay on me while we slept another hour, she is so cuddly and soft and warm. I still love her to pieces. During the dance class right when we started I was so happy to be able to do this for her I almost started crying. I am such a baby now!
The good news - I took new video this weekend. Look at my youTube Baby Love and Animal Sounds are the new ones, enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blew me a kiss

Today is Monday again, and like every Monday morning leaving my baby is hard, harder on Monday than any other day. This morning daddy walked Summer to the garage to watch me pull away. I blew Summer a kiss and she kissed her hand back. Several times. It was so precious, but very emotional. It didn't help that an emotional country song was playing on the radio. Summer is such a great loving easy going baby, how could I not hate to leave each day? We had another great weekend, on Saturday we went and visited with Ana and Casey and the four of us went to the park. The girls had fun, the park had a cool tunnel with a lot of static. We took some good pictures. Then Summer and I ran errands, I had to pick up some more books because I am addicted to the Twilight series. The book store is across from Grandpa's job so we stopped in and saw him. Actually we went in so he could show Summer off to everyone there. Summer was giving people "fives" and of course they all thought she is so precious. I almost forgot about our early morning walk, well not real early, around 9:00 am, and actually already too late in the day to be considered cool, but Summer, I, and the dogs walked around the block. You can tell the weather is trying to cool, or that people in Vegas are ready for the weather to cool down because in that short walk around the block we stopped at two garage sales. One had nothing much, the other one was in the back yard and I saw baby clothes. Imagine how fun it was trying to push a baby stroller into the grass with two dogs on the other hand - exactly, not much fun at all, but I spotted a Little Tyke slide that was not for sale. I asked the lady if she wanted to sale it, it didn't look like it was getting used, it was dirty and had spiderwebs on it, and she said to make her an offer. I was at a garage sale, I had no clue how much these climber/slide combos go for, so I said $15. She said she had paid over $100 and she would sell it for $25. I told her I would be back for it. Even thought it was a house right around the corner, this thing was HUGE, it did not fit in the back of my SUV, so I used jumper cables to keep it in the back as best I could and managed to make it around the corner without dropping it. I washed it off and got it all pretty looking, it was definitely worth the $25, Summer will be able to use it for quite a few years. She has mastered the slide already, she knows how to sit and scoot forward and slide, which is so cute, I just love her so much!
Sunday we went shopping, just us girls, we went to Ross, Summer was such a good sport, allowing me three dressing room trips to find some new shirts. Then we went to Wal-Mart for groceries. I also found a pair of shoes and a Halloween outfit for Summer. Not a costume, just a cute orange and black outfit. It was a great weekend together, as usual. The weekends just keep getting better and better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random Things

Last night we were fast in bed when Summer started very quietly crying/whining. We could hear it through the monitor and Daddy flew up into a sitting position listening. I said to Kris, "what is a matter" to which he replied, "Summer might be stuck or need her pacifer" or something like that. She ended up whining for a good 5 seconds before falling fast asleep. What a great daddy to be so concerned about his baby, he did check the monitor and she was not stuck through the bars, she was happily somewhere in the middle where she should be.
Last week was difficult, I went to Hawaii for three days. When I returned home on Friday night around midnight, I found Summer and Daddy fast asleep. I missed my baby, so I kept her in our bed. She normally sleeps facing the same way we are, but sometime during the night she manages to wiggle herself sideways. I am glad we have a king size bed, but being head butted in the side made for a sleepless night. Summer woke up around 6:30 like normal, and I was a zombie the rest of the day. We had a grown up play date with some friends. This was the first time we had ventured to their house, and we quickly discovered the house to be very unbaby safe, there was glass and breakable things everywhere. Luckily I was exhausted so we stayed about 2 hours and went home. On Sunday I felt much better.
Grandpa has quit smoking again. He struggles with it over and over and because of Summer really wants to quit the habit. Since he is not smoking he has to find projects to keep him busy and occupy his mind. His bad habit now it shopping, which I find hilarious. We went shopping on Sunday and he bought Summer a bouncy princess castle house. On Monday he went shopping and bought Summer her first ride-able car, it goes a whole 2 mpg! I was thinking today about the need for a helmet hmmm. The car has a push button on the handle that makes it go forward. Summer is use to pushing buttons and letting go, and she was able to push the button, jump forward, stop, push the button, jump forward, stop, it was really cute. I guess she is doing better today, Kris said she made it all the way across the floor, so it is only a matter of time before she is riding like a pro!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Widow

This morning Summer and daddy were in the back yard. It was unusually cooler than normal, a cold front had arrived the day before and the air was nice and tolerable compared to the scorching heat we are ready to have end. Summer wandered the yard, went near the house and pointed to the wall. Daddy looked and discovered a big fat black widow hanging out in her web. She must have only recently moved in because we have a monthly bug guy - Jeff. Daddy took pictures and had to rid this creature, and while I am normally against killing spiders because spiders eat bugs, it was best that it end this way. Funny how things change once you have a kid.
We had a nice three day Labor day weekend, we spent a lot of time at our friends house, Summer played, swam, ate some chips, discovered gold fish crackers, and Summer said mom. Sure she talks but this is the first word that she said with a last letter - normally she only says ma, da, ba, etc, but she actually pronounced the m on the end - mom! Only a matter of time now before she starts forming real sentences!