Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is it the prenatal pills?

For the last two days I have felt ill. My stomach is a little upset and I am trying not to move around much because I feel like I will throw up. I have heard that some women get sick at the end of their pregnancy, I do not want to be this person. I did take two prenatal vitamins over the course of the last 2 or 3 days and I really think they might be the reason I feel so ill. I feel guilty not taking them but I try to eat vegetables everyday :o)

I had two appointments this week, on Monday I had to go to the base to be monitored. They sit you in a chair and hook you up to monitors, one reads your contractions or your uterus while the other monitors your baby's heart beat. In a matter of a maybe 15 minutes (or 30?) your baby had to have an increase in heartbeat. The normal resting heartbeat for a baby is around 140-150, a waking moving baby has a heartbeat around 160-170. Let's just say that I had no problem passing this test, this little spicy baby moves all the time. That appointment was at 8:45 in the morning and by 2:00 pm she was still moving around, which doesn't help my ill feeling any.

Today I had another growth scan. Kris took off and went with me, I think he was impressed with all the stuff the tech explains while they are doing their exam. We saw the heart, the blood flow, the placenta, the brain, the stomach, arm and leg bones, amino fluid, and so much more. I am measuring correctly and this little Pepper is already about 4 1/2 pounds. The doctor said I didn't need him anymore and would probably have her in about 5 weeks. I was like, excuse me? I am only 32+ weeks. Now that I think about it that would only make me 2 weeks early which isn't even considered early. Let's hope this doctor is really good at making guesses like that because I would love to go 2 weeks early!

Oh and I forgot to mention my blood pressure, both days it was low, like 115/75 or something. I just might not end up with any blood pressure issues this time!

All this talk about having a baby in 5 weeks made Kris start thinking about planning, which is rather funny to me because I am the planner - not him, but he said I should just go ahead and schedule a c-section so we can all be ready. I really want to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarian) this time for several reasons, the recovery time is so much easier, I want to experience contractions and labor, even if I do end up with an epidural, I just want to see how tough, or how wimpy I am, and it is safer. Kris is worried he may miss the birth if I go natural but for now I am just going to hope things work out for the best. Pepper isn't breach so there shouldn't be anything preventing me from having a natural birth, unless I don't go into labor on my own but I don't see that as a problem. While having the ultrasound exam the doctor asked if I felt that contraction and I said No. Well Yes I did feel it I just didn't realize it was a contraction. My stomach got tight but it didn't hurt. Apparently, since learning what having a contraction feels like, I have been having them randomly all day. Yay!

Oh and did you catch that, her name is going to be Pepper. Pepper ... well we don't have a middle name yet. She moves around so much I call her my little spicy baby so the name Pepper just sticks. Most people I tell really like it and think it is cute. I am sure some will not but it will grow on them. When we were discussing the name I asked my niece if it was ok to use the name because her daughters name is Pyper and they will be about a year apart, luckily she didn't mind.

I did get more ultrasound photos today but they are about the same, we did get a cute one of the hand open that looks like a wave. I also got my breast pump pieces yesterday and boiled them and washed them all today. I feel like I am almost ready, I have my baby shower this weekend and that should be a lot of fun. My mom will be here this weekend and I am going to have her help me get a few things ready. I feel like I can barely walk around without being uncomfortable so having my mom here will help. She is only staying a week but will be back before you know it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I just love her

I just love her. Love Love Love. Love to pieces. I look at her and think - how in the world did I do that? I can't help looking into her eyes and wondering how I could have done that.

Her smile melts me. Her laughter makes me smile. Her innocent rejuvenates me. Her love for me astounds me.

Her imagination makes me laugh. Her silliness makes me love her even more. Her cleverness makes me worry a little :o) in a good way.

Her willingness makes me happy. Her little lips make me want to kiss her. Her soft hair makes me want to cuddle.

I just love her.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pregnant Tummies

I am not the only one pregnant in my house, and I am not the only one with a baby in my tummy either!

If only it is as easy to get my baby out as it was for her. I made it to 31 weeks and if you want to compare me at 31 weeks with Summer you can do that here. That's why I am posing with Killer this week, of course last time he stood there on his own, this time he was forced, poor dog, getting so old. With Summer, at 31 weeks, I had gained 16 pounds. As of today I am up around 20 pounds. Really not bad considering. I have actually been feeling really good too, my energy is up, I am not as uncomfortable, I seem to be able to walk ok, the sleep number bed we just got is really helping my aching hips too.

Can you believe it - no complaints this week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hiking at Red Rock

We went hiking a few weeks ago, just the three of us, at Red Rock, the weather was perfect (maybe a little hot) and it was very nice. Summer loves hiking, or rock climbing, or climbing on the rocks ... she has a blast and we enjoyed the fresh air. We always see something interesting when we go hiking and this time we saw a lizard bathing on a rock in the warm sun. We used the opportunity to talk about camouflage. I always have school on my mind :o)

I love hiking but unfortunately I am getting to the point where I can't walk for long. It won't be much longer now I guess ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Less than 10

I have less than 10 weeks, hopefully, until I deliver this little squiggly spicy baby inside my tummy. At my last appointment on Monday I was measuring right on track, my blood pressure was 118/66, my pulse was in the 80's and my temperature was 99. The little girl who has invaded my body had a heartbeat of 150. She, of course, was awake and moving during the measurement and heartbeat scan. Overall I have been feeling a bit better. My heartburn isn't that bad really, does that mean she is going to be bald? I had been having horrible toe, feet, and leg cramps but Kris massaged my legs two nights ago and wouldn't you know it worked for the last two nights? He said I had bad knots in my legs and I want to know 1) how in the world did I get knots in my legs and 2) how can he feel them? Of course I don't know much about muscles, being that I don't have very big ones I guess. I also have had a bit more energy and I can't believe it is due to the 1/2 cup of decaf coffee I have started drinking this past week. AND, the best part, the pressure I have felt between my legs when I walk - is gone. It's like something shifted and I am not so uncomfortable anymore. Maybe I will get lucky, finally, and have a good end of pregnancy. Boy wouldn't that be nice. All I need to go with it is the perfect delivery in two months.

Well wishful thinking can be fun sometimes. Here is a 30 week photo I took earlier today, looking good I say!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jumping and Twisting

Yesterday was the first day we could go outside in the evening and play with chalk. The first day because it was actually cool enough to sit outside and not sweat to death. It always amazes me when it actually gets cooler, it just seems like the heat is going to last forever.

Once we got outside Summer wanted to play hopscotch. I really don't know how to play, nor do I really know how to draw it but we improvised. Then I got Summer to jump a few times really high, she had a lot of fun with that.

Then I thought ... how about making a colorful bulls eye and jumping into it? Well why not?

Lastly we decided to play "how fast can you spin" because that is another fun game you have to play outside once it cools off right?

It was a lot of fun, and she was a mess, a beautiful chalky mess. After we finished outside we went inside and took a bath :o)

The perfect evening in my book!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I guess summer is over

Labor Day means summer is over right? I guess - I mean it is still nearly 100 this week, and my garden still has live plants. It is still too hot to venture outside, parks are still out of the question for a few more weeks. We did take down our pool, mostly because it was slowly creeping down my yard since my yard isn't exactly level. I didn't expect to see any grass but imagine my surprise - of course if the grass actually makes it, well only time will tell. For now I am hoping the horrible swampy smell goes away in the next few days. As for my own Summer, she isn't going anywhere, at least for another 13 more years, or more if I convince her to stay :o)

Monday, September 5, 2011

29 Weeks

I made it to 29 weeks and I feel terrific! Ok I wish I could say that, the truth is I feel horrible, well not horrible, just uncomfortable, tired, nauseous, bloated, I have trouble walking, I have no energy, but I guess besides all that. Only 10+ more weeks right?

In the meantime I am trying hard to ignore all of that, we are still doing school each morning, we started week 3 today even though it is Labor Day, I figured why would we skip school when we both enjoy it. Summer is starting choir in another week and I am really looking forward to that, it is a program through the Clark County, she will meet once a week for 30 minutes through December and I guess at the end they have a big performance. She loves singing and dancing so I can't wait to see how well she does. She still has dance and they plan on adding another class soon, acting! That should be fun. We are still horse vaulting on the weekend and I am happy at how much she is learning. I don't think she will be performing anytime soon but you never know, she never fails to amaze me. I also want to put her back into soccer, she really enjoys going. We will see what happens in the next few weeks. I am also planning on weekly library visits, we don't need to borrow any books with as many as she has but it is fun going and seeing other kids read. So we are staying pretty busy, not to mention our weekly play dates and other random things we do each week.

Here are so photos of us my loving husband took last night, aren't we the cutest and we match!