Friday, December 26, 2008

Summer's 2nd Christmas

We had a lovely holiday. On Wednesday night (Christmas Eve) we decorated a gingerbread house together.

I really never want to do that again lol. Summer really didn't help either but in this photo it almost looks like she is!

Next we opened two gifts, one was her cute pajamas and one was a toy from Susan at work, here she is sitting in her new super cute pajamas playing with the tea set she got:

Then around 6:30 papa took Summer upstairs so daddy and mommy "aka Santa" could get the gifts together. This is what I found them doing when I went upstairs to get some of the gifts hehe.

We decided Summer really doesn't unwrap gifts very well so we unwrapped and unpacked everything and set them up under the tree, that way on Christmas morning she would walk into the living room and see all her toys all ready to play with under the tree.

The first thing she saw was Penelope the pink dog, then she saw the Elmo doll and then the books I think. She had a blast, maybe next year we will wrap them but this was so much easier for everyone, I am glad we did it this way.

Then I made breakfast and lunch!

Here is Summer eating turkey in her Christmas dress:

Before we could even eat dinner Summer crashed out:

The food was --- one of my best! I made a Turkey, it was so moist, I had bought a honey baked ham, they are always delicious, I made green rice casserole, it was heavenly, and a sweet potato casserole, oh it was so yummy, and we had mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, bread, olives and cranberries. I even made a gravy with the turkey juices!

Today we have already taken down the tree and put all the decorations away! I have leftovers and can't wait to eat lunch yum. Thanks for sharing the day with us!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking continues

Last night I left Kris to watch Summer while I went and showered. After my shower I was lying on the bed and Kris and Summer came into the room. Summer pointed to me so daddy put her on the bed and Summer said ... "Daddy theres Mommy" while pointing to me. We both just looked at each other in amazement. She already knew how to say daddy mommy but "theres" was a new word we have never heard her say and she said it so clearly in her little sentence. It was really cute, and I think it was her first real three word sentence, besides I Love You.

Earlier yesterday morning I was changing Summer's diaper - she had just woken up - and normally after I change her diaper I start to put her pants on. I pick her up and tell her to hug me so I can pull her pants all the way up over her diaper, so I picked her up and she said HUG before I could! So I told her I loved her and she said I love you back :o)

Summer has two little bears from Jared's where papa works and she grabbed both of them off her shelf earlier and said "two". I think she is learning what two actually means. If we start counting and say "one" she will say" two", sometimes "three" and "four".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Updates

I haven't updated in a while ... I am still considering ending the blog but I will decide later.
Thanksgiving - we had a great Thanksgiving together. Everything was perfect except the Turkey! We woke up like normal, had pancakes, played, Papa bought Summer a bear and after her nap she spotted it immediately. She than began to hug and kiss on that new bear - it was really sweet. Oh and I am changing his name from Grandpa or Grampa to Papa because that is what Summer calls him, Papa. The food was good all except the Turkey, I don't know what was wrong with it but it was gross! Apparently there were a few bad birds this year so hopefully that is what happened and nothing I did. We thought it was funny and had a vegetarian meal all except the deviled eggs.
Things have been good at home. Summer is starting to say so many new words - like What the Scallops because daddy says that all the time. She is starting to say I love you :o) and will almost repeat any word I say. This past weekend I babysat another girl, Chloe who is 20 months and having both girls together helped me see how different three months can make, I couldn't believe some of the things Chloe was doing but I know Summer will be there soon. It was a nice day babysitting, I was glad to see how the two girls interacted and of course I took a thousand pictures (all on the flickr). I was worn out but it was not as hard as I thought it would be, maybe because Chloe was a good baby too and never cried or whined.
Two nights ago Kris, Cliff, Summer and I loaded in the car and went to the Magic Forest at Opportunity Village. It was a chilling 40 something degrees outside, but the lights were beautiful and Summer enjoyed looking at the neat decorations. We rode on the carousel and train and Summer got to slide down the fake slide. Afterwards we went to dinner at the Outback steakhouse where I had some really yummy salmon and chicken. Summer slept horrible that night for some reason, probably teeth, she is getting the last 4 of her teeth, her canines and whatever the bottom ones are called. She keeps putting her hands in her mouth and before I cut her nails she had little scratches around her mouth, poor thing. I hope she gets these 4 in and can be done with teeth for a while.
Oh and I forgot Saturday - we went to the dentist Saturday for cleanings and Summer came along. I had the dentist look in her mouth and everything seemed fine. While Kris was getting his teeth cleaned so was I, so I had Summer sit on my lap during the cleaning, she sat so good. Hopefully the experience was a positive one and one that will help when she has to be the one sitting in the chair!
After the dental appointment we went to see Santa at Walgreens. They had free Santa and pictures. We sat Summer on his lap and at first she looked suspicious then she got this look like she was about to lose it but she never did cry and the picture is priceless. I could not have been happier with the way it turned out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you out there?

I am debating the blog, should I continue, is anyone even reading this thing anymore? If you are let me know ... and then I will decide if I am going to continue or not.