Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We have blue walls!

Well, we painted the nursery blue over Memorial Day weekend, and we lived to tell about it (and we have pictures to prove it). We still have to decorate and get the furniture, and then put the furniture together, but we are making progress, and we still have 8 weeks to go right?

I am 32 weeks today, and I still feel good. I took this belly shot this morning, and now I feel really ... fat. Pictures sure do show you more than you normally see I guess. Yikes!

Last, I wanted to show you these animals I found. I made them when I was around 15, and I cut them out of wood and painted them myself. I had no reason to make them, it was just for fun, and I was learning how to shade, but I remember thinking, if I ever have a kid, I can let them play with them. I had forgot about them until this past weekend. Aren't they cute!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

9 weeks to go ...

Can I make it 9 more weeks? I made it to 31 weeks today, and I still have 2 months and 2 days, but to me, it seems like I have been pregnant forever, and I am ready! 9 months is just TOO long to be pregnant, 7 months would be fine, why the extra two months? Ok, I really should not be complaining, I feel fine, I do not have any pain, no swelling, I can sleep at night, my heartburn is "mostly" gone, I can walk fine, oh wait, my maternity clothes are getting tight. I am not going to spend money on more clothes when I only have two months left!

I took a picture this morning, and I didn't think I was really getting bigger in the belly area, but from the picture, I guess maybe I am. I haven't gained much weight lately, I am still only up about 16 pounds, but then again, I guess I still have two months!

Oh and look how cute Killer is, he is my little protector, or my shadow, boy is he in for a surprise in 9 weeks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baby Clothes

So I received a package of clothes from Terri (thank you thank you) and a some clothes from my grandma, pop and Aunt Wendy (thank you thank you) and also some clothes from Pam (thank you thank you) and they are all so cute! Look at all the cute little girl outfits I get to put on Summer! Look at those little socks and shoes! I was placing everything on the floor so I could take a picture and Kris was like - what are you doing? because he said there was dog hair on the floor, and even though I am going to wash everything, I had to put a blanket down first :o) at least Kris cares about the dog hair!

This weekend the plan is to finish moving the computers out of Summer's "nursery" into the "computer room" and next weekend the plan is to paint Summer's nursery. We actually decided on a theme - we are going with summer - the walls will be blue like the sky, we are going to put a picket fence along one (or two) walls, and we will decorate with butterflies and bees and flowers. This should be fun, and I will take some before and after pictures for you to see.

Oh ya I almost forgot, the hospital called, and I had to call the referral clinic, to discover I am borderline for gestational diabetes. I took the test on the 4th and they just called me yesterday. I have to make an appointment with a nutritionally, who I also called but didn't get a call back. I am a little disappointed, but glad that I have a reason to eat healthy. I know I can do it because I did it before, so next time you see me, don't offer me cookies and ice cream /cry.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Are we there yet?

Well I am 29 weeks and amazingly I still feel great. I can't believe how good I feel, oh I do have a little bit of heart burn, but that isn't anything new, and it is probably the pizza's fault. Summer has been moving a lot, so I think she is doing good. The weather today is suppose to be 99, and hot weather always puts me in a good mood. Here are the belly photos from today (29 weeks, 2 days). I am still holding on at 16 pounds.

Monday, May 7, 2007

28 week doctor appointment

I had my 28 week doctor appointment on Friday - and it was very stressful but went well. I had to take the glucose test and wait an hour, so I decided to drink the sugary drink, go to my appointment, then go back for the blood work. Luckily my appointment was on time, so I was able to give my blood on time, because if I didn't give my blood in exactly one hour from the time I drank the glucose, I would have to retake the test.

The glucose was actually good, it was cherry, and I seemed to digest it fine. It must have been loaded with sugar, because Summer woke up and started bumping and grooving (my new word for what she does). She was active for a good 2 hours after I drank the glucose, hopefully she liked it and wasn't mad!

The doctor appointment was great, I weighed, and at first the scale showed 134, which couldn't be right since I started the pregnancy at 140, second step on the scale showed 156, which was what my scale at home shows. So far I have gained 16 pounds, and I am right on track. The blood pressure was also off the first time, 144/something - but I was pretty excited and wound up. The nurse took it again and it was 119/something - much better! The nurse listened for Summer's heart - I think it was 156, and she measured my uterus, right on track, 28 1/2 weeks. The doctor came in, I had no concerns, neither did she, she said I was doing great, perfect pregnancy and to come back in 4 weeks, then I will have to start coming every two weeks.

Getting my blood drawn was actually a good experience, the tech made me hold some glass vials and I think I was more concerned about breaking the glass, the prick was painless, and she got the vein on the first try.

This weekend I felt great too, I almost don't feel pregnant, except the moving and grooving baby (which is all the time) and big belly, but I think I am getting use to the big belly, because I was able to shave my legs and paint my toenails this weekend.

Here are two pictures from this morning, 28 weeks and 5 days. I feel a little fatter in this dress this week .... but only 79 days to go!