Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Her feet are alive

A picture of Summer's foot taken a few days ago.

Since Summer was a baby I always suspected her feet had a mind of their own. From the earliest memory of Summer sleeping in bed with us, 10 months or so, I can remember having her feet find their way to me. It didn't matter which direction I would lay her, she would rearrange herself until her feet were touching me. She would usually wake up laying sideways with her feet digging into my side. This positioning made it almost impossible for me to sleep very comfortably and why I rarely let Summer sleep in my bed. Recently I had forgotten about this natural phenomenon that takes place and I let Summer sleep with me. Two hours later I was carrying her sleeping body back upstairs and putting her back into her own bed where her feet could not find me. Don't get me wrong, I love her little feet but sleeping with feet in your side is just not a good sleep. Maybe I should keep socks on her but I hate sleeping with socks and Summer hates wearing socks in general. Her feet aren't ever cold either, they just require a squishy side to dig into when she sleeps. I don't even think she is aware her feet are searching around for a warm side, I am pretty sure her feet are alive, independent from her own mind.

Here are a few pictures of her feet, these are old because they are just so cute.

Right now her little toe nails are painted a dark red color. She looks good with toe polish on. I should try to take a few pictures of that!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love messes

Can you believe some people like things neat and clean and when their child makes a mess - they stress? Not me, since having a cute little girl I love when she makes a mess, and the messier the better! Yesterday Summer and I went outside and grabbed the sidewalk chalk, which is always a recipe for a lot of mess. Trying to keep chalk off every single part of the body is not very easy and I love taking pictures of all of those parts.

Knees, nose, toes, legs, it is all fair game when it comes to powdery chalk. We even did a bit of learning because as we were drawing with chalk we practiced writing our letters. Summer can write quite a few letters, which still amazes me. She can write the letter V, M, H, O, P (sometimes) and who knows what else if she tried. Her attention span to writing isn't nearly as long as I would like but we are in no hurry to start writing, I know we have plenty time for that. Summer can also recognize a few small words, like mom, dad, and papa. I think it is sight and luck but she will get there eventually.

For now the chalk is all fun and games mixed in with some learning and a lot of mess, which is exactly how I like it and so does Summer!

By the way, Summer is feeling much better today. These photos were taken yesterday afternoon and I think she was still feeling a little feverish not that you can tell in the picture. Today her fever is all but gone and she also has a much healthier appetite yay! I hope after she rests today she is back to her normal self by tomorrow.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time for a fever I guess

Thursday was a big day because we had big plans, friends were coming over to swim, we had food to grill, and paints and posters for the kids to play with. When you have a toddler plans can change quickly because that morning Summer woke up with a very unexpected fever. We waited a while hoping it was a quick bug but after a few hours later and a temp of 101+ we had to cancel everything, no friends coming over to swim, no food, and no painting. I was bummed.

On Friday Summer still had a fever :o( She was acting normal for the most part. Tylenol and Motrin would relieve the fever and we only give it to her when her fever would go over 102. The highest temp we have seen is around 103.

Today is day 3 and has been much like the first two days. At first I thought the fever was gone, she woke up and seemed normal and felt cooler but as the day continued so did her fever. Right now Summer is napping. She hasn't needed medicine yet, her fever was around 101, hopefully she wakes from her nap with a lower temp but we will see.

Even with her low to moderate fever Summer has been in a decent mood. She came into my room this morning with her shoes on and told me she wanted to go to the park. Yesterday the temperature outside was 92, today it is only 78, too cold to go to the park. Plus Summer needs to rest and save her energy and concentrate on getting better.

She hasn't been eating much, actually she is probably eating what other normal 2 year olds eat but a lot less than her normal self. She has been good about drinking milk and water and we are keeping her clothes to a minimum to keep her cooled down.

On Thursday night we were sitting outside and I snapped a few pictures of Summer and Papa sitting in the chair. You can see the fever in her eyes. Even when she is sick she is still so darn cute.

In a way we are lucky, Summer went through the entire winter months without getting sick and hopefully whatever she has is almost over with. Only my child can get a fever in the middle of May when the temperature is over 90 outside.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 4

No more pappy (pacifier) again. Sunday night a friend came over and she has a 6 months old daughter. Out of the blue Summer said she wanted to give her pappy to the baby so we did. I am not sure if she meant to use while she was at our house or for her to keep it but we took it to mean for good. Later that night Summer was a little upset but we sang "no more pappy for you" and gave her a cupcake, went out to dinner to celebrate and just praised her for being such a big girl. We are on day 4 and it hasn't been easy for us, she got sick yesterday (103+ fever) and the pappy would have been a nice comfort to her but she just fell asleep for her nap without her pappy so that tells me we are done.

The first two days without the pappy was interesting, Summer decided she didn't want to nap and we didn't make her. She did pretty good too considering. On the second day she almost fell asleep after dinner so I figured she is not ready to completely give up her naps. She had a fever yesterday so she napped easily and then today she really had no problems napping.

I have weaned my child twice, it is really not too hard, after the third day it is usually smooth sailing. I wish she could be a baby forever but she can't and she doesn't need it anyway. I do think it was much easier to wean her when she was younger, this time was harder on her because she was better at expressing herself.

This is the last picture I have with her and her pappy. In the end she only had it for naps but when we went to Oklahoma two weeks ago things were crazy and she wasn't happy so she ended up having it during the day.

I am sad but relieved, we hated to do it but she was ready and we had to do it as some point.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Over a month

I haven't blogged in over a month, but rest assured we are still here, still doing good, not much has changed. I will try to update again soon I promise, just not right now.