Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The President

Lately I have seen a lot of negative posts about our current president. I am not going to bother to name him because it does not matter who he, or she is, so we will just refer to the person as president.

America is a great country. We have a president and the president does what they can to make our country better. Americans get to vote for the president. The president is the president because they won an election. Once they win the president has 4 years to do a job they won. Or they have 8 years if they were won two times.

I had a job before. I had a boss. He was hired to do a job. I was hired to help him do his job. If I didn't like my boss, which happened before, I still had to do my job and I still had to help him do his job. If I didn't like my boss, or my job, I could leave.

The president is doing a job. Your job is to help them do their job. Complaining is not helping. I don't care if you like the president or not. Do I like our current president? It doesn't even matter! Complaining never helps anything. If you don't like the president and you are going to continue to complain you should leave!

In summary, the president is the president and will be the president until a new president wins. Do you like how many times I said president in that sentence?  You complaining about the president does not do anything except make you look like an annoying complainer.

Stop being an annoying complainer! I don't like annoying complainers, in fact no one likes annoying complainers because they are annoying!  You don't have to like the president, but if you aren't going to do anything positive and just continue to complain - well, I am going to probably call you an annoying complainer.  Not behind your back either.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Redstone at Lake Mead

Not far from Las Vegas is a wonderful little lake called Lake Mead. Fine, it isn't little, it is really big, but if you haven't heard of it you have probably heard of the Hoover Damn. Anyway Lake Mead has more than just a lake if you can believe it! There are roads that go around the lake and a bunch of neat hidden spots.

Kris really enjoys Roger's Spring, which is a hot spring out in the middle of no where! Because the area is smaller and because they warn that scary amoebas live in the water, we really don't visit it much. Plus, the area around the spring is uneven and not as much fun to hike around. Check out this video Kris took that shows some of the fish that live in the water.

One area that we all love to hang around is Redstone.

Redstone has a short 1/2 mile trail but that's not what I like best, I like the small sandstone rocks that are perfect for kids to climb all over. It reminds me a lot of the rocks in the Valley of Fire. These rocks have houses, windows, rooms, caves, or areas that look like it anyway.  The rocks aren't that steep in most areas, and children can easily get all over the place.

Besides having some of the best climbing rocks, the site also has 4 picnic areas. 3 are smaller and close together and it has a larger area for a bigger group.  We went out and had a BBQ a few weekends ago and it was really a lot of fun.

We have seen a lot of animal tracks from some larger animals, like deer, and smaller animals, like mice and lizards. This place is only 45 minutes away from our house and is usually deserted. I have never seen else anyone else using the grill/tables. If you have a chance to explore I recommend this place, it is great for families and dogs!

Heading to the fun sandstone rocks at Redstone Lake Mead 
One of the many cave / house / tunnel looking areas at Redstone Lake Mead

The three small picnic areas - looking back from the big rocks

Looking back toward the main road from the picnic area

Redstone Lake Mead

Playing in the sandstone rocks

more playing inside the cool areas

just posing after a short climb up on the rocks 
Awesome hiking/climbing on the sandstones for kids