Tuesday, October 25, 2011

36 Weeks

I made it to 36 weeks and things seem to be better than ever. I haven't been as sick, I have had a bunch more energy despite waking several times at night (still), and I might actually be ready. Well, can one ever be ready? I mean you have to be ready when the time comes. I put the pack and play together all by myself, with the top part and the changing table, who knew it had extra rods! Oh I need to see if I have sheets for the co-sleeper, I think I packed it away in the case and I need to look and either wash them or buy some if they aren't in there. I actually started packing a "hospital" bag with a few things, like an extra cell phone charger, hair scrunchies, socks, and I have been sorta cleaning the house. I think I even dropped because when I went pee yesterday it seemed like my belly is actually resting on my legs. Or it could just be that it feels like it because it is so big now :o) Speaking of big, 35 pounds! Where in the world am I hiding 35 pounds? I actually weight as much as I did when Summer was born but I have gained 10 more pounds this time. I just don't see where I could be hiding all this weight. Of course maybe I am not hiding it like I think :o)

Anyway I had a doctor appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was 129/72 the first two times, then it was 125/72 the third time, or something like that. I am a bit worried about the top number but hopefully it continues to stay down. If I do not go into labor on my own before 11/22 I have a scheduled c-section, which is a really cool birthday if you ask me 11/22/11. Of course I hope I go into labor on my own, even if I haven't had any indications of doing so yet. Next week I have another doctor appointment and I will probably have my membranes stripped to help things hopefully progress - so we will see. I am happy to make it through October, I really can't wait to wear my homemade halloween costume! I love halloween, check out this cute little pumpkin belly Kris made for me yesterday:

He was not at all happy with the paint but I thought it was really cute. After he finished Summer wanted in on the action so I just had fun making some designs on her face. Of course the paint didn't wash off her face as good as it did my belly lol.

She has such a cute little face. Don't ask me what I made, obviously it was a bit eh. I also had maternity photos taken a few days ago, once I get those I will show them too.

Life is moving right along, I am trying not to focus on when I have the baby and just try to live things day by day. This is going to be the last little baby growing in my tummy so I am trying to enjoy it and not rush it. Much harder said than done!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just day by day

This week has been a really good week. I cleaned all day Sunday - which means I had a ton of energy! Monday I felt sick again, nothing new there, but I had my NST (where they monitor the baby) and that was fine. I saw the doctor on Tuesday and everything still looks good. We decided that if Pepper does not come out on her own I will have a c-section on 11-22, 4 days past my due date and 2 days before Thanksgiving. I am really hoping she comes on her own, and earlier than that! I will be 36 weeks tomorrow but I do want to wait until the first of November because I really want to make it through Halloween, you know, since I have such a cool costume and all.

Besides having good energy all week I have also been more comfortable - walking seems easier I guess. Last night we took Summer to a pumpkin patch we go to every year and it was nice, we got some cute pictures anyway.

Next week is going to be insane, 3 Halloween parties :o) Of course we are having one for the kids at our house, so I guess I can't complain too much, I mean not like I have to do much to prepare besides bake the cupcakes :o) I am looking forward to the rest of October, so far the candy has been enjoyable and I can't wait for the rest!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Name?

First I need to figure out a new name for my blog, I can't keep Summer is the Season when it is obviously Autumn, haha, j/k - I mean since I am having another baby, not naming her Autumn, which is funny because Summer asked me today why I named her Summer, and after telling her because I love the summertime she said, we should name the new baby Autumn. I told her she wasn't the only one who thought that :o) but we liked the name Pepper instead. And (drumroll) we finally have a middle name too - Isabel. Pepper Isabel. How pretty is that :o) If you know me and my husband well enough you might see the joke in it too (not telling).

Anyway I am now 34 + weeks pregnant. How do I feel this week? Well actually almost all of my pregnancy symptoms seem to be gone but that is probably because I caught Kris's head cold. I have the typical itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose (which seems odd but whatever) and clouded head. I still have energy, at least today, so I don't want to complain yet, if I follow Kris's cold history I will get a bit worse and then it will linger forever so, as long as I get better in 5+ weeks I guess it is better to be sick now verses later.

Here are some 34 week photos of me and some photos of Kris and Sumer we took when we went hiking on Monday. Yes, me hiking, at 34 weeks. More like walking slowly and taking photos but it was still nice to see the fall colors, ignore the snow in the shade, and enjoy the fresh air of the mountains.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I felt great today!

I felt so good today, where in the world did I get all this energy, and how did I possibly do everything I did today? I did dishes, laundry, put baby clothes away, took a few pictures, made dinner, ran some errands... and I didn't even need a nap! I made it to 34 weeks and hopefully things continue to be a bit easier, that would be really nice wouldn't it. I even started painting my Halloween costume today too!

My mom came down to visit earlier this week, of course I didn't take any pictures of her and I, or her and Summer, or her, or even me. I felt rather guilty about ignoring my camera so I got it out tonight and took a few pictures of Summer. She was not in the mood. She was not feeling "great" like I was apparently but I didn't care, I mean I cared, but I figured we always take happy smiling photos, let's see what kind of sad unhappy photos we can get - and let me tell you we got some good ones. She wasn't really upset, mostly just upset because she didn't want to be outside in the cold 65 degree weather, in a short sleeve shirt and skirt. That is until she wanted to show me tricks on the trampoline. Then magically the cold weather didn't seem to bother her anymore. Kids. At least we are warming back up into the 80's, while I did enjoy my bathrobe, slippers, and hot chocolate today, I am just not ready for that yet. This is October, in Las Vegas, I remember trick or treating in short sleeves last year for goodness sakes. Well I wasn't trick or treating, I was taking, well you know what I mean!

Oh and everything else is going as planned, still pregnant, less than 6 weeks (I hope) left, blood pressure was still low (117/70), Pepper is still kicking all the time, we still don't have a middle name, her clothes are washed and put away, I have most everything I need (except bibs), I start seeing the doctor every two weeks now, and I am finally having non painful contractions!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures I took of my cute little sad princess, and hopefully I take some belly pictures again soon.