Sunday, November 13, 2016

Forty Old

I turned 40 in April, so technically I am already 40 and a half. More than half if you want to be super technical. No one wants to be that technical, right? I don't feel much different, at least my mind doesn't, and I know you hear that all the time from "older" people, and yes, since I am 40, I am old now. When I was 20 I thought people who were 30 were old. You will always be older to someone, and younger to others, but it seems like there gets to be a point in life where there are more younger people verses older people than you. I think I am at that point.

I don't mind being 40. I have had a wonderful 40 years of life so far, I can only imagine more wonderful things are going to happen before I die.

When you think about it, getting old is really just something your body does. Your mind doesn't feel any older. Mentally you really don't age! But, there is no doubt my body looks and feels older. The extra lines on my face, the aches in my knees, the resistance in my back, all signs that I am getting older old.

I took some new selfies yesterday. My former selfie photo was a dark halloween inspired photo and I needed something lighter. I always edit my photos and put a "glamour" effect on them, you know, I smooth out the face and remove any blemishes. And yet after doing all that, I still don't see myself and looking that much older. Do I really look 40? Am I really 40? What the heck have I been doing for the last 10 years? I guess I see the wrinkles around my eyes and my mouth. But only when I smile! And I have a lot to smile about :)

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