Thursday, August 25, 2016

Folding Shirts

Earlier today I watched a video on Hip2Save's Facebook page - How to Fold Clothes to Save Space. You can watch it here, it's not very long.

I decided that I am totally OCD enough to go try and see if it really works. I discovered a few things.
1) It takes a long time to re-fold all your shirts.
2) I only needed to fold the shirts in three's instead of two double folds that the video shows. Maybe because I am folding smaller girl size shirts (size 5-6 and size 10-12). I also didn't have sleeves to work with.
3) I need a flat surface to fold the shirts so I threw all the shirts on the floor and folded them there.

Here are the before and after photos.

This first picture is Pepper's drawer. I usually get her clothes for her so the top layer of shirts were still folded nicely from the last time I put her clothes away. The bottom shirts were crazy and not at all folded. Her shirts were also completely to the top of her drawer and there wasn't really any room for more unless I wanted to stuff them.  As you can see after I tried that fancy folding method I ended up with a lot more room and look how pretty! I was also doing laundry during the same time and folded four more shirts after I took the photo and they fit in the last little row, and they stayed standing up. I kind of thought they might fall.

Summer has a lot more clothes, or maybe it just seems like it because her shirts are just bigger. She usually get dressed herself and as you can tell she doesn't understand the concept of folding. She is 9 and I figure if I can get her to put her own clothes away I am doing good. It took some time getting all those shirts out and folding them into squares but I will say I am impressed with how it looks. You can see every shirt and there is still a little bit of room for more. I even had 4 long sleeve shirts in the drawer for some reason, they do tend to take up a little more room, but hey, we live in Vegas, and we don't ever have that many long sleeve shirts, even in the winter.

After liking the way their shirts turned out I decided to try it on my tank top drawer. Normally I just fold those in half, sort of, and push them down into the drawer. I don't spend much time "folding" them at all. Here is how it looked before and after.

I will say my tank tops are strange, not quite a real shape, but obviously from the picture it does look a lot better and there is a lot more room. They almost didn't fit in the drawer because they are almost too tall. I also only had to fold them in thirds and not forth like the video shows, probably because they don't have any sleeves.

Overall I am happy with the results, it did take some time folding all the shirts but I am hopeful that I can continue folding everything from here on out and add it to the drawer nicely and neatly. That's the plan anyway.

Did you watch the video I made that showed how I do laundry? You can watch it here. This new way of folding shirts should still work fine with my current laundry procedure :)

Now to find a way to fix the pants, skirts, and shorts drawer ...

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